Why does the orchid stem dry?

Many who grow phalaenopsis are interested in why the stem of an orchid dries and how to save a flower. If the orchid has turned yellow, the main source of the problem is natural aging. There are other factors that affect the condition of the stem. Why does the orchid stem dry? Natural process The part of the plant that is called the stem depends on the type of flower

Vitamins for Orchids

Vitamins for orchids stimulate the growth and development of plants, contribute to their strengthening and reproduction. A vitamin cocktail helps to accelerate the opening of buds without any harmful effect on the plant, its use will help to take root in the flower at home. Vitamins for Orchids Vitamins Vitamin cocktails for orchids may include vitamins of different groups

Orchid Zygopetalum

Zygopetalum orchid is one of the eccentric plant species with lush flowering and delicate aroma. This is an epiphytic species that can also live and reproduce in the soil. Creating the right conditions for its cultivation is not so difficult. Orchid Zygopetalum Grade description This flower is most often found in the hot countries of Latin America

How to help an orchid with dry roots

Most orchids are known for moodiness, therefore, require increased attention from the grower. A common problem is that the roots of the orchid dry and wither. To save a flower from death, decisive action is required. How to help an orchid with dry roots Causes of drying orchid roots Orchid roots dry for several reasons

Growing Lemon Orchids

Lemon orchid was bred at the beginning of the 21st century in Holland. This plant was immediately recognized as one of the best varieties of this flower. A distinctive feature of this species is the presence of not 1, but 2 stems. The culture is unpretentious in care, so growing it at home is not difficult

How to cure orchid rot

Representatives of the orchid family are demanding in care and often suffer from rotting of roots, stem and foliage. The orchid rots even from the inside, which causes difficulties in identifying the disease. How to cure orchid rot Features rotting orchids Phytopathogenic fungi and bacteria pose a great threat to indoor flowers

Rules for growing Wanda orchids

Among all the varieties of flowers of the orchid family, the Wanda orchid has a special place in home floriculture. This tropical plant fascinates with beauty and grace. Orchid Wanda Characteristic In nature, the orchid family flower is found in the tropical zone of the Philippines, Indonesia, Australia and South China

What to do with white plaque on orchids

Indoor phalaenopsis have long become habitual inhabitants of houses. The plant pleases with long and plentiful flowering, therefore, it enjoys the love of flower growers. White plaque on orchid leaves indicates a serious disease of the flower. What to do with white plaque on orchids The causes of plaque White plaque on orchids is a phenomenon whose main cause of occurrence is powdery mildew

Paphiopedilum Orchid Care

Orchid Paphiopedilum (Venus slipper), like most other varieties, is considered a whimsical culture. For the proper development of the flower, the gardener must provide him with full and high-quality care, which consists of a number of points. According to the description, all species need the same care procedures

Faded Orchid Care

Florists are putting all their efforts into cultivating orchid flowers blooming with bright beautiful buds. But what to do when the orchid has bloomed? With proper and organized care, there is a chance to achieve stimulation of the re-formation of colors. There are several methods for carrying out such a procedure

Growing Phalaenopsis Sapphire

Phalaenopsis Sapphire is a popular culture. A distinctive feature of this variety is that it tolerates high air temperature without harm to the structure. Phalaenopsis Sapphire Plant characteristics An adult plant grows to 50 cm in height. It has a dense stem, green leaves with small white spots. The buds consist of 10-20 small flowers of a blue or blue hue

Growing a Phalaenopsis Parrot

Phalaenopsis Parrot is considered an ambiguous plant. It has so many names that it’s easy to get confused. This does not prevent him from enjoying popularity and decorating at home. Phalaenopsis Parrot Plant characteristics The height of a mature plant is 60 cm. Before flowering, 3-4 pairs of green leaves are formed on the bushes.

Features of pruning orchid roots

Pruning the roots of an orchid is an important component in caring for the plant. But you need to trim the roots correctly and in a timely manner. Otherwise, there is a risk of causing irreparable harm to the phalaenopsis, which subsequently can cause the death of the flower. Pruning orchid roots When and why pruned roots A feature of phalaenopsis is the way of breathing

Phalaenopsis Mix Care

Home flowers not only decorate the room, but also serve as an additional source of oxygen. Orchids are popular residents of homes, because It’s easy to take care of them at home. One of their varieties, Phalaenopsis Mix, will delight the owner's eye for many years. Phalaenopsis Mix Grade description Orchids Mix are perennial (6-9 years) evergreens that came to our region from the humid tropics of Japan.

Fight against a mealybug on an orchid

Malicious organisms become a problem when growing flowers of domestic plants. A mealybug on an orchid can destroy it if necessary measures are not taken to eliminate the pest and prevent it. Mealybug on orchid leaves Pest Description Phalaenopsis affects 2 species of these parasitic organisms: citrus and bristly

Sogo Orchid

Sogo's Orchid mesmerizes and delights with its unusual beauty. Studying the features of Sogo's phalaenopsis helps to properly grow it, to care for a long time and observe the growth and development of the plant. Sogo Orchid Grade description Sogo Orchid - a variegated flower, which was obtained as a result of crosses, belongs to the ancient orchid family

How to deal with thrips on orchids

Thrips on orchids are dangerous not only for domestic plants, but also for agricultural ones - in this case it is impossible to get rid of them. How to deal with thrips on orchids Description of thrips Thrips on an orchid are also called bubbly, they live on all continents of the world. In total there are more than 5000 species of thrips, 300 of which live in Europe

Using Cornevin for Orchids

Cornevin for orchids is an indispensable drug that is used to properly form the root system. It is able to destroy all bacteria and fungi that mature inside the substrate. The roots thanks to him grow healthy and do not deform. Using Cornevin for Orchids Composition and action The main substance that is contained in the composition is a special type of acid belonging to the variety of indolyls

How to plant an orchid

Orchid is a unique ornamental plant. It adorns with flowering both the home garden and the room interior. Propagate this plant at home is real, for this there are rules on how to properly transplant orchid babies. How to plant an orchid Breeding methods A plant has several ways of propagation: seeds; dividing the stem of the mother plant into parts; sprouts (lateral shoots)

The use of hydrogen peroxide for orchids

Hydrogen peroxide for orchids is used as a means of treating and preventing a plant from diseases. Watering with such a solution provides leaves and roots with full oxygen saturation, which ordinary water is not capable of. The use of hydrogen peroxide for orchids The benefits of hydrogen peroxide The use of hydrogen peroxide (H2O2) includes a number of areas: medicine, the beauty industry

Rules for transplanting Phalaenopsis orchids

Transplanting a Phalaenopsis orchid at home is a matter that requires certain knowledge. To understand all the intricacies of the question, you should thoroughly study the algorithm of actions and perform them, follow the instructions. Then the orchid will thank for proper care with abundant flowering and beautiful appearance

Orchid variety Phalaenopsis Cascade

One of the most exotic indoor plants is the Phalaenopsis Cascade orchid. With its unusual shape, a cascading orchid attracts attention and brings a highlight to the interior. Cascade orchid Characteristic The plant has 2 curved peduncles, which reach a length of up to 1 m. They are either intertwined with each other, or hang downward in an arc

Watering Phalaenopsis Orchids

Watering phalaenopsis differs from irrigation of other varieties of indoor plants. Orchids are representatives of the tropics and belong to the genus epiphytes. Plants collect moisture from the air, not from the substrate in a pot. That is why orchids need water only in the form of fumes. Watering Phalaenopsis Orchids Ways and methods of watering orchids Watering phalaenopsis at home is done in several ways, among which there are: radical; immersion in containers; spraying; creation of natural conditions with the help of an aquarium or other artificial mini-reservoir

Description of orchid pests

While growing indoor orchids, gardeners have to deal with parasites that infect it. There are several types of orchid pests, and each one should be dealt with in its own way. Orchid pests The destruction of harmful insects at home and in greenhouses is carried out using pesticides. Chemistry helps to overcome parasites, but the likelihood of their reappearance is high

Rules for planting and caring for a garden orchid

Garden orchid - a beautiful, delicate and elegant flower, occupying a place of honor in any garden. In our climate, different varieties of such overseas beauties take root well. Garden orchid Varieties of Garden Orchids Garden orchids are durable, hardy and very different from indoor ones. In order not to make a mistake and plant the right plant, you need to understand their varieties

Rules for choosing an orchid

Choosing an orchid is a process that helps determine the variety and color of the flower that is needed for the home. Choose phalaenopsis should be given the characteristics and features of care for him. Orchid selection Features of the choice of phalaenopsis When choosing an orchid, the following should be considered: the presence on the pots of labels, stickers with detailed information about the conditions of care; a curved stem, indicating a lack of oxygen during the growth and development of phalaenopsis; compliance with the proportions between the components of the flower; leaves in healt

Black and white spots on an orchid

Spots on the leaves of the orchid appear when the flowers are diseased and indicate that the plant needs special care. The choice of method and means for treatment depends on the color of the spots. Timeliness and the right choice guarantee the preservation of life of the phalaenopsis, which subsequently will please with lush flowering

Application of Bon forte for orchids

Bona forte for orchids is a concentrated fertilizing complex for prolonging the flowering stage of a plant. Application of Bon forte for orchids Varieties and chemical composition Liquid fertilizer Bon Forte is presented to manufacturers in 2 versions - “Beauty” and “Health”. The chemical composition of the series "Beauty" are: macronutrients - 1.3% magn

Features of orchid care in winter

In the cold season, indoor plants require the provision of an appropriate microclimate. Caring for an orchid in winter at home differs from leaving in other seasons, because the culture is thermophilic. The actions of gardeners depend on the plant variety. For some species, the changes are non-cardinal; for others, the conditions of detention change significantly

How to propagate an orchid at home

Orchid is one of the most beautiful indoor plants. There are several varieties of this indoor flower. Propagation of orchids at home is carried out according to special rules. Orchid propagation General recommendations At home, methods for propagating orchids are used, depending on the type of plant

What are the myths and legends about orchids?

Orchid has been known to people for more than 3 thousand years. But she appeared in the Late Cretaceous era. Confirmation of this fact is found amber, in the middle of which was a bee with pollinaria (cultural organ). It is established that the stone is about 15-20 million years old. Over the long history, numerous myths about orchids are composed

What to do with the loss of foliage turgor in an orchid

Orchids are known not only for their beauty, but also for their moodiness. If the leaves of the orchid have lost turgor and wrinkle, you will have to find the main reason for this phenomenon and timely resuscitate the plant. Lack of foliage is a sign of slow death of a flower. What to do with the loss of foliage turgor in an orchid What is turgor foliage Turgor is the health of an orchid leaf plate, its normal and natural appearance

Ribav extra for orchids

When growing orchid flowers, many growers use Ribaw for orchids. The drug accelerates the development of plants by activating the process of root formation. Ribav extra for orchids Product Feature Ribav-extra is the result of the vital activity of mycorrhizal fungi obtained in a biotechnological way from ginseng root

Orchid cultivation from Chinese seeds

Everyone can buy an orchid, but to grow and propagate - no. Now it has become popular to order seeds in China: the price is much lower. Growing an orchid from the seeds of China is not a simple matter, but it is quite realistic to cope with it. Orchid cultivation from Chinese seeds How to choose orchid seeds from China Before growing a flower, seed is chosen

Creating additional lighting for orchids

Lighting for orchids is an indispensable source of growth energy and flowering indoor flower, especially when it is located on the shaded side of the room. Creating additional lighting for orchids Lighting need The need for additional lighting for orchids at home is due to the process of photosynthesis due to the absorption of light in the foliage

Features of orchid cultivation and care

Phalaenopsis is a moody flower. But, if you properly organize the care of the orchid at home, it will delight you with plentiful blooms at least 2 times a year. Care, in addition to watering and top dressing, includes the organization of a certain level of air humidity and temperature, transplanting a pot

Orchid Pearl of the Emperor

Probably, there are no flower growers who would not be attracted by a magical and mysterious plant - an orchid. Orchid The pearl of the emperor belongs to monopodial epiphytes, large with a beautiful and magnificent color. Orchid Pearl of the Emperor Grade description The stem of the orchid is short, on it in two rows are fleshy, dark green leaves from 15 to 35 cm in length and 5-10 in width

Propagation of phalaenopsis at home

Propagation of the Phalaenopsis orchid is a process that requires knowledge of agricultural technology, compliance with a number of rules and utmost care. Before starting to propagate epiphytes, seedlings should be obtained. Transplanted phalaenopsis needs to create natural conditions and ensure proper care

The use of cytokinin paste for orchids

Cytokinin paste for orchids is a hormonal drug that allows you to speed up the process of forming fresh shoots on the stem of the plant. The use of cytokinin paste for orchids Composition and purpose The basis of the cytokinin paste is the phytohormonal agent cytokinin. Its purpose is to stimulate the process of cell division of plants

Awakening the sleeping buds of orchids

Orchid's sleeping buds are a phenomenon that requires strength and patience from a grower to awaken. It will be possible to wake the sleeping buds from the orchid if you perform a series of sequential actions to obtain the shoots. Awakening the sleeping buds of orchids The appearance of sleeping kidneys When orchids multiply, the processes are formed from meristems, so sleeping kidneys look like