Poultry farming

How to make a DIY broiler for chickens

When breeding chickens in an incubator, a brooder is required, in which they will be kept in the first days of life. Many people make this device on their own without buying it ready-made, because the price of finished boxes for chicks is often unreasonably high. And it's easier to make a brooder for all chickens with your own hands, choosing the right design and the right materials

How to choose the temperature regime for broilers according to their age

In the chicken coop, a ventilation system should be installed, which is designed to replace the air flow in the room. It is equally important to control the temperature regime for broilers, without which the livestock can die. Temperature conditions for broilers Growing broilers is a lucrative occupation

DIY chicken house construction for 10-20 hens

With the decision to breed chickens, the question immediately arises of where they live. You can build a chicken coop for 10 chickens or 20 chickens with your own hands. The main thing in this process is the correct drawing, it is necessary and the arrangement of the premises inside in accordance with the conditions required for breeding and keeping chickens

The device of a warm chicken coop

The health of the chicken population largely depends on how comfortable the living conditions the owner will create. One of the most important aspects is the construction of a warm chicken coop in a convenient, comfortable home. With year-round keeping of chickens, it is necessary to build a warm chicken coop for them, in which the pies can overwinter

How to give fish oil to chickens and chickens

Not every farmer knows that fish oil for laying hens is the best supplement that increases egg production. How to give fish oil to chickens and improve the health of chickens should be found out for every farmer who takes care of birds in their own farmyard. Fish oil for chickens and chickens A useful vitamin supplement will strengthen the immunity of laying hens and young animals if you dose the drug and monitor the health of the winged

Chicken egg incubator temperature range

To obtain young broiler chickens in an artificial way, farmers use special devices. There are certain rules, observing which, you can achieve a high percentage of the output of healthy and viable chicks. Humidity and normal temperature in the incubator for chicken eggs is of paramount importance. But before laying the initial product, it must be carefully selected and prepared

How to get rid of parasites in chickens in a chicken coop

Parasites in chickens are a threat that should be addressed urgently. Unpleasant symptoms of parasitic diseases torment the bird, make it weak and aggressive. Parasites in chickens If parasites are in the eggs, even a person can get infected from food. How to treat the chicken coop from parasites and what prevention will help to avoid problems with birds in the farmyard

Symptoms of pasteurellosis in chickens and treatment methods

There are many types of unpleasant diseases associated with farm animals and birds. One of these is pasteurellosis in chickens. This is an infectious disease that can occur in all breeds of poultry, including chickens. The pasteurellosis virus is of bacterial origin and can destroy an entire farm. Pasteurellosis in chickens Treatment of sick chickens is inappropriate because they are living carriers of the disease until death

Different versions of homemade chicken drinkers

Farmers who breed birds know that chickens are not the most neat creatures. They defecate in their own food, stain perches and do other similar things. And most of all it affects the water. Therefore, the poultry farmer, who can make drinkers for chickens with his own hands, is capable of facilitating his life to a large extent

Features of hatching chickens from eggs

Success in breeding any bird depends on how well the breeding process has been set. And this is also true for domestic chickens, regardless of whether the chicks are hatched in an incubator or under a brood. And in this matter a lot depends on the quality of the eggs, on heredity and on the conditions of incubation

How to make a chicken cage

A cage for chickens is necessary, because until the kids become adults and get physically stronger, they need to be watched. It will protect small birds from attack by dangerous animals, rodents and even pets. For them, little chicks are the easiest prey. It is also necessary that the design be portable (it is important to change the location of birds)

Why broilers may not grow

Many beginner poultry farmers and experienced farmers face problems when broilers grow poorly. With proper nutrition, care and constant vitamin top dressing, birds should grow and develop well, respectively, the absence of one or more of these elements affects the development of the livestock. Sometimes there are such instances that, having gained a certain weight, no longer recover

How to feed chickens

The question of how to feed chickens is one of the priorities in the cultivation of birds. It is not surprising, because it is a proper and balanced diet that helps to support the health and improve the life of birds. Feeding chickens must comply with the basic requirements and purpose. With improper care, there is a risk of provoking the appearance of diseases and inhibition in development

When Metronidazole is prescribed for broiler chickens

Each caring owner tries as carefully as possible to monitor the health of the livestock of poultry. Birds do not always have strong immunity in order to resist all the influences of the outside world. This is especially true for the younger representatives of the bird flock - chickens. Their fragile body is often attacked by bacteria and viruses, which, unfortunately, can take the lives of many chicks

Characteristics of the Crowned Pigeon

For urban residents, pigeons have long become part of the landscape. We are accustomed to the specific appearance of these birds, and it’s hard to imagine that relatives far away from traditional doves live in distant lands. Meet the exotic bird Crowned Dove. Crowned Dove Appearance The habitat of the hero of this article is Australia and the islands of New Guinea.

Sasso color broiler breed

Color broilers are currently very popular in European countries. Their homeland is France, but eventually spread throughout the mainland. In Russia, some farmers already breed this breed. In particular, the sasso xl 551 color broiler is known. Sasso Color Broilers At the present stage of agricultural development, broiler breeding is considered not only profitable, but also extremely exciting

Wide Duck Duck

The wide-toed swimming duck of the duck family is a widespread species that lives on Eurasian territory and in North America. Wide Duck Duck External characteristic The duckweed is traditionally classified as a river bird, however, some ornithologists distinguish it in a separate genus. This bird is an object of fishing and sport hunting

Teal crackling duck

In the family of ducks there is such a bird as a teal-cracker. Outwardly, it is a small bird with a specific voice, the sound of which is like a crackle. For this, the bird got its name. Teal Cracker Distinctive external features Cracker is a rather small duck, which can be noted in the photo, the teal-cracker is similar in description to the widespread waterfowl

Why Indo-Indians do not rush at home

In Russia, it is becoming very popular to farm and breed ducks for themselves or for sale. Some farmers who breed birds, in case of problems, are primarily interested in what to do and why not a single indochka rushes. Yes, indeed such a problem does not arise so rarely. To avoid such issues, it is necessary to create complete conditions for keeping the livestock and provide birds with a nutritious diet

The device of the chicken house Dodonov

The most popular poultry in the world is considered to be chicken. Her meat is most often found on tables in most countries. As a layer, this bird also ranks first. Chicken feather, which is often used as a filling for pillows, also has value, and it is applicable as a material in applied art. To raise chickens in private households, it is necessary to provide them first of all with decent housing, which will serve as a resting place for birds and shelter from the cold

How to feed a turkey in private households

How to feed an indigenous at home? This type of poultry is unpretentious and with a small expenditure of feed quickly gaining weight. The musky duck is recovering on a par with the Peking duck, but it eats half as much; caring for it is easier. In the summer, she can feed herself in ponds or in the yard

We grow an indochka on our own

Containing an indolect is beneficial for several reasons. These birds gain weight quickly enough and do not need a pond. With the right content, indochka is extremely rarely sick, and the taste of their meat can hardly be overestimated. Confirmation of this fact is that Indow breeding is practiced in almost all European countries

How to make a chicken coop for 50 hens

Chickens are one of the most popular poultry not only in the post-Soviet space, but also throughout the world. These picky helpers steadily provide families of millions of farmers with delicious dietary meat and eggs. But each owner knows that a good result from this bird can not be achieved if you do not invest effort and money in the proper maintenance of the wards

What you need to feed indonesians from the first day of life

Among all the birds, the content of which at home is very high in popularity, the indochka is far from last. The second name of this remarkable bird is a musky duck, but to the turkey, as many might think, it has nothing to do. Special attention should be paid to breeding indochka, which every year an increasing number of farmers wants to do

When do Indoor Eggs usually begin to lay

An indochka, or a musky duck, is not a mixture of turkey and duck, as is commonly believed, it is a separate, noteworthy breed of bird. What is famous for indoutka? First of all, it is worth saying that this bird carries eggs that can be eaten, while ordinary ducks cannot boast of such eggs. Also, this breed is considered meat, as it has a considerable mass

How to breed and care for ducks with mute swords

On farms and sites, you can increasingly notice how the mute ducks walk. The recognition of poultry farmers was won by their unpretentiousness and tasty, but at the same time lean meat. Mute ducks Homeland of birds The birthplace of mute swan is South America, where the birds living here were raised

Varieties of meat breeds of ducks

Duck is a popular bird, which is grown in many households. The explanation for this popularity is their endurance, as well as high rates of adaptability to any weather conditions. In various conditions, these birds demonstrate the highest results, becoming an effective supplier of meat products, as well as eggs

From what and how to make nests for indoo

Anyone who decides to take up poultry farming at home needs to prepare nests for indigenous. Musk ducks, as they are also called, are picky, but for the birds to breed well, you need to provide them with places for egg laying. You can do it yourself at home, because this is a simple and even not too tiring procedure

How profitable is the breeding of indochoke as a business

Breeding indochka as a business is a fairly young activity, since the breed itself has not been popular for a long time and has not been actively bred. To date, the situation has undergone some changes, due to which musky ducks become habitual inhabitants of both large-scale farms and poultry houses

Methods to distinguish a young drake from a duck

Each poultry farmer raising ducks should be aware of the number of males and girls that he has at home. But not everyone knows about the features of the difference itself. Every poultry farmer should understand how to distinguish a duck from a drake, because without knowledge of these basic rules of breeding birds it will be impossible to calculate the reproductive potential

How many ducks sit on eggs

When planning duck breeding, beginners need to find out how many days the duck is sitting on the eggs and for what reason the birds refuse to hatch the chicks. You should also understand the reasons for the termination or decrease in egg production and how to put incubation material under the bird. How many days does a duck sit on eggs The problems of duck breeding depend on a number of reasons, starting from the breed of the bird, and ending with the conditions of detention and the diet of the duckling, so before you get down to business, you need to carefully study all the nuances

How can one distinguish a male from a female

An interesting question that the farmer faces is: how to distinguish an indigenous woman? This is not necessary for fun, but for proper care of young animals. Not every household owner knows how to distinguish a female from a male and therefore makes many mistakes in the maintenance of poultry. It is not difficult to distinguish between a drake and a duck, because birds of the same breed lead a different lifestyle and even look different

Varieties of ducks for breeding in the garden

Breeding domestic ducks is a very lucrative affair. These birds are characterized by early maturity, tasty meat and ease of maintenance. But first of all, you need to choose what kind of ducks it is worth starting to breed. The problem here is that there are many breeds, each of which has its own advantages and disadvantages

Mallard Duck Characteristics

If we are talking about waterfowl, the first bird that comes to mind is a duck mallard from the family of ducks. Due to the fact that this duck is almost omnivorous and does not require special living and living conditions, its geographical prevalence is amazing. Mallard Duck The only place where mallards cannot be found is Antarctica, although there is still a breed of northern American mallard

Colored Bashkir duck

The Bashkir duck is a colored breed, bred in Bashkiria. Her ancestor is the Peking duck. Cultivation of poultry is very beneficial, as it quickly gains mass and consumes a small amount of feed, so care and maintenance are not difficult. The egg production of Bashkir is also high, the maternal instinct is developed, so breeding will not cause problems

Why ducks can pinch each other's feathers

For experienced farmers and housekeepers, it is no secret that ducks periodically pluck feathers from their relatives. However, it often happens that this fact is misleading to beginners in the field of breeding birds. That is why to find out everything about why ducks pinch each other's feathers is a priority for the farmer

Hybrid Duck Broilers

Duck broilers are hybrid birds that gain weight very quickly. They have tender and juicy meat with a wonderful aroma and varying degrees of fat content. The maintenance of ducks is simple and inexpensive, as they quickly go to the slaughter. To achieve good food performance, broilers must be properly fed

How to plant a duck on eggs

Breeding is a multi-level process that can be built in several ways. The key point of breeding can be called cultivation, where one of the most popular methods is the process of natural hatching with the direct participation of a specially selected brood hen. Despite its popularity, the method involves time-consuming, as well as other difficulties encountered in achieving the goal

Ducklings treatment for various diseases

Diseases of the ducks make any farmer or a person breeding birds nervous. If you have decided to start birds in the household, namely ducks, it is worthwhile to find out which diseases of ducklings are considered to be the most common, what treatment can be taken to help sick ducklings in time. Duck diseases What causes duck diseases In addition, the owner of the birds should treat the pets with love, it is necessary to provide them with constant care, to create normal conditions for keeping the birds, and also to pay due attention to the preventive measures of characteristic diseases in them

How to Keep Musk Ducks at Home

The musky duck, or, as it is also called, the indochka, won the hearts of poultry houses around the world. "Native American" ducks are distinguished by tasty and lean meat, a little like meat of waterfowl. Birds are raised not only for slaughter, but also for the sake of their delicious eggs