Popular varieties of potatoes for the Moscow region

The Moscow region is often called a place where any planting of vegetable and fruit crops does not bring the expected yield. Meanwhile, there are a number of potato varieties that fit perfectly even in these conditions, so you can safely plant them and hope for a good harvest. Thanks to breeders, today there are varieties of potatoes for the Moscow region, which have their own characteristics and fully comply with the above requirements. How to choose the best?

Popular varieties of potatoes for the Moscow region

Criteria for choosing potatoes for planting

Experienced gardeners identify several criteria by which it is worth stopping at the choice of one or another potato. It is important that the species is resistant to pathogens, grows only during warming, and also refers to early, mid early or late early. If the tubers begin to ripen late, they may not spoil at all as a result of changing weather towards cooling and not bring the desired crop. Also, when grown in July, late blight can affect them, from which it is best to carry out prophylaxis in advance.

The best varieties of potatoes for the Moscow region: early Zhukovsky, early Priekulsky, Early Rose, Falensky, Gala, Detskoselsky, Luck, Sineglazka, Lugovskoy, Nevsky, Lorch, Peredovik. They are characterized by high productivity, are cold-resistant, however, they may be susceptible to some diseases. For this reason, it is recommended to immerse the seeds before planting in a solution based on manganese in order to prevent the slightest appearance of diseases or parasitic insects.

Super early and early potato varieties

The peculiarity of early maturing potatoes is that it manages to ripen in 40, maximum 60-70 days. The most productive potato varieties for the Moscow Region, belonging to this group, have a thin skin, so they are not always stored for a long time.

This is not necessary, because tasty and healthy potatoes are eaten quickly enough. When growing, both tuber and seed planting methods can be used. What super-early options can I pick up?

Zhukovsky early

It is distinguished by its sufficient productivity, as well as super-early ripening. The tubers are not more than 150 g, have an oval shape, light flesh and pinkish-beige skin. In addition, potatoes:

  • unpretentious;
  • has a low starch content;
  • resistant to drought and low temperatures;
  • suitable for cooking any dishes.

Priekulsky early

If you are looking for tasty varieties of potatoes for the Moscow region, then this early ripe option will be one of them. Unlike many “brethren, ” this early species is well-stored, easy to transport, and resistant to potato cancer.

Due to early maturation manages to avoid "meeting" with late blight. Externally, potatoes look like tubers 100 g in weight, with beige skin and light flesh.

Early rose

This variety of potatoes for the Moscow region is very well suited, as it relates to early ripening. Its name speaks for itself - the peel of the potato is pink. The flesh is pale, sometimes with a slight pigment.

It is characterized by resistance to some pathogenic microbes, however, it is not resistant to cancer and is easily affected by late blight in the absence of proper prevention after planting. Unpretentious, but reacts positively to high-quality soil and fertilizers.


The Falensky variety will please with productivity

This type of potato tolerates weather changes and is well stored. Outwardly, it has a light peel with small eyes and the same flesh. Contains a small amount of starch (16%) and has good taste.

When growing, it is worth remembering that Falensky is resistant to many diseases, including cancer and late blight, and this crop is characterized by high productivity.


The name for this type of potato for the Moscow region was not chosen by chance - it brings joy to all lovers of root crops. Excellent taste and disease resistance have made it popular among gardeners according to descriptions. It is characterized by:

  • snow-white pulp;
  • resistance to drought and low temperatures;
  • large tubers up to 250 g in weight;
  • high productivity.


One of the most famous early types of potatoes, which is one of the highest selling. It is distinguished by thick bright green leaves and high productivity — at least 25 fruits from the bush. It is also known for its resistance to “attacks” of parasites and diseases.

Gala loves moisture, so it is important to pamper it with watering and fertilizer. If you properly care for the plant, then already on the 70th day you can get a rich harvest of large and tasty potatoes.

The best of mid-early and mid-ripening varieties for Moscow region

This group includes varieties from which you can get on 55-80 days. Potatoes are highly starchy, well stored and transported, and also able to withstand temperature extremes.

In most cases, these varieties of potatoes for the suburbs are very popular and have excellent taste. Their cultivation is not fraught with too great difficulties.


This variety is characterized by small eyes and light pink skin. Seedlings feel great on well-fertilized soil. The variety is resistant to late blight, blackleg, viruses and cancer.

According to the descriptions, the plant looks like a slender erect bush with white, well-developed buds. New tubers weigh up to 150 g.


The variety is valued for good taste.

This white-pink potato has a high and stable yield and has excellent taste characteristics. The weight of each tuber is approximately 100-120 g, has an oval shape.

Resistant to potato diseases, including late blight. Detskoselsky is well kept and has a presentable appearance in terms of sales.


This variety is versatile and high-yielding. It has a sufficient starch content so that the tasty tubers are juicy, as well as a lot of vitamin C. The potato is not bad stored, and is also resistant to various diseases.

The peel and pulp have a light shade, and the mass of tubers is 90-120 g. When growing, it is worth remembering that the plant does not like increased moisture, and it is best to offer it moderate watering.

Blue eye

This potato variety suitable for the Moscow Region is known to all experienced gardeners. It is very resistant to viruses and cancer, has good taste and is ideal for making mashed potatoes. The variety has a slightly bluish skin, and the tubers are large and have the best starch content.

The flesh is pale in color, has a sufficient juiciness. When growing, it can be noted that the blue eye is not susceptible to late blight.


The endurance of this variety can be envied by its “brethren, ” because it tolerates both drought and high humidity equally well. Outwardly, it is a highly branched, low bush, the fruits of which have 17% starch and weigh up to 133 g.

Tubers are stored long enough, so Nevsky is the best that is suitable for transportation over long distances.

Characteristics of Late Early Varieties

Despite the fact that the earliest varieties are best established in the Moscow Region, Lorch, who belongs to the later ones, feels at ease in the conditions that exist in this part of Russia.

Lorch is one of the most popular varieties, since it has a high starch content, which makes it suitable for any dishes. It also has enough protein and vitamin C.

Externally, the tubers have a smooth peel and are distinguished by a light color. The shape is oval, but with a lack of fertilizer in the soil can become oblong. At the cut, the flesh may be slightly greenish, but does not darken after boiling. The largest tubers reach a weight of up to 140 g. They are well stored and retain their best taste. Seedlings feel great in open ground conditions and yield a crop 100 days after planting.

It is worth noting that, thanks to the efforts of breeders, today, harvested varieties are diverse, so it remains to choose the best of the proposed options, which is well suited to the climate and conditions of the Moscow region.


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