Phalaenopsis Mix Care

Home flowers not only decorate the room, but also serve as an additional source of oxygen. Orchids are popular residents of homes, because It’s easy to take care of them at home. One of their varieties, Phalaenopsis Mix, will delight the owner's eye for many years.

Phalaenopsis Mix

Grade description

Orchids Mix are perennial (6-9 years) evergreens that came to our region from the humid tropics of Japan. The main characteristics of the species:

  • direct shoot in a single copy and apical point of germination;
  • long, wide green leaves with round ends, growing in 2 rows;
  • short stalk;
  • 2-3 flowering branches on each plant.

Color, shape and size vary, depending on the variety: there are green, white, pink, yellow specimens with multi-colored blotches, round or oval. Their size is from 2 to 15 cm. In height, the Phalaenopsis Mix reaches from 30 cm to 1 m.


The key point is the selection of soil for Phalaenopsis Mix. Its development and growth depends on this.


The substrate is the fertile soil for the variety. It is purchased ready-made or prepared independently. When making a purchase, take into account the size of the plant, the volume of flower capacity, climatic conditions. The composition of the substrate must be present tree bark. Polyfoam is usually used as drainage; moss helps from overdrying the soil.

The flower pot is suitable transparent and small, because the plant prefers crowding. The distance between the roots and the edges of the container is 3 cm. Landing is carried out in moist soil.

Seed planting

With this method of propagation, the flower grows after 5 years. To accelerate the process, it is required to maintain the greenhouse effect.

Nutrient tubes are pre-sterilized. Seeds also need bleaching. Using a pipette, they are placed in a container with a substrate, tightly closed and put on germination in a dark place. The temperature in it should be in the region of 18-24 ° C.

Sprout planting

The method involves reproduction by planting stem children that appear on peduncles and roots. Before transplanting, their root system should grow well and have 3-5 roots of 5 cm and 3-5 leaves.

The cut sprout is allowed to rest for 2-3 hours. After it is planted in moist soil.

Care Rules

Mix - flowers come from tropical forests, so when grown at home, they need proper care.

The temperature in summer should be at least 22 ° C, in winter - 2-3 ° C less. Humidification is mandatory (except for the flowering period): a draft will cause a flower disease.

The frequency of watering depends on the size: large Phalaenopsis Mix is ​​irrigated 1 or 2 times a week, small - more often, alternating watering with drying the soil.

Means of nutrition are different: directly watering in a pot, installing in a container with water, a warm shower.

The orchid needs good lighting, especially during the growth period, but direct sunlight can cause leaf burns, so it is important to provide shading and periodically turn the pot over.

Top dressing with special fertilizers is carried out between flowering processes. You can not feed sick, sluggish specimens.

Transplantation is carried out no more than once every 1.5-2 years. The roots of the flower are fragile, therefore, all actions are performed with caution. Dry roots are cut off, the place of cut is sprinkled with wood bark.

Phalaenopsis Mix Care

Diseases and Pests

Disease control

With improper care, the phalaenopsis mix can become ill. Among the most popular ailments are:

  • Suppuration. The plant is removed from the container, the damaged areas are cut off, after which the flower is transplanted into a new pot. Then the orchid is rearranged in a dark place and is not watered for some time.
  • The appearance of dark spots. In this case, the phalaenopsis flower mix is ​​moved to a cool place.

The appearance of dry leaves is associated with the flower reaching old age. If he is still young, the cause of yellowing is temperature changes or improper wetting of the substrate.

Pest control

Mix orchid leaves are regularly inspected for insects. Ways of struggle:

  • the invasion of the scale insect is easy to recognize by spots on leaves and larvae that have been placed - rubbing the orchids with a soap solution and removing the insects (they are mostly hidden in rosettes) with cotton swabs;
  • with aphid damage, the phalaenopsis leaves are treated with chemical solutions (they can be bought at any specialized store) every day, while the soil is covered with polyethylene;
  • spider mites and worms are eliminated with the help of the preparations "Neoron", "Fitoverm".


Phalaenopsis Mix requires care according to all the rules, which helps to avoid problems with his health and pest attacks. Excessive humidity is just as harmful as its absence. A regular examination of the orchid allows you to identify an ailment in the embryo, which increases the chances of recovery.


Orchid phalaenopsis Mix will decorate any house with its exotic look and live in it for many years. You can grow it yourself or purchase it in a flower shop. The owner is only required to provide gentle care.


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