Planting onion seeds on greens

Growing onions has always been considered useful and accessible to every occupation. Not only that, the vegetable contains a huge amount of useful components, but also there is no difficulty in planting onion seeds on the greenery of the house. Often, the human body needs vitamins in the winter and spring, therefore, by this time, the proper supply of nutrients should be replenished. You can provide yourself with health by planting onions on time on greens, which, by the way, is much more useful than the onion itself.

Growing onions on greens from seeds

The best time for planting is considered to be early spring, the end of winter or autumn. The seeding rate will always be indicated in the instructions for the selected onion. Mostly planting occurs in 5-6 lines, leaving a distance of up to 20 cm. All seeds are pre-soaked and planted already in a "swollen" state. To find out how to best plant onions on greens from seeds and how to choose a suitable plot for growing, it is enough to give the following information a few minutes of time.

Growing onions from seeds

Growing green onions from seeds is a simple procedure, however, requiring special cultivation. The gardeners with experience assure that, despite the simplicity of the culture, it must be grown with the utmost seriousness, observing elementary rules.

  1. Soil should be prepared in the fall. Before planting, the soil must be loosened properly. For mulching use peat and humus. It is important to remember that onions from greens from seeds require high-quality and plentiful watering, weeding and periodic “loosening” of soil.
  2. Growing onions on greens from seeds will not be successful if you select a variety that is not suitable for you. Firstly, not everyone gives a feather with excellent taste characteristics, and secondly, there are onion seeds that are suitable for cultivation in certain regions and under certain weather conditions.
  3. The formation of onion bulbs on greens is not necessary, therefore, when harvesting, you should consider what to sow instead of green culture. Any vegetable seedlings are suitable, be it carrots or any kind of tomato.

Green onion from seeds is less prone to the harmful effects of parasites and infections, which is the main advantage of growing.

The best varieties of onions on greens

When choosing which is best to use onion seeds for greens, experts recommend paying attention to some varieties.

  1. Parade is a Dutch seed variety considered almost the best due to its high yield. The advantage of the variety is the rapid regrowth and the absence of a formed bulb. Grown greens can not become yellow for a long time, while maintaining a pleasant and delicate taste. The crop yield is up to 8 kg per 1 square. m. Sowing occurs in early spring and is carried out by seeds. Planting has a depth of up to 1.5 cm. To cover the site using a non-woven fabric, which can be removed after the first shoots. For growing a variety, it is important to maintain a distance from one vegetable crop to another: it is equal to 5 cm. Parade onion seeds perfectly take root in neutral soil with humus in the composition. Starting sowing, you need to make 35-40 g of fertilizer from nitrogen per square meter.
  2. Schnitt has a special aroma and delicate taste. A distinctive feature is a long and thin feather.
  3. Slime is in second place among the best varieties. Its main advantages are a feather of a wide and flat shape and pleased with delicate taste.
  4. Leek has abundant leaves and a specific taste, it can often be found grown in apartment conditions.
  5. Shallot - feather variety contains a huge amount of vitamin C and other useful components.
  6. Batun has an even feather. There are seeds of one and two year old species.

Each of the varieties is precocious, therefore it is better to plant seeds in the soil in which other vegetables were previously grown, whether it be a potato, tomato, bean crop. Landing occurs in the middle of spring. Growing green onion seeds of any variety in the fall, it is important to control the shelter of the beds with snow. Soil should be insulated with spruce branches.

Planting of the listed onion seeds on the greens begins with digging and compost compulsory addition to the soil. The beds should be made so that the furrow has a depth of a centimeter or two. In order to mark the landing, you can use chalk and mulch.

Seedling method of growing onions

Planting and growing crops can occur and seedlings. The best representatives of green onions for seedlings are considered to be varieties with a semi-sharp and sweet taste and Skvirsky seed variety. Before starting growing from seedlings, all seeds must be wetted or germinated in a film-type greenhouse. Germinating them, plant greenery to a depth of not more than 1 cm 2 months before the start of planting work in the ground. Sowing should be lowercase. The norm of sowing seeds is considered 20-25 g per 1 square. m

It is important to ensure that the temperature does not exceed 25 ° C before the first shoots. When the greens gradually begin to peck, the temperature must be reduced by 10 ° C, after which it is again increased to 20 ° C. It is important to ensure good ventilation and careful watering of the seedlings in the greenhouse. About 10 days before planting in open ground, you need to fully open the greenhouse.

The readiness of seedlings for the beginning of planting is determined by a height of up to 20 cm and the presence of 3-4 leaves. In order to provide the best adaptation to an unfamiliar area and the presence of a good pen, it is necessary to cut the leaves by a third before starting planting. The root system, in turn, is impregnated with a solution prepared by mixing clay with mullein. They begin to land in mid-April. Planting should also be lowercase, with row spacing up to 20 cm, the distance between seeds should not exceed 5 cm. Seeds should be planted to a depth of 4 cm. The soil near the planted crops is pressed to the roots.

Cultivation and cultivation

Despite the fact that growing seeds in this way causes a lot of controversy and sense, there is still an optimal option for planting in open ground. After the end of spring frosts, attention should be paid to top dressing, for which weed infusion can be used. The product is prepared quite simply: you just need to soak the weeds in warm water and leave to insist. Urea is also considered a good feeding option.

After waiting for the appearance of 4-5 feathers in green onions, you can proceed to the second top dressing. It is a mixture of a bucket of water with a spoonful of phosphorus and potassium. After thorough stirring, abundant watering with a solution of seeds occurs. All of these procedures are better in dry weather. If the soil does not differ in dehydration, then you need to place fertilizers in the aisle, not forgetting to loosen the soil. If fertilizers are applied by irrigation, then the greenery is not affected. To cause less harm to vegetables, water the crop in the evening.

Greenhouse cultivation

Onions from seeds to greens in the greenhouse should be properly selected. Often, choosing this method, when three feathers appear, the earth is always fertilized with humus or ash. When growing onions in a greenhouse, it is important to remember about regular feeding with an ash solution or nettle concentrate previously soaked in water. In addition to home feeding options, specialized goods from stores are also suitable.

In addition to high-quality top dressing, growing in a greenhouse should occur according to certain rules. The soil is always carefully loosened and gets rid of weeds.

You can grow high-quality onions only by controlling the amount of incoming moisture: watering should not be excessive and insufficient. Draft should not be allowed. Green onions are grown only under thermal conditions. It is important to eliminate diseased plants in a timely manner so that the infection does not switch to healthy planting of green onions. If there is no heating in the greenhouse, then sowing is carried out only after growing other vegetables. Growing green onions should occur with preliminary fertilizer with manure and compost, mineral fertilizing, after which the earth is loosened, mixed and leveled. Only dry bulbs should be used without large damage. They need to be planted in early October in order to ensure good “survival” before the winter.

Green onions are planted in rows, 2.5 cm backward. When the cold weather sets in, it is necessary to properly cover the ground with manure with straw. With the onset of spring, one must not forget to clear off the snow and remove the layer of insulation by tightening the greenhouse with a film. During the spring, they add a little mineral fertilizer to the culture: enough 15 g per 1 sq. Km. m. Watering should also be regular and moderate. The emergence of seedlings occurs in early May. In a heated greenhouse, onions are grown year-round, using peat or land from the garden, but do not forget about proper watering and special fertilizers. Onions can be grown in such conditions using additional lighting in winter, because the plant needs a 12-hour supply of light energy. It is better to arrange the lighting vertically in order to get the first fruits after 30 days.

How to grow onions in an apartment

An open large plot, greenhouses, a separate summer residence - not every person has all this. What to do if you want to grow a useful product, but the living conditions do not allow you to do this? The answer is simple: it's time to sow on the windowsill. For planting onions in an apartment environment, remember the following recommendations:

  1. Before sowing, be sure to moisten the seeds with water and pour a solution of potassium permanganate.
  2. Planting should be carried out, not exceeding a depth of a couple of cm, choosing a container with drainage.
  3. Onions at home are grown using a special soil mixture of vermicompost and coconut fiber.
  4. After sowing, the container should be covered with a film, which can only be removed after the first seedlings appear.

Usually 2 months pass before you manage to collect the first fruits of your activity. To ensure more active growth, it is necessary to water the crop abundantly in the summer heat and moderately in winter frosts. In general, onions for greens from seeds of any kind on the windowsill are grown according to the same principle as in greenhouse conditions.

To plant and grow onions on greens is not so difficult and even a novice in this business can afford. Following these tips, carefully observing the culture, it’s really possible not only to try delicious green fruits, but even to start a small family business. Nowadays, onions are grown in almost every house, so why don't you become one of the fans of this culture?


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