Poultry farming

Martial Pigeon Breeds

Slaughter pigeons are birds endowed with a beautiful appearance and special flight technique. The flight of live pigeons is beautiful. Especially famous are the fighting pillar varieties. Birds of the world are unpretentious to the conditions of detention, due to which they are able to survive even in remote places

We build a beautiful and comfortable dovecote on our own

If you seriously decide to engage in breeding pigeons, then you will certainly need a dovecote. You can attract craftsmen to build this room, or you can build it with your own hands. But a number of requirements are put forward for the dovecote, which must be taken into account during construction. Let's consider what requirements a premises for breeding and keeping pigeons should meet and how to build it with your own hands

How to properly maintain and grow domestic pigeons

Domestic pigeons are considered the most common among their relatives. You can get them for keeping on the farm, breeding or just as poultry. Raising a pigeon at home in Russia is not difficult, the main thing is to approach this matter with all responsibility. Domestic pigeons It is better to start a pair of domestic pigeons: such birds behave more calmly and do not rush to fly away

Methods for treating diarrhea in pigeons

Domesticated birds are susceptible to various diseases that can develop into an epidemic, and one of the symptoms is diarrhea. Why do pigeons vilify? Diarrhea in pigeons is found in young and adult birds, and therefore it is important to pay special attention to it. Diarrhea in pigeons Pigeons carry after eating poor-quality food or the manifestation of diseases of the stomach

Features of wild pigeons

Wild pigeons are feathered, which are appreciated by hunters for delicate dietary meat. These birds are extremely hardy, because they used to use pigeon mail for a reason. Wild pigeons Wild pigeons are considered a symbol of peace. These birds were tamed about 5000 years ago. There are several breeds of wild pigeons that are worth considering in more detail (their name, lifestyle, etc

We prepare feed for chickens on our own

Any poultry breeder should know what feed is needed to grow a particular bird, be able to navigate the variety of feed, and also know how to make starter feed for chickens on their own. The fact is that purchased feed will not have in its composition the right amount of vitamins and essential vital substances, in contrast to what is done independently

Popular breeds of pigeons

Many poultry farmers are keen on breeding pigeons. This bird has long been next to humans. The winged ones served as the first postmen, the forerunners of a thunderstorm, good and bad events in life, but people who are not superstitious hold pigeons for the sake of participating in sports, getting aesthetic pleasure from watching birds or for meat

Common pigeon diseases and methods for their treatment

Pigeons are susceptible to a number of diseases that can be accompanied by a wide variety of symptoms. With improper treatment, most diseases result in the death of a bird, and if it comes to infectious diseases, an epidemic can occur that will destroy more than a dozen birds. Not all diseases of pigeons can be cured on their own

Profitability of breeding geese as a business

Agriculture has always been considered not only an excellent platform for growing various crops, but also a space for doing business. Yes, you can start your own business not only by opening boutiques in huge cities. Breeding geese as a business is considered an excellent project for beginners who dream of doing a profitable business

Methods and options for heating the chicken coop

Before the onset of cold weather, chicken coop heating is mandatory in winter. Warming of the walls and floor allows you to save the number of birds until spring, to protect them from freezing and hypothermia. Coop heating in winter What is the cheapest and most reliable chicken coop heating in winter

Features of Toulouse geese

One of the most popular poultry in the world is the goose, a representative of the duck family. Today, there are many goose species, many of which are bred specifically for growing on the farm. The article talks about such a breed as the Toulouse geese. Toulouse Geese Breeding history Breeders from sunny Toulouse, located in the south of France, set themselves the task of obtaining a productive species that would bring quality meat and justify the cost of its maintenance

Why does the broiler wheeze

Broiler breeding is a fairly common phenomenon, because every farmer involved in this type of activity should be prepared for changes in the health of chickens. In this regard, the popular topic of why broilers wheeze and sneeze and how to deal with it will be discussed further. Sometimes serious complications are hidden behind the usual at first glance wheezing

The benefits and harms of goose meat

Goose meat is a source of iron and protein. Poultry fat contains virtually no cholesterol. But, since this meat is not eaten as often as chicken and duck, the benefits and harms of this product are not known to everyone. People who eat goose know how valuable his meat is. Due to the fact that the cultivation of geese for meat is a rather painstaking process, the cost of poultry is much higher than that typical for the chicken we are familiar with

Governor Goose Characterization

There are many breeds of domestic geese and new ones appear every year. One of the recently bred varieties of Governor geese. More than 10 years of breeding led to the fact that in 2011 the crossbreeding of Italian and local breeds ended in success. Governor Geese Distinctive features Externally, representatives of this species are very similar to their fellow tribesmen, but some differences still exist

Goose Farm Profitability

A country house and a farm are an excellent option for starting your own farming business. For example, you can do breeding poultry. Most often, geese are selected for breeding: they require the least expenses for their maintenance, are unpretentious in care and show high production results. Goose farm is by far the most common type of private enterprise among start-up businessmen in livestock business

Cross Highsex Brown

Highsex Brown chickens are crosses related to the egg direction. Bred in Holland in 1970. In addition to the Brown line, there is also a variant of Highsex White, which is inferior in productivity to its brown counterparts. Despite the fact that the breed is relatively new, it has spread throughout Europe, as well as in the United States and Canada

Rules for the construction of the crawler

A do-it-yourself gatherer is a great place to grow domestic waterfowl. Quite a lot of amateur poultry breeders are wondering how to build a crawler, is it possible to do it yourself? DIY do-it-yourself The best room for geese is an industrial type crawler. In fact, the crawler is a small shed, which is quite realistic to build on your own

How to make your own chicken feeder

Before you do livestock, you will have to carefully prepare all the necessary materials and learn how to make a chicken feeder with your own hands. So for birds, not only the chicken coop is important, but also future nests, water containers, a convenient chicken feeder and other equipment. Especially for those who do not want to buy everything in the store, but can take the manufacture of drinkers for chicken feeders, this review has been prepared

Rare bird pink dove

A rare pink dove bird today belongs to the endangered species of the pigeon family, and also continues to be one of the most unusual representatives of its species. Pink dove Habitat You can meet a pink pigeon only in a limited area. It lives exclusively on the southern side of the Mauritius Island, located in the Indian Ocean, and on the eastern coast of the coral island of Egret, in the vicinity of many rare species of birds and mammals hidden from human eyes

How to quickly pluck a goose alive or dead at home

Geese and ducks are excellent pets for households in the suburbs and countryside. The stomach welcomes the delicious meat and delicate eggs of these birds. Feathers and fluff go on stuffing blankets, pillows, mattresses. But how to pluck a goose, especially if it is alive and deeply disgusted with such barbarism

What diseases can pigeons carry?

Today, pigeons are city dwellers along with people. They are considered symbols of love, happiness and purity, but they are the spread of many diseases. These birds can be carriers of more than 50 different pathogenic and conditionally pathogenic microbes, and some of them can be transmitted to humans

The benefits of goose eggs

Goose eggs differ from chicken eggs in size and density: they are 5 times larger than chicken eggs, and also 50% denser. The color of the shell is often dominated by a limestone-white hue. In addition, the product has a very rich taste and is characterized by a high content of vitamins. But a goose egg loses to a chicken in terms of fat content and aroma

Description of the white-fronted goose

The white-fronted goose is one of the favorite birds of hunters. Goose hunting (the second, older name) is officially permitted due to the high population, which will not decrease from a couple of dozen dead birds of this species. Excellent taste of meat, ease of preparation make the bird worthy of the main dish on the table during family holidays

Description and characteristics of curry Bentamok

If you want to get a decorative breed of chickens, characterized by good meat characteristics, Bentamki chickens will be an excellent option. Bentamki is not only a decoration of any courtyard, but also owners of high tastes of meat. Due to the fact that Bentamka chicken has a huge number of various breeds, each farmer will be able to choose the suitable option for the farm

Causes of feathers in chickens and treatment methods

Every person who breeds poultry wants their animals to be healthy, and the productivity of their breeding is at the highest possible level. But sometimes it happens that birds drop feathers in different parts of the body. This process has received a scientific name - alopecia. The causes of the phenomenon can be different, therefore, before starting to take any measures, the owners should find out why the chickens drop feathers

How to distinguish geese Linda from other birds

Geese Linda is one of the most common breeds in our country. They have a snow-white plumage with beige tan marks. Rarely, gray specks may appear on the back and in the area of ​​the wings, this is considered the norm. Geese linda Breed description The characteristics that distinguish geese of the Linda breed are as follows: Appearance of the body: the goose is large, tall, massive. Ev

How to make a chicken feeder

Many beginner farmers who decide to engage in poultry farming are wondering where to start. Most often in Russia, broiler chicks are selected and bred for their high meat production and early maturity. Perhaps the most important thing in breeding chickens is the chicken feeder. A great option to help save money is a chicken feeder made in the video yourself

Why chickens and roosters peck each other until blood

Many farmers wonder why chickens peck each other's blood. When breeding chickens, this problem is quite relevant. To understand why they peck themselves so or their brothers sometimes even to death, it is necessary to find out the reasons for this behavior. The first thing that poultry farmers can notice on the body of chickens is bald patches or even bleeding wounds

Characteristic Hungarian Geese

Mankind has been breeding geese for many centuries, and perhaps this bird can be called one of the most popular among domestic animals. Today, there are dozens of breeds in the world, many of which were bred as a result of selection. The article talks about one of them, like the Hungarian geese. Hungarian geese Short description Modern representatives of the Hungarian geese are descendants of the wild, which were crossed with Emden and Pomeranian to preserve the species and improve the gene pool

Description of meat breeds of pigeons

Meat breeds of pigeons are popular all over the world. Their homeland is considered to be the Mediterranean. Even the ancient Greeks, Romans and Egyptians raised these birds for subsequent consumption. The meat pigeons went for meat, which is considered a valuable delicacy, and therefore it was cooked in the homes of wealthy residents

How to build a chicken enclosure with your own hands

Even before the final decision to breed chickens, you should find out everything about the features of caring for them. the poultry breeder needs to take care of equipping the chicken coop with ventilation, drinking bowls and feeders: hens should have unhindered access to food. It is equally important to monitor the health of birds and regularly carry out cleaning in the main place of their maintenance

Detection and treatment of smallpox in pigeons

In pigeon breeding, among pests that spread rapidly among birds, smallpox is often found in pigeons. Although it does not lead to death, it causes a lot of trouble to poultry houses. Smallpox Pigeon pox nature Otherwise called yellow cork and diphtheria, pigeon in pigeons is a widely known disease in veterinary medicine of birds, which often proceeds in chronic forms and progresses from one to several months

How to cook a pigeon

How to cook a pigeon, every hunter knows. The meat of pigeons has an excellent taste and has a lot of useful qualities. Food lovers believe it tastes better than good chicken. That's just to be able to feast and appreciate the meat of a pigeon, you need to learn how to cook it correctly. Since ancient times, in various cultures there are a lot of descriptions of pigeon dishes that have come down to our times

Reasons why goslings pinch each other's feathers

At some point, people who decide to connect life with poultry farming are faced with the question of why goslings pluck feathers from each other. They, like many other chicks, look like harmless lumps of fluff, but in fact they can be aggressive towards their brothers. Why goslings pluck feathers from each other At first this may seem rather strange, but in reality such behavior has a number of prerequisites that must be fought so as not to lose part of the brood

Secrets of Pigeon Hunting

Almost everyone can afford to hunt birds for a long time. It is enough to purchase the right tool and uniforms, select a place and go for prey. Pigeon hunting is predominantly in central Russia, where they live in park and garden areas. Flocks of wild pigeons fly for about 10 days. Pigeon hunting has become quite common in the last decade, the reason is the feathered lifestyle and their large number

What doves need to eat, and what foods need to be vetoed

Each poultry breeder knows that health largely depends on the quality of nutrition and the correctness of the selected diet. And in sports pigeons, not only the state of health, but also success in competitions depends on the diet. Consider what can be eaten pigeons, and what to give the birds is strictly prohibited

Wild and domestic pigeons

Pigeons were tamed by humans more than 5, 000 years ago, but many species still live in the wild. There are extinct species, including those caused by human fault. All that remained of them was only standards and a description, at best, drawings or photographs. In this material we will talk about the characteristics of wild and domestic pigeons, their lifestyle, species and breeds that breeders created

Medicines and Vitamins for Pigeons

It is important for everyone who decides to start breeding pigeons to know how the owner should take care of his bird. So, it is important to pay sufficient attention to nutrition, on which it will depend on how strong the immunity of the flying postman is, whether he can bring offspring. It will also be about such a question as vitamins for pigeons, you will learn what trace elements the bird needs, as well as how to maintain its immunity at the highest level

Characteristic Doves Monks

Among the variety of species of pigeons long tamed by people, the ancient breed Monk stands out. These birds are popular among lovers and those who are engaged in breeding of birds professionally. The peculiar appearance and exquisite behaviors of these winged ones are noticeable not only in life, but also in the photo

Causes of salmonellosis in pigeons

Salmonellosis in pigeons is a common disease. Pathology in itself is very contagious and destructive. Every year, more than 30% of pigeons die from this disease. There is a disease in every corner of the world, and it has not spared our country either. Not only the host birds suffer from salmonellosis, but also pigeons living on the street, and the problem always manifests itself in different ways