Porcini mushroom cleaning and treatment

Porcini mushrooms are popular among mushroom pickers due to their taste and ease of preparation. Their disadvantage is the need for careful preparation before eating. Porcini mushrooms are cleaned to get rid of harmful particles that are on the surface when growing in the forest.

Porcini mushroom cleaning and treatment

Forest cleaning

A preparatory step for cleaning porcini mushrooms is their thorough examination after cutting. The product must be inspected from all sides for visible damage to the structure, traces of insects or rot.

Next, proceed to cleaning the legs. The lowest part must be completely removed due to a large accumulation of dirt. The cut site is inspected for the presence of moves from the worms. If they are in large quantities, it is better to throw away the mushroom. Several moves are not dangerous, and they must be carefully cut with a thin knife. This must be done immediately after collection: the worm can spread to other mushrooms in the basket.

The next step is to inspect the bottom of the cap. It often contains small insects, worms and the remnants of their life. The hat must be carefully cleaned of needles, moss and grass.

Mushroom sink

If the porcini mushrooms are cleaned correctly, their washing does not take much time. They need to be washed immediately after arriving home. For washing, use cool running water. During cleaning, the hat and leg are cleaned with a small brush to remove all residual dirt.

Soaking porcini mushrooms do not produce. Such processing deprives the product of its beneficial properties and taste. The exceptions are those that were collected after rain.

Soaking is carried out according to this principle:

  • large mushrooms are cut into halves;
  • place them in a basin of water;
  • add salt;
  • leave for 15-20 minutes;
  • get out and washed under running water.

If the product is processed correctly, there will be a lot of pollution on the surface of the water. Salt also causes insects to leave their holes. Only those ceps that will be used for boiling, frying or pickling are washed.

Basic cleaning

Remove all dirt from the mushrooms.

After washing, the cep is completely cleaned. The product is dried with a towel or paper.

To clean the boletus, you will need:

  • large capacity;
  • knife;
  • Toothbrush;
  • paper towel or dry rag.

If the leg was cut poorly in the forest, a small lower part is additionally cut off and cleaned with a brush of dirt. The hat is wiped with a paper towel to remove dust and moisture. Then carry out a full cleaning with a brush. They remove not only dirt, but also easily peelable pulp: it does not have useful and tasteful properties. Next, the mushroom is additionally wiped and washed under running water.

Next, an additional inspection of the moves of the worms is carried out. The darkened places are cut off, and then the product is completely dried on a wire rack, after which it is ready for cooking or frying.

Cleaning porcini mushrooms for drying

If the product will be used for drying in the oven or in the sun, it must not be wet. The mushroom quickly absorbs a large amount of moisture, which makes it impossible to heat treat it.

The product is thoroughly cleaned of dirt with a brush. It is also wiped with a rag or a damp towel.

Heat treatment

The porcini mushroom needs only to be cleaned to become edible. It does not contain toxic and toxic substances. To be safe, carry out heat treatment.

The disadvantage of this method is the loss of taste and useful qualities of the product. They also lose their smell, sometimes they start to bitter.

To conduct the heat treatment, the porcini mushroom needs to be cleaned and cut into halves. Then it is placed in a pan with salted water and boiled over low heat for 10-12 minutes. If the mushroom grew close to the highway, they process it for 20-25 minutes, but this will lead to a loss of taste.


Peeling porcini mushrooms is required carefully. Remnants of dirt will negatively affect the taste of the dish. It is better to collect far from settlements and roads: the product absorbs harmful substances.

Mushrooms are forbidden to eat for people with a weak stomach and individual intolerance. Also, they should not be given to small children.


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