Poultry farming

Hen chickens

Chickens are bred for meat and eggs almost all over the world. During the selection, a huge number of breeds were bred, each of which differs from the others in unique, inherent only to it features. The open breed of chickens (naked nek) is one of the most popular, and there are good reasons for this

Vaccination of pigeons

Diseases of domestic birds always bring a lot of trouble to the farmer. Vaccination of pigeons helps protect birds from epidemics that spread in a matter of days. To save the number of birds is the primary task of the farmer or poultry farmer. Pigeon vaccination The vaccine for pigeons from various ailments is in the public domain, and you can buy it at any veterinary pharmacy

What to do if chicken has goiter

Anyone who is engaged in poultry farming should know what to do if a chicken has goiter, as this happens quite often. The fact is that when keeping chickens, few people think about the quality of feed, feeding the bird with waste. Such food is more suitable for pigs, but not for poultry. It is because of malnutrition that winged animals may develop goiter blockage

The use of Lozeval for pigeons

There are many pitfalls in poultry breeding. In order to grow a healthy livestock that can be safely used for food, you need to carefully monitor the health of your pets. Poultry, in particular pigeons, often suffer from infectious diseases. If one bird falls ill, this is fraught with the death of the entire livestock

How to use pigeon droppings to fertilize the soil

Why do you need pigeon droppings? A prudent farmer always ensures that the waste products of birds or animals do not disappear. How to apply bird droppings as top dressing for the soil, is this possible? Pigeon droppings as fertilizer Using the litter that remains from the pigeon flock, you can enrich the soil before planting vegetables or plants with useful substances

Characteristics of Tula geese

The Tula fighting goose is a well-known and old breed, which enjoyed a certain popularity. Tula geese were fed as participants in goose fights - a popular entertainment in those days. In some regions and states, such competitions continue to be popular, and with them the indicated bird. Tula geese Short description Given the specifics of the breed, these geese are called Tula fighting, and this name is fixed in the people

Proper maintenance of sports pigeons

Sports pigeons are becoming more popular. The times when winged were used as agents for the delivery of letters have long been a thing of the past. Sports pigeons are often white, namely white birds are associated with carrier pigeons, but now such birds have been re-qualified as top-class athletes. Sport pigeons The content and training for the “recruits” in pigeon sport are strikingly different from the usual ones. Pi

Reason for biting in chickens

Poultry, especially chickens and chickens, always causes many problems for farmers in chicken coops. This problem begins to become urgent when the chicks are still very young, 3-4 weeks old and already the chickens are pecking each other to the blood. This can not be called a disease, but also normal

Methods and drugs for treating diarrhea in laying hens

There are many avian diseases, but one of the most common is diarrhea in laying hens. By the quality of bird droppings, it is possible to determine the state of the general health of the feathered and, depending on the assessment received, take some measures: change food, choose a different litter or take the bird to the veterinarian

How to treat goslings that fall on their feet

The emergence and growth of a brood is an unforgettable period for every farmer. However, notes of sorrow can dilute it if birds die. How to keep livestock? What to do if goslings fall to their feet and die? How to treat the remaining offspring to avoid mass death? Goslings fall to their feet and die The reasons for the death of goslings Weekly goslings are still immature birds, which are quite sensitive to temperature fluctuations and have weak immunity

National signs about pigeons

Signs about pigeons help us to unravel the behavior of these birds, to understand what it brings to us. In most cases, beliefs say that doves promise happiness. For many nations, these are divine birds that bring messages from heaven. Their feather is considered a talisman. Even if the feathered one crap, popular signs about pigeons will say that a person is lucky

What are interesting pigeons of the breed Kasana

People have long admired birds and their flying skills. One of the most striking representatives of birds can safely be called pigeons. Against the background of the others, Kasana pigeons are distinguished by the flight feature. They also gained their popularity, thanks to their striking appearance and their unpretentiousness

How to get rid of lice in chickens

Lice in chickens is a problem that many breeders encounter, regardless of the number of livestock kept on the farm and the conditions of their keeping. In the language of science, this problem is called malophagosis. It is considered one of the most common ailments in the field of poultry farming. Lice in chickens To date, about 40 species of arthropods that live on poultry have been recorded

Sports or carrier pigeons

Homing pigeons have been bred for several thousand years. The ability to navigate in space in this species of birds was noticed a very long time ago. The first postal breeds began to be bred immediately after meat breeds. Pigeon mail was used in ancient times, both in Europe and in Asia. She did not lose her relevance until the middle of the twentieth century

How to feed a pigeon chick at home

A chick, like a human child, needs maternal care. But there are situations in which he is torn from her wing, for example, if he fell out of the nest. A person may well go out on his own a fallen bird picked up on the street, and when the time comes, release him into the wild. Be sure to read the recommendations of professionals on how to properly grow chicks and what should not be done

What causes diarrhea in goslings and how to treat it

A frequent occurrence in the farm, diarrhea in goslings, requires special attention from the person. White diarrhea or stools with dark clots can indicate serious infectious and contagious diseases. Goslings diarrhea If the goslings are poorly emptied with loose stools for several days in a row, the farmer should review the conditions of young animals and consult a veterinarian

Characteristics of Baku Pigeons

Baku pigeons are a breed whose history goes back to ancient times of the Persian state. The development of the breed began only in the 19th century. From that moment, pigeon breeders began to improve the breed and select the most beautiful and physically strong pigeons. In Baku, species with perfect color and high flight data were developed

Newcastle disease in pigeons

Newcastle disease in pigeons, or nodule, is a popular pathology among birds. This is a serious viral disease that is transmitted through the air. Each year, more than 2, 000 birds die from it. The disease manifested itself in the twentieth century and came to us from the island of Java. Newcastle disease in pigeons Features Infection kills the nervous system

How to get rid of chicken eats

poultry farmers who are just starting to breed pets should know what infectious processes of parasitic origin can infect their birds. One of the causative agents of such infections is the eating of chickens. If it is present, it is necessary to observe manifestations of a negative symptomatic picture, a decrease in the level of egg production and other productivity indicators

What to do if the eggshell has thinned and the shell has weakened

The density and thickness of the shell is one of the most important indicators of egg quality. At industrial facilities, there is a special control system that includes a number of measurements indicating the quality of the product. This is due to the fact that the thin shell of eggs reduces their price, as they become unsafe for the consumer

How do pigeons breed

When breeding pigeons, every farmer needs to know how pigeons breed. The quality of future offspring depends on how pigeons mate. Maturation at pigeons comes closer to 6 months. Until six months, their eggs remain unfertilized, but experts regard this period for breeding as early. Young individuals breed not very developed and strong young animals

High-flying Nikolaev pigeons

Nikolaev pigeons - an old breed that was bred in the south of Ukraine, in the city of Nikolaev. Where their circleless ancestors came from is not exactly known. It is believed that pigeons appeared as a result of crossing breeds brought by sailors from Italy and the Middle East with local wild birds

How to make do-it-yourself drinking bowls and feeders for pigeons

Pigeons are decorative birds, requiring care from their master. For the good keeping of these short-billed birds, it is important to provide them with the most comfortable living conditions. Part of them consists in equipping an aviary or dovecote with feeders and drinking bowls. Pigeon feeders can be purchased factory-made or do-it-yourself

Recommendations for keeping laying hens in cages

Often in small farms there is not enough space for free-range keeping of chickens. Not so long ago, the technology for keeping hens in cages, which was previously used only in poultry farms, came to the rescue. This method makes it easier to care for and easier to collect eggs. The content of laying hens in cages Method specifics Many poultry farmers believe that special laying conditions are necessary for laying hens, because the number of eggs that it will produce in 1 week depends on the degree of activity of the individual

Why do all pigeons nod their heads while walking

Few people know why pigeons nod their heads when walking. In our life there are a lot of oddities and uniquenesses, which are rather difficult to explain. For example, not all animal features can be understood. And one of the still unexplained is why pigeons nod their heads when walking. Why doves nod their heads while walking Appearance story In nature, pigeons settle in the mountains, on the shores of the sea and rivers, but they also adapt well to life in our cities, since houses and their structure, especially the “pockets” above the roofs, are very similar to their usual living conditions.

The correct treatment of ornithosis in pigeons

Ornithosis in pigeons is a common disease. The disease damages the main vital systems (respiratory and motor), and also causes an increase in the liver and spleen. More than 150 species of birds are affected by its negative effect, the most common of which is the gray pigeon that lives on all continents

Gray pigeon

Blue dove is the most common variety of pigeons. Habitats in ancient times were the north of Africa, the South and the Center of Europe. Over time, the species began to domesticate and spread to all corners of the world. Gray pigeon Exterior The breed Gray Dove is divided into: wild individuals; synanthropic representatives, that is, those that live and nest in the immediate vicinity of humans

Applications for broilers

ASD for broilers is a real find in poultry farming, which helps significantly reduce the risk of diseases of bacterial and viral etiology. ASD for hens and broilers Drug pharmacology The ASD fraction is one of the latest promising veterinary products used in poultry. The drug produced by the Moscow developer LLC NEC Agrovetzashchita is inherently an antiseptic that has a stimulating effect by which metabolic processes are regulated

Description and characteristic of broilers of breed KOBB 700

The main goal of poultry farmers who decide to raise chickens is to profit from eggs or meat, so it’s important to study the breed market and their characteristics before starting these birds. So, one of the most popular hybrids is the KOBB 700 broiler. Broiler COBB 700 These hens combine high productivity and egg production.

Czech broilers Cobb 500

Cobb 500 broilers are the most popular cross on industrial farms. All over the world it is believed that these hens have the best meat growth. At the same time, the cost of feed per kilogram of weight is very small. Recently, cross began to appear more and more often in small private farms. Birds are unpretentious and resistant to many diseases

Weight gain table and description of broilers ROSS 308

Some hybrid curie breeds have higher weight gain rates. One of the most popular on the territory of RUSSIA are broilers ROSS 308. Broilers ROSS 308 The well-known precocity of broilers depends on the proper care of a person for them. The poultry breeder needs to ensure optimal temperature conditions in the chicken coop, proper feeding, etc

How to choose winter and summer lighting for the chicken coop

Coop lighting is an important aspect of raising healthy birds. Light affects living organisms, and a properly selected light regime can improve the health of hens and have a beneficial effect on laying hens. Chicken house lighting Lighting designs can be purchased at the store or do it yourself. But, in order to select and install lamps in the chicken coop, you first need to familiarize yourself with information about the types of lighting in the house

Eggsex Highsex chickens

Highsex chickens are a highly productive egg cross bred in the Netherlands. It has two varieties - White and Brown - which differ in the color of plumage and product characteristics. It is bred in many countries of the world, it is considered one of the best egg-laying breeds. Highsex chickens General characteristics of the cross Highsex chickens were bred in Holland in the early 70s of the last century

Breed of chickens Spaniard Golosheyka

Hens of the Spaniard Golosheyka attract the attention of poultry houses and ordinary townsfolk with their neck completely naked without a single feather. In the photo and video, the feathery looks very original, and for the few farmers, among whom it gained popularity, Ipanka became a source of domestic eggs and chicken meat

Description of the Mamut geese

Geese Mamuta every day gaining more and more popularity among farmers. At the moment, breeding of such birds is widespread in animal husbandry, because their meat and fluff have always been in great demand due to their unique properties. Mamut is a species of geese that is at the peak of popularity: birds are available for keeping and breeding not only within the farm or poultry farm, this bird can be settled with absolutely any person who is not a specialist

White-breasted Goose Characteristics

The white-breasted goose is a rather rare species, which can be recognized by the mask characteristic of it only on its head. The White-breasted Goose is listed in the Red Book of Russia, however, it is now at the stage of increasing numbers due to the new breeding scheme. For nesting of the White-breasted geese, now it is not highly specialized places that are chosen, but any places where successful intercourse has previously taken place

Distinctive features of sickle pigeons

For many years, people have been enthusiastically watching the soaring doves in the sky. But among many species of birds there are especially spectacular. For example, Crescent pigeons, whose wingspan is like a sickle, which is why they were called that. They are unusual, and their flight captivates the eye

How to cut a goose easily and quickly

Goose is not only fluff with feathers, but also delicious meat, which can become the highlight of the festive table. For the sake of this meat, the housewives are ready to give solid money, so those who keep geese in their own yard can be called lucky! Those who do not know how to cut a goose need to urgently learn this, good, the work is not difficult

COBB and ROSS broilers, which of these two breeds is better

Growing chickens on large farms or at home is aimed at obtaining a large number of meat products or eggs. If the main purpose of the breeding is the financial profit from the sale of these products, it is necessary to select the most favorable chicken breeds for the farmer. Thus, the constant development of poultry farming, as well as competition in the market, have become the main reason for the appearance of crosses (crossed breeds)

How to quickly get rid of pigeons on the balcony

Pigeons are quite friendly birds. We often feed them in parks, in the yard, we make feeders for them. At the same time, when the winged ones arrive on the balcony and the windowsill, one can encounter many problems, which forces residents of the apartment building to use methods of scaring birds. There are several effective ways to get rid of pigeons on the balcony, which will help say goodbye to uninvited guests