Potato hedgehogs

Agricultural work takes a lot of time and effort. It can be facilitated by special devices for weeding or hilling, for example, hedgehogs for processing potatoes.

Potato hedgehogs

Features of hedgehogs for potatoes

Weed beds with potatoes with your own hands for a long time and energy, especially with large areas of planted territory. Therefore, the demand for specialized equipment facilitating agricultural work is always high. Especially popular is the hedgehog for potatoes.

Hedgehog is a manual or mechanical device that allows you to make hilling and weeding plants. That is, this tool removes all weed grass in the row-spacing area, loosening the soil and raking it off to the beds. The plantations acquire a pleasant appearance, and the root system of the planted crop is enriched with oxygen.

Manual and mechanical devices are structurally little different from each other. Only the dimensions of the mechanisms and the presence of special fastenings on the mechanical apparatus for connecting to a mini-tractor or walk-behind tractor are distinguished.

Features of the design of hedgehogs

Hedgehogs are devices consisting of 3 metal rings of different sizes, welded together. Metal rods of 5-10 cm are welded to the surface of such rings. In total, there can be 2 or more of such cones from the rings. The pair design is fastened with a special bracket, which forms an angle of 45 ° between the working parts of the tool. The metal frame on which such cones are attached may have a handle or special fastening to agricultural machinery.

Another option is simplified. Instead of welded cone-shaped discs, a piece of metal pipe is installed to which the rods are welded. The resulting working part of the tool is mounted on a shaft fixed to a frame with a handle.

The benefits of hedgehogs for weeding

In addition to accelerating and facilitating agricultural activities, such an apparatus effectively copes with its tasks. Its advantages are:

  • high-quality removal of weeds even before their emergence.
  • loosening of the soil, necessary to saturate the roots of plants with oxygen.
  • the possibility of additional hilling.
  • the correct formation of rows of seedlings.
  • the ability to use the device in pest control - mice, moles, etc.

This is a rectangle and a hiller, created in one case. It has almost no flaws. The only negative is the high cost. But waste can also be avoided by making such an apparatus for processing potatoes with their own hands.

Making a hedgehog for motoblock

The size of the hedgehog will depend on the size of the walk-behind tractor

The features of making a mechanical hedgehog with your own hands depend on the size of the equipment, the number of cone-shaped tools and the presence of fasteners for agricultural machinery. In order to make such a device, it is important to develop or purchase drawings and strictly adhere to them in the process.

The process of constructing a cultivator itself is impossible both without the presence of a welding machine, a gas torch for metal and other tools, and without certain skills in their use.


To make propolnik for processing potatoes, it is necessary to prepare the necessary amount of materials. To make such a device, you will need:

  • steel sheet, 4-6 mm thick (for the manufacture of a working tool);
  • steel strip 20-30 mm long and 4 mm thick (for jumpers);
  • steel rods 8 mm thick (for spikes);
  • pipe with a diameter of 25 mm (for the frame);
  • steel rod, 2 cm in diameter (for the axis of the device on which the working tool will be fixed);
  • steel bracket, 4 mm thick, at least 7 cm wide and 20 cm long.

The rod is placed in a metal pipe with a diameter of more than 20 mm, previously lubricated with solid oil. And its ends will be fastened with a metal bracket. After all the necessary materials have been prepared, you can proceed to the assembly of the potato processing apparatus.

Cultivator manufacturing process

The manufacturing process of the device is carried out strictly according to the drawings. If it specifies the use of steel disks, they can be replaced with rings. Their diameter is 300, 200 and 100 mm. The very process of manufacturing the tool is as follows:

  1. Using a cutter, 2 rings are cut with an inner diameter of 20 cm and an outer one of 30 cm (they will serve as blanks for rings with an outer diameter of 20 cm).
  2. In the blanks, it is necessary to cut holes with a diameter of 10 cm. The result of work is 2 rings with an external diameter of 20 cm and an internal 10 cm.
  3. Small disks with a diameter of 10 cm should be cut out of the remaining material (steel sheet). They drill holes for the prepared pipe with a margin, that is, 26 mm.
  4. From a metal strip, jumpers in the amount of 24 pieces should be cut in size of 9 cm.
  5. On the cones, marks should be made where the jumpers should be welded. On large disks, there are 8 jumpers, and on small disks, 4.
  6. Spikes should be cut into 12 cm segments, and their ends cut off at an angle of 45 ° (there should be at least 80 spikes in total).
  7. It is necessary to weld the spikes to the discs at the required distance. A total of 40 spikes per cone.
  8. The bracket should be bent along the dimensions of the axis and welded to it.
  9. A frame is welded from a metal pipe and welded to a bracket.

The resulting apparatus will have two cone-shaped hedgehogs, which are located relative to each other at an angle of 45 °. A correctly made device should have a distance between the cones of 40-50 cm.

Production of a manual cultivator

The simplest tool that you can do with your own hands consists of a working tool, a metal frame and a holder. The working tool may take the form of a pipe or a truncated cone with welded spikes located from each other at a distance of 4-5 cm.

The working tool is put on a shaft, which is welded to the spacer frame of the product. The last step in the work is screwing the handle. Such a device works simply. Pushing the hedgehog forward, the working tool turns, and when pressure is exerted on it, it deepens into the ground.


Hedgehog for weeding potatoes is effective in use both in the form of a hand tool, and in a mechanical one. In the process, the machine spudges and weeds the aisles under the influence of human efforts or agricultural machinery (mini-tractor or walk-behind tractor).

Specialized propolniks are expensive. Therefore, it is advisable to do them yourself. The main thing is to work strictly according to the drawings and stock up on the necessary material.


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