The best substrates for orchids

To grow an orchid, it is important to know not only the rules of care, but also in what soil to plant it. The substrate for orchids is used based on the type of plant. It is easy to cook at home. The best substrate for orchids For epiphytic plants Pine bark is the most affordable material used when planting plants of the Orchid family

Growing Orchid Tree Bauchinia

The Bauhinia orchid tree is an exotic plant, reaching up to 10 m in height in a natural environment, more suitable for garden plots in regions with a warm climate. Observing the rules of planting and care, capricious bauhinia can be grown at home. Growing Orchid Tree Bauchinia Biological characteristics Orchid tree Bauchinia belongs to the legume family

Description of yellow phalaenopsis orchid

The orchid has several varieties: both light cream Anthura Gold and Domenica, and rich Golden Beauty. In addition, there are species that differ in beautiful and varied patterns on the petals. These include Dragon's Rush and Meraldy Breckenbridge. The yellow orchid phalaenopsis (indoor hybrid) is a medium-sized and picky plant that has only one stem


Luba bifolia is a perennial herb from the orchid family, which has become widespread in folk medicine due to its medicinal properties. Two-leafed Botanical characteristic Belongs to tuberous decorative wild plants of the genus Lyubka. It is also grown as a garden crop. Two-leafed love has several synonyms: wild balm night violet love root cuckoo's tears

Growing Dendrobium Phalaenopsis

Dendrobium Phalaenopsis is one of the varieties of orchids. The plant is often grown for sale and for room decor. During cultivation, sometimes there are difficulties associated with long flowering and development, so it is so important to know how to care for the Dendrobium Phalaenopsis orchid at home

Orchid cultivation brassia

Orchid Brassia belongs to the epiphytic plants of the Orchid family. It is distinguished by the unusual appearance of flowers with elongated sepals. For this culture is called "spider orchid." In the wild, it grows in the humid forests of the American tropics. It is successfully grown at home

Use of succinic acid for orchids

Orchid cultivation is accompanied by a number of difficulties, so it is so important not to harm the plant. Succinic acid for orchids is a universal top dressing that helps to solve all problems. Use of succinic acid for orchids Indications for use of the drug The useful composition of this tool allows you to quickly and accurately regenerate the roots and leaves of the flower, as well as normalize its nutrition

Growing Phalaenopsis Lewis Sakura

Phalaenopsis Lewis Sakura is considered one of the most popular flowers. He personifies femininity. The plant does not require special care and adapts to negative environmental factors. The endurance of the flower allows you to grow it in any conditions. Growing Phalaenopsis Lewis Sakura Grade Features The variety was bred in Central Asia

Growing Cymbidium Orchids

Among the orchids, Cymbidium stands out for its unusual flowering and aroma. For the Cymbidium orchid to bloom, it needs proper care. In nature, the flower is found in the tropical forests of Asia, Northern Australia. It was first mentioned by the Chinese philosopher Confucius 2000 years ago and called the flower the king of aromas

Treatment of Fusarium in Orchids

Fusarium orchids are a common problem that gardeners face when growing these moody flowers. From timely prevention and treatment depends on whether the wilting is stopped and the houseplant is preserved from death. Treatment of Fusarium in Orchids Description of the disease Fusarium rot refers to a fungal infection

Description of Rootstone

Fingerling, or dactylorosis, refers to herbaceous plants of the orchid family. It has up to 40 species and about 70 hybrids, among which 14 species specimens and 8 hybrid species grow in Russia. The most widely occurring is the spotted palmate, however there are other varieties. Description of Rootstone Botanical characteristic Genus isolated from orchids

Singolo Orchid Care

Orchid Singolo is a one-color plant. Observing the features of transplantation, fertilizers, watering and top dressing, it is easy to get a beautiful and healthy plant. Orchid Singolo Orchid Description According to the description, Phalaenopsis Singolo is a compact orchid with one large flower. It has a small rosette with a low stem (15-20 cm), the roots are short and thick, the leaves are dense and fleshy

Aphrodite Phalaenopsis Care

Often gardeners grow Phalaenopsis Aphrodite (phalaenopsis aphrodite). This plant has been popular for many years. Thanks to the proper cultivation and care at home, it is real to get a beautiful and healthy flower. Aphrodite Phalaenopsis Care Lighting and soil selection Orchid Aphrodite prefers to grow in shaded rooms

Description of the Shillerian Orchid

Orchid Shillerian (phalaenopsis schilleriana) is considered the most popular variety of the Phalaenopsis series. This variety was first discovered more than 100 years ago, but this does not prevent it from occupying a central place in the collection of gardeners. Unpretentiousness in leaving provides ease of process of cultivation

Description of Green Orchid

Green orchids look exotic. Such flowers grow well flat on the window. Green orchid is a representative of different varieties of plants, each of which has its own external features. Green orchid Grade description Orchids of the phalaenopsis and cymbidium species are green. The color, size, number of buds, the length of the peduncle depend on the type of plant

Description of Yellow Orchid

Yellow orchid is also known as phalaenopsis. Fragrant orchid with bright yellow flowers will decorate any room. Yellow orchid Grade description The length of the peduncle varies from 10 cm to 1 m. The leaves of saturated green color reach 20 cm in length. Yellow petals can have a red strip with a pinkish or white center

Vanilla Orchid Care at Home

Orchid Vanilla has an important feature - the fruits of the plant are edible, which distinguishes it from other species. Orchid Vanilla Grade description Vanilla orchid includes more than 100 species, most of which are epiphytes (often attached to other plants, fed by air humidity). Only two species have fertility and give vanilla seeds, but at home they are unrealistic to grow

Varieties of Dwarf Orchids

Among flower growers, a dwarf orchid has become very popular, characterized by its small size and some care features. Having learned all the subtleties of content, you can be content with its unusual beauty and a long flowering period. Varieties of Dwarf Orchids Features of dwarf species Dwarf flowers attract attention not only by their small size, but also by their ease of maintenance (compared with ordinary tall species)

Zeoflora's application for orchids

The root system of the Orchid needs a light nutritious soil. This is Zeoflora for orchids - a product of a granular form, characterized by good breathability and high-quality moisture conservation. Zeoflora's application for orchids Soil composition Zeoflora - soil used for the cultivation of Orchidaceae

Orchid Liodoro and its care

Orchid is a beautiful and delicate flower that brings good mood and joy with its exotic look. Orchid Liodoro is an unusual instance and will be the highlight of any flower garden. Orchid Liodoro Grade description Phalaenopsis Liodoro is a hybrid recently bred. The color can be different: from yellow to deep pink, and sometimes almost raspberry, with a good aroma reminiscent of a lily of the valley with notes of lime

Wild Cat Orchid Growing

The genus phalaenopsis from orchid plants has more than 70 species. Recently, a large number of hybrids have appeared. There are those that are more common, but there are also especially rare ones. Orchid Wild cat - one of the rare representatives. Wild Cat Orchid Growing Wild cat variety description Wild cat - a varietal orchid, one of 20 species of rare phalaenopsis

How to get rid of scale insects on an orchid

Orchids are delicate ornamental plants, when grown which you may encounter some problems. One of them is a scale insect on an orchid. Scale on the leaves of orchids Description of the shield The scab is an aphid that infects the leafy part of the flower. There are males and females of the parasite. Males have wings and move freely throughout the flower

Characteristic Orange Orchid

Orange orchid surprises with its bright and unusual colors. Characteristics of plants will help to understand the features of growing, transplanting, propagating and caring for them. Orange orchid Grade description Variety flowers come in many different shades: dark yellow with an orange tint; orange with pink or red; orange turning into scarlet

Purple Orchid Care

There are species of orchids with the same morphological features, but differing in flowers. Purple orchid is found in several varieties of this plant, flower care, depending on the species, has a number of differences. Purple orchid Characteristic Purple Orchid Violet orchid is one of the hybrid forms of flower, making it better adapted to home conditions

Characteristic Red Orchid

There are a large number of species and varieties of orchids with similar characteristics. Red orchid attracts attention with unusual flowering, however, care for it has a number of features. Red orchid Characteristic Red Orchid Red orchid is a hybrid species. It refers to epiphytic plants, whose vital activity is not related to soil

Cattleya Orchid Growing

Cattleya Orchid is the name of a subspecies of large-flowered orchids that attract attention with the vibrant color of delicate flowers. About 40 varieties of Cattleya are counted. The plant is capricious, so he needs to ensure proper care. Cattleya Orchid Growing Necessary growing conditions Growing a flower requires a lot of time and effort

How to use moss for orchids

soil substrate for plants, especially indoor crops, is a source of nutrients and moisture. Moss for orchids is used as a protection of the root system, for better moistening the soil and warming the stem. The plant is useful for combating diseases that threaten the orchid. Moss for orchids What is moss for

How to stimulate flowering in orchids

Orchids are demanding of the conditions of detention and do not tolerate the mistakes of the owners. With improper watering and temperature conditions, the flower's immunity decreases. As a result, a person loses the main purpose of growing a crop - an orchid does not bloom. How to stimulate flowering in orchids Why the flower did not bloom When growing orchids, flower growers try to make every effort to achieve long-term active flowering

Where is the homeland of the orchid plant

Orchids are cultivated on the windowsill by professionals. The flower is whimsical to growing conditions, but has such a beautiful flowering that the work pays off in full. For successful cultivation, it is important to know where the homeland of the Orchid plant is located, what the climate and soil are in this region

Types of Precious Orchids

Each Florist wants to replenish his collection with orchids. For the sake of beautiful flowers, lovers are ready to endure all the difficulties of care. There are orchids in which the leaves are valuable; they resemble precious stones. Species of precious orchids are rare and only among collectors. Types of Precious Orchids Types of Orchids Precious orchids got their name thanks to the leaves combining velvet and a fanciful mesh pattern

Features of growing Miltonia orchids

Orchid Miltonia is a perennial that grows in both wild and domestic conditions, native to South America (Brazil, Argentina). The flower is named after Viscount Milton (an English grower and orchid collector). There are about twenty species of this variety. To grow a beautiful and healthy plant, you need special care

What does the orchid symbolize

Orchid plant species have been known to mankind for hundreds of years. Throughout the history of origin, the importance of orchids and attitudes towards it have not changed. This flower is still falling in love with thousands of men and women. The meaning of orchid flower Orchid in the culture of different nations The symbolic meaning of the orchid flower is closely related to the cultural heritage of the peoples of the world

Spotted Orchid Description

Representatives of Orchids have always attracted gardeners with their flowering. Spotted orchid stands out among the other varieties due to the color to a point throughout the flower. Thanks to this, the plant is in high demand at the flower shop. Spotted orchid Grade description Spotted orchid belongs to the Phalaenopsis variety, which in nature grows in the form of epiphytic herbaceous bushes

How to get rid of cobweb and shell mite on orchids

Growing orchids at home brings a lot of positive emotions to its owner. This is a beautiful and sophisticated plant that pleases the eye with a color palette and a subtle, barely noticeable aroma. All is well until pests appear. A tick on orchids can kill a plant. How to get rid of cobweb and shell mite on orchids Pest Description To learn how to help orchid in the fight against pests, it is worth knowing the types of parasites

Blethill Orchid and its care

Bletilla Orchid is an unpretentious perennial plant, about 70 cm high, conquers with its elegance and beauty. Found the greatest distribution in China and Japan. Bletilla Orchid Orchid species Bletilla Orchid is divided into several types: Strileta bleach or hyacinth; Striata alba white; Bletilla is brownish yellow

The difference between orchids and phalaenopsis

Orchid and Phalaenopsis are popular and common among gardeners plants. These are beautiful decorative flowers that grow for a long time with proper care. What is the difference between Orchids and Phalaenopsis, not everyone knows, because plants belong to the same group. The second option is suitable for beginner gardeners, and the first for more experienced ones

Characteristics of Dracula Orchid (Monkey Muzzle)

Orchid Dracula is an epiphytic plant of the orchid family. She is often called a monkey orchid due to the fact that her flowers look like a monkey's face. A rare species with high requirements for care and cultivation. Orchid dracula Grade description In nature, the monkey orchid grows on the lower parts of tree trunks

Garlic tincture for watering orchids

Garlic strengthens the health of not only people, but also plants. Garlic water for orchids disinfects the soil and is a reliable means of preventing disease. To bring the plant only benefits, you need to know the rules for preparing the infusion. Garlic tincture for watering orchids The benefits of tincture In one clove of garlic, a mass of useful substances is stored

Variety of orchid Multiflora

Orchid is an exotic, refined plant, symbolizing luxury and splendor. Since the middle of the last century, it has been included in the category of expensive and collection flowers. Therefore, Multiflora orchid is a good gift for lovers of fresh flowers. Multiflora Orchid Grade description The flower orchid phalaenopsis Multiflora got its name due to the fact that it looks like a butterfly (from the Greek

Epidendrum orchid cultivation

Epidendrum orchid is considered one of the many species from the orchid family. In the environment, found in the subtropics and tropics of South and North America. It is also grown as a houseplant. Orchid Epidendrum Botanical characteristic General external features of the plant: branched short rhizome - an aerial creeping shoot of all plant species; the foliage is stiff, thick, close to succulents, arranged in pairs on thin stems, has the shape of a lancet with a pointed end or a wide-oval appearance with a concave shape, similar to a boat or a scoop; inflorescences are formed by multiple flow