Pigeon repeller device

Pigeons have always been considered a symbol of peace and tranquility. With their help, before people sent messages to each other, used them as a source of food. To date, the situation has changed, and once once revered by all, the bird began to be equated with a slop rat. It’s quite unpleasant when the pigeon, spending half a day in the garbage can, then sits on the balcony and leaves its excrement there.

DIY pigeon repeller

The pigeon repeller is currently a pretty demanded thing, because the population of birds is growing every day and occupies more and more new territories, and meanwhile, the bird is a carrier of many diseases that are extremely dangerous for the human body.

Types of devices for repelling birds

There are many methods for controlling harmful birds. The most effective method that helps to reduce the number of parasites is poison. This way of getting rid of feathered by nature is not for everyone. Of the humane methods of controlling parasite birds, four main ones stand out:

  • scarers from improvised means;
  • ultrasound device;
  • bioacoustics;
  • laser repeller.

How to discourage birds from their homes?

Pigeon repeller can be made with your own hands from improvised means. There are many options for driving birds away from your balcony. The scaring away of birds is based on the properties of some objects and unpleasant sounds for bird hearing. Not every bird likes all kinds of shiny little things, pigeons are just one of them. If the pigeons are not very annoying, you can do with foil glued to the parapet or paint the balcony in a bright silver color.

A brilliant necklace can be made from unnecessary disks and hang in a favorite place for pests. Another method to discourage annoying tenants is to tie a line around the entire perimeter in the place where the flock usually lands. If you try to land the birds will become a hindrance to a mechanical obstacle, and they will be forced to change their location.

The sound pigeon repeller can be made from the tape of an old video cassette or tape cassette. It must be cut into equal parts and bundled. Such a simple mechanism will emit quiet rustling in the wind, which pigeons do not like at all. It is a well-known fact that birds have a high sensitivity to pungent odors, so often they use ordinary spices that are found in every kitchen to scare them away.

You can drive away pests by regularly watering them. Typically, spray guns are used for such purposes. The only negative is that you have to do the manipulation for more than one day. Often on the balcony, stuffed birds of prey are installed, which are enemies of pigeons in natural habitats.

It is also recommended to use landing knitting needles. They are easy enough to find in any store and they have an adhesive surface that allows you to attach them anywhere. Such a device simply will not allow pigeons to sit wherever they like.

How to make a scare device yourself

With your own hands, you can easily design a simple, but effective pigeon repeller. To do this, you will need:

  • scissors;
  • felt-tip pen;
  • wire;
  • foil;
  • smooth branch;
  • 2 liter plastic bottle

Using a felt-tip pen, markup should be made in the form of 4 letters C at a certain distance from each other. According to the marking, it is necessary to carefully cut out the upper blades and bend them out. To enhance the effect, foil should be glued to the blades. Through the lid you need to stretch the wire and fasten to the bottom. The second end is attached to the stick. Such a spinner will scare away birds from the balcony with its glare.

Ultrasound scare

Unfortunately, it is not always possible to do it yourself by constructing a pigeon repeller on your own. The ultrasonic pigeon repeller is used quite widely for brave birds from large areas. The area of ​​the device is up to 4 km. The mechanism emits a sound signal that only a bird can catch. The signals pass at such a frequency that the birds cannot get used to it and are forced to leave their homes.

The ultrasonic repeller is attractive in that it can be installed both indoors and outdoors, and the person will not be able to pick up the repelling sound at all. But among the many advantages there is a huge minus: with its prolonged use, a person begins to have pathological deviations in the work of organ systems.

Bioacoustic repellent systems

An electronic bird alarm recording device is called a bio-acoustic repeller. It can be designed for a certain species of birds, and can be universal. The device reproduces sounds that were recorded in real conditions through special moisture-resistant speakers, which allows you to use the device in any weather conditions. Used to scare away birds from:

  • a balcony;
  • architectural structures;
  • residential, office buildings;
  • food industry enterprises;
  • private households where domestic animals are bred.

Laser repellent systems

The operation scheme of the device is quite simple. The device accelerates birds with light radiation. The design is not automated, therefore, it requires constant human intervention. Most often it is used to scare away birds from huge areas such as the airport, wheat fields, etc.

The tool is good, but ineffective in the daytime. It is used for the most part in places where it is not practical to use bioacoustic or ultrasonic repellers.

How to choose the right scaring system: useful tips

To protect a private house with a small area from pests, it is recommended to purchase an ultrasonic repeller. To use such a system in a large open area, it is necessary to select a device with a high degree of climate protection. Bioacoustic systems will help get rid of pests on large objects and vast land.

In crowded places, it is recommended to use a combined scare system: use ultrasound, laser, bioacoustics one at a time. Some argue that ultrasound will be better, but do not forget that with prolonged use, people may experience health problems.

Why disperse the birds of the world?

To date, the number of street pigeons is too large. Uncontrolled feeding of pigeons in parks, at porches, on balconies leads to the spread of many infectious diseases. Pigeons living on the streets of cities spend most of their time in garbage cans, from where on their paws and wings they bring many different bacteria.

In places of accumulation of pigeons remain their waste products, which are simply teeming with all kinds of parasites. Birds can be carriers of such dangerous infections as:

  • rotovirus;
  • chlamydial pneumonia;
  • salmonellosis;
  • tularemia;
  • acute focal infection;
  • toxoplasmosis;
  • bacterial pseudotuberculosis.

This is not the whole list of diseases. In addition, birds very often raid sites and fields, destroying crops. When growing poultry or livestock, it is also important to ensure that pigeons do not fall into your yard, because you can lose half the livestock. And what are the damaged cars, cornices. Pigeon droppings literally eat up in the surface, and it is very difficult to wash it, and then bright spots still remain.

Conclusions, synthesis of information

To date, the situation in cities with pigeons is critical. Many state budgets have pledged money to exterminate these birds, because it is simply impossible to reduce their numbers in any other way. Over the long years of life, these birds are accustomed to living next to humans and are practically not afraid of anything, so sometimes it is quite difficult to push them away from their site or balcony, especially if an amateur lives nearby to feed any living creature and does not understand what causes this to inconvenience neighbors.

There are more humane methods to combat parasites. Due to the fact that pigeons completely ceased to be afraid of people, it is better to use several methods at once for greater efficiency. Birds negatively relate to bright things and pungent smells, so you can glue the parapets with foil or paint them in a bright color, as well as sprinkle seasonings everywhere. If the described methods of independent struggle have not been effective, then electronic, bio-acoustic or ultrasound systems that can be found in any store will always come to the rescue.


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