How to correctly cut Benjamin's ficus

Ficus Benjamin is one of the most famous plants found at home. It is believed that this bush is easy to care for, and therefore even a person is able to grow it without the slightest experience in floriculture. The tree has good decorative qualities, due to which it can decorate not only the apartment, but also the boring office interior

Superstitions and Signs about Ficus Benjamin

Ficus Benjamin, according to many beliefs, affects the human body in different ways. From a scientific point of view, the plant has both beneficial and harmful qualities. According to Slavic mythology, Ficus Benjamin was placed at the head of the wedding bed for pregnancy. Superstitions and Signs about Ficus Benjamin Asian peoples are convinced that the flower brings prosperity and happiness to the house, while Slavic peoples tend to believe in the negative consequences of keeping ficus under the roof of the dwelling

Ficus pruning methods and deciduous crown formation methods

Ficus Benjamin has long taken a strong leadership position among domesticated plants. This flower has unique healing properties, many signs and superstitions are associated with it. However, in order for the plant to please the eye, it should be taken care of as a pet. Wipe the leaves with a damp rag, feed with mineral additives and trim dry foliage

Popular varieties of ficus

Such a plant as ficus is known to every lover of indoor flowers. It belongs to the mulberry family and is presented in the form of trees and shrubs. The presence of green or two-color leaves depends on the type of ficus, and each small flower occupies a simplified perianth. Some species of ficuses reach a height of 40 m with a diameter of 5 m

How to care for milkweed Euphorbia Laktea at home

Types of milkweed are very popular among gardeners, professionals and amateurs. These plants are diverse in form, but equally toxic in content. The most extraordinary form has the appearance of milkweed Euphorbia Laktey Kristata. Euphorbia Laktea Cristata Euphorbia is difficult to find on the shelves

How to care for cypress milkweed

Euphorbia Cypress is a unique perennial grass that differs from the others in small-sized needles-needles. The genus of milkweed includes a large number of plants that have similar properties. Decorative characteristics are inherent in it, therefore flower growers quite often grow them on personal plots or in decorative stone gardens

Rules for caring for Euphorbia Tirucalli at home

Exotic Euphorbia Tirukalli can diversify the most refined green corner in the house. A simple and unpretentious variety withstands sharp changes in ambient temperature and blooms for a long time with delicate inflorescences from the first year of life. Euphorbia Tirucalli Home care will provide Milkweed fast and proper growth, and thanks to the additional feeding of Euphorbia Tirukalli will become an adornment of any home

Ficus Pumila White Sunny

In the modern world, there are many different types of domestic plants. Some of them are kept at hand due to their healing qualities, some play a decorative role. The latter include the dwarf ficus Pumila. Ficus Pumila White Sunny This flower has interesting weaving abilities, so it is often used as a wall decoration in homes or offices

How to transplant Benjamin's ficus at home

The transplantation of ficus Benjamin requires the florist to maximize concentration and clarity of the actions performed. This flower is unique for its amazing genetics, so it adapts to the new climate and soil conditions in a minimum amount of time. If a gardener aims to achieve good results in growing plants at home, then it is important for him to follow certain instructions, which involves some points regarding care: timely transplantation of an ornamental plant into a new convenient pot and soil (substrate)

Care Rules for Milkweed Comb

The green decoration of any home - Euphorbia Combed unpretentious plant care, which is easy to breed at home. Even for a beginner who has not previously been engaged in transplanting houseplants, Euphorbia Ribbed will be the first beautiful “resident” on the windowsill. Care Rules for Milkweed Comb How to organize a green corner in your own home? Wh

Ficus Belize care at home

To decorate a house or apartment, revive a boring interior will help a small plant brought from exotic countries. Few people know, but Ficus Belize owes its origin to distant Africa and countries with a hot climate and sandy soil. Ficus Belize care at home Planting the sprout of Ficus Belize is not difficult, and a long-term culture does not require a person a lot of time for care and money - for fertilizer

How to care for Bengal ficus

“Ficus benghalensis” - this is how the name “Ficus Bengal” sounds in Latin. This tree is a vivid representative of one of the largest families - mulberry. It grows in the monsoon forests of Sri Lanka, Bangladesh and Burma, China, Malaysia and India. The uniqueness of the plant is that in the wild it takes on very large sizes, as it grows not individually, but in small clusters, which over time create a fairly large and dense forest. How to

Caring for Ficus Ginseng

Ficus ginseng, or ficus microcarp Ginseng, is one of the subspecies of ficus belonging to the mulberry family, which is grown at home. The appearance of this tree is associated with Australia, China, Japan, Malaysia and some other countries of Southeast and East Asia. In the wild, ficus can grow up to 25 m

Soil and soil for planting ficus

Ficus is one of the most popular indoor plants. They are the favorites of many gardeners and ordinary people who want to decorate their home. Due to the unpretentiousness, ficuses are widely known, but not all flower growers properly care for them. First of all, you need to pay attention to what kind of land is needed for the ficus, so as not to destroy the plant by mistake

Reticus Ficus Care Rules (Dull)

Growing Dull Ficus at home does not require much effort. This is an unpretentious plant that quickly adapts to environmental conditions. Retuzu is often used to create bonsai. Living miniature sculpture looks harmonious and elegant. Reticus Ficus Care Rules (Dull) In the wild, Reticus ficus reaches a height of 20 m

Description of Ficus Abidjan

Ficus Abidjan is a houseplant that can grow under any conditions. Ficus Abidjan was named after a small town located in Africa. This ficus is one of the most common types of rubber plants. Such a tree of the house will always delight the eye of any owner. Ficus Abidjan general description Ficus rubbery Abidjan is a plant that is green all year round

How often to water ficus at home

Ficuses belong to a diverse and numerous plant genus. They are very popular as a room culture. Before acquiring a plant, you need to figure out how to water the ficus. Watering regime is a key factor affecting healthy tree growth. How to water ficus at home In the summer, the tree is often irrigated, in winter the number of waterings is reduced

Causes of Benjamin's Ficus Diseases and Methods of Their Treatment

Ficus is very popular, especially a variety like Benjamin. It is unpretentious and easy to grow at home. All that this plant needs is good watering and timely top dressing. Despite the unpretentiousness of the flower, Benjamin's ficus diseases are still able to cause inconvenience to its owners. And besides ailments, various parasites can also attack him

Care for variegated ficus

Ficus is a very common indoor plant. Of all its varieties, the variegated ficus is most popular. It fits perfectly into any interior and for many has already become an excellent addition to the collection of indoor plants. Variegated ficus In order for the ficus to please the eye, it is necessary to properly care for it, otherwise the plant will lose its unusual color or die completely

How to Care for Ficus Elastica

Ficus Elastica - a lush green tree, which is valued for the crown, and not for the flowers. Today, many subspecies of the plant have been discovered and studied, including ficus elastica, or ficus elastica mix. This is a special view, featuring a gigantic size. Under natural conditions, Elastica grows in hot tropics, and can reach a record growth mark: about 30-40 m in height

How to care for ficus tineke at home

Among domestic plants, ficus is particularly popular. Its healing qualities are often used in everyday life, and signs claim that the flower brings prosperity and peace to the family. In addition, the ficus tineke is a great design element. How to care for ficus tineke at home He needs minimal care, and the crown of the plant can be formed in the form of a sculpture, and the variegated coloring of some varieties can be diluted with paint

Cumbria Orchid Growing

Cumbria Hybrid Orchid is a flower from the Orchid family. The bred hybrid is suitable for growing at home. This is an easy-to-care crop that needs to be watered and transplanted in a timely manner. Cumbria Orchid Growing Grade description Cumbria orchid is a simple flower. The shape of the bud is oblong, and the total length is not less than 8 cm

Description of Orchid Legato Butterfly

Legato Orchid (or Legato Butterfly) belongs to the Orchid family. The variety originates from the countries of the Malay archipelago; in natural conditions it is also found in the mountain forests of the Philippines and on the humid plains of Australia. Description of Orchid Legato Butterfly Grade description Phalaenopsis Legato has large flowers (6-7 cm) with pearly pink, yellow, lilac and gold hues

Description of the plant Dendrobium Nobile and care for it

Such a charming plant, like dendrobium nobile, cannot but conquer with its decorativeness and grace. Therefore, this exotic flower is a favorite among many gardeners. Today we will tell you how to propagate, transplant dendrobium nobile at home, and what kind of flower needs care. Description of the plant Dendrobium Nobile and care for it Description This is a perennial herbaceous plant of the Orchidaceae family

Care for blue and blue orchid

Blue and blue orchid appeared on store shelves not so long ago, but managed to gain popularity. Consider the secret of the unusual color of the petals, and how to properly care for blue phalaenopsis at home. Care for blue and blue orchid The secret of blue petals If blue orchids (phalaenopsis) began to bloom white, do not be alarmed

Ludisia orchid care at home

Ludisia orchid is an unusual representative of the orchid family with small flowers that look like precious pearls. Ludisia orchid care at home Biological characteristics In conditions of natural nature, ludisia is common in moist forests in the Asian eastern and central territories. Its place of growth is the earth's surface and cave slopes covered with moss

Description of orchid phalonopsis equestris

Orchid - one of the most noble decorative flowers that require careful care. Breeders bred hybrid varieties that are comfortable for home care and growth, one of which is the Equestris orchid. Description of orchid phalonopsis equestris External description of the flower Phalaenopsis Equestris, with lat

Description and cultivation of Cedirea Yaponika

The silverfish of Japan is a special type of epiphytic phalaenopsis found in nature in Japan, Korea and the island of Rio Kiu. It blooms in warm weather, from late spring to early autumn. Description and cultivation of Cedirea Yaponika Grade description Japanese silverfish consists of a medium-sized stem covered with hard and fleshy leaves, which are 15 and 2-3 cm long and wide, respectively

Dremlik swamp

Species belonging to the genus Dremelki exceed 250 representatives, which grow mainly in temperate latitudes - in Eurasian, African and North American territories. The Russian flora has about 10 main species, among which the most common are the marsh napkin. Dremlik swamp Botanical characteristic Dremlik flower belongs to perennial herbaceous plants belonging to the orchid family

The benefits of ceramis for orchids

It is important for any plant to provide the most favorable growing conditions. The most important is nutrient-balanced soil. So is Ceramis for orchids. The benefits of ceramis for orchids Ceramis Composition Ceramis is a substitute for natural soil for orchids. The composition of such a product consists of 2/3 of clay and wood bark

Description of Pink Orchid

Pink orchid is a tropical plant that lives on the roots and trunks of trees. Because in the tropics, the climate is constantly humid and warm, then these same indicators must be maintained at home when growing phalaenopsis. Description of Pink Orchid Grade description Pink orchid flowers, similar to mother-of-pearl butterflies, are the main unique feature of this representative phalaenopsis

Brassavol Orchid Characteristic

Brassavol Orchid is one of the most popular indoor plants. A beautiful flower that can decorate any room. Now there are about 20 species of this indoor flower, each of them has its own characteristics. Brassavol Orchid Characteristic Description Brassavolas Dark green fleshy leaves, whose length is 20 cm

The use of phytosporin for orchids

Growing orchids at home often requires their owners certain knowledge of care. The most difficult is plant rescue and disease prevention. Fitosporin for orchids can help with this. The use of phytosporin for orchids Characteristics of Fitosporin Phytosporin for orchids is a systemic microbiological fungicide

Description of orchid phalaenopsis big lip

Orchid Big Lip - a flower in appearance resembling a moth. The description of the orchid helps to understand the features of its cultivation and care. Description of orchid phalaenopsis big lip Orchid Description Phalaenopsis Big Lip bred botanists in Taiwan. The orchid is tender, amenable to injury, poorly overcomes transportation

Description of the Royal Orchid

The royal orchid has gained great popularity among gardeners due to its beautiful appearance. The plant reaches a height of 1 m. This is approximately two times greater than the maximum height of the usual variety of phalaenopsis. Description of the Royal Orchid Grade description Royal Phalaenopsis is the most common variety of home-grown orchids

Features of growing ghost orchids

In the modern world, there are hybrid types of flowers that grow without problems at home. Orchid ghost - one of these hybrids. Features of growing ghost orchids Grade description Phantom orchid is a perennial epiphytic species of the plant, growing without leaves, which is a feature of the flower. Orchids of this species are rare, therefore, they are not widespread among flower growers

Characteristic of burgundy orchid

Orchid - an exotic decorative flower, the largest family of monocotyledonous plants. There are many different species of this plant, which mainly differ in color and shape of flowers, one of them is burgundy orchid. Characteristic of burgundy orchid Description of burgundy orchids Orchid burgundy is a hybrid plant that appeared by artificially crossing other types of orchids

Home Care for the Phalaenopsis Mini Orchid

miniature varieties of orchids are bred by breeding. These are stunted plants that grow up to 15 cm in height. Mini phalaenopsis is a dwarf species with branchy peduncles. Orchid blooms twice a year. Cultivation is minimal: watering, fertilizing the soil and proper lighting. Home Care for the Phalaenopsis Mini Orchid Grade description Phalaenopsis mini orchid is smaller than other orchid species

Growing white orchids

White orchid is a symbol of masculinity. If you had a torn living culture, secret desires will come true, life will change for the better. The flower was planted back in ancient times, because the white orchid had the meaning of love, joy and wealth. Today, a butterfly flower has become an adornment of apartments and offices

Ways to combat aphids on an orchid

Orchid - a flower that requires proper care. The plant is attacked by thrips, ticks, worms and other parasites. One of the most common problems is aphids on an orchid, so it is important to know the causes of aphids and how to get rid of them at home. Ways to combat aphids on an orchid Reasons for the appearance Usually, aphids on orchids appear due to inappropriate conditions of maintenance: dry climate, lack or excess of useful trace elements