Pear condensed milk is an unprecedented treat

Compote, juice, jam, jam, confiture, jam, pastille, candied fruit, drying are prepared from pears for the winter. These fruits are pickled (even without sterilization), soaked in jars and barrels. They are added to “salted” adjika-type salads. Is this not enough for you? Try making condensed milk from pears. The recipes that you read below will allow you to weld a small, “trial” jar. And there - how to fall in love!

Classic pear condensed milk recipe


  • Pears - 500 g (already peeled)
  • Milk - 300 ml (fatter, you can even take whole village milk or cream)
  • Sugar - 300 g
  • Soda - 1 pinch

The taste of this workpiece at the same time resembles "Toffee" of boiled condensed milk and pear jam. The only flaw of this puree is that in order to get the caramel flavor and the correct density, you need to boil the pears for a long time. You can speed up the preparation by replacing part of the usual liquid milk with dried milk.


By the way! If you found this recipe out of season and really want to try it, but you have only frozen pears, this is not scary. They are also suitable for condensed milk.

  • Peel the pears, first removing the middle, and then the peel.

  • Mix the pieces with sugar. Leave the pan for 10 minutes, letting the pears let the juice go.

  • Boil for about 20 minutes.

  • Add soda. She will immediately give a plentiful foam.

  • Now pour in the milk. When everything boils, the jam will immediately foam and try to escape - even in a small amount, the milk will behave as usual. From this point on, mashed potatoes need to be cooked only on low heat and under supervision. It’s best not to cover the pan with a lid. Remove the foam.

  • After that, boil this smelling of caramel mass for 2 to 4 hours, on the slowest fire (preferably on the divider), without a lid. But if there is no time, you can finish cooking already in 30-40 minutes. Condensed milk will smell caramel, but will still be liquidish. As a filling for pies, this does not work, but as a watering for desserts and ice cream - in full. It is curious: pear jam, before it is golden, before it becomes caramel brown, it can acquire an interesting purple hue.

  • When the jam thickens, you need to grind it with a blender.

  • After that, return the pan to the stove for a couple of minutes (the density is correct if the mashed potatoes do not boil, but “stick” or “spit”). Then roll it into a jar and, turning and covering, wait for cooling.

The output depends on the boiling time. If you cook for a short time and get a liquid caramel, there will be 500 ml. If you cook for about 3 hours and evaporate the liquid to the maximum, a 300 ml jar will be needed for the finished condensed milk from pears.

It is worth storing such a workpiece in a cool and dark place. Say, in the basement, and if not, in the refrigerator.

Pear puree with condensed milk of the “Sissy” type


  • Pears - 1.5 kg (unpeeled)
  • Sugar - 50-70 g
  • Condensed milk - 130 g (approximately 0.3 cans)
  • Soda - ¼ tsp
  • Water - 2 tbsp. l (boiling water)

This puree is so named because it tastes and texture is tender, just cloudy. To make it as angelic as possible, not only the core, but also the peel must be cut from each pear. However, saving time (especially if you have a blender in your hands), you can leave the peel. Her small pieces will come across in the finished jam, but will not spoil it.


Condensed milk is important to buy high-quality, made in accordance with GOST.

And besides, white chocolate (half a pack of the highest quality), a bag of vanilla sugar, that is 10 g, a slice of natural cocoa butter, cinnamon, are added to this condensed jam. The last spice can be added either in a ground form, or with a stick (it is boiled, and removed before jam is rolled into jars).

  • Clean the washed pears from the middle. Then they can be left in slices or cut into smaller pieces - this is not essential.

  • Put pieces of pear in a pan (if traditional jam is cooked in a thick-walled dish, then any pan with a volume of 2 liters or more will be suitable for this puree).

  • Pour a little boiling water. Boil the pears under the lid over low heat. Our goal is to soften all the pieces. This will take about 20-30 minutes.

  • Now pears need to be mashed with a blender. If you want to make it even more tender, instead, you can rub the whole mass through a sieve while it is hot. If there is neither a blender nor a sieve, you need to peel the pears in advance, and grind them with a crush after boiling.

  • Return the pan to the stove and add soda. The puree immediately begins to foam and boil. In the photo is just the beginning of this process, then the pears went up to the walls of the pan and even tried to “run away”, so you don’t need to leave the stove - you should be prepared to reduce the heat as much as possible and immediately begin to stir the mashed potatoes. By the way! Soda is an optional ingredient. It is added so that condensed milk (if you come across not too high quality) does not curl.

  • Now it’s the turn of condensed milk.

  • After cooking the pear puree for 5 minutes, you need to add sugar. Despite the fact that condensed milk and pears are sweet in themselves, it is the addition of sugar that makes the taste of the prepared puree balanced (but not cloying). Plus, sugar is a preservative.

  • When the puree with sugar boils, pour it into sterile jars, seal and refrigerate it upside down, under a “fur coat.” The photo shows the difference in color between this “Sissy” (prepared with a peel) and pear condensed milk and fruit.

  • And here is what the chilled condensed milk looks like.

The photo shows a 300 ml jar. Another 200 ml of condensed milk went into a vase, hitting immediately on the table.

Store pear "Sissy" is better in a cold place such as a cellar. But it’s better to put the jar in the refrigerator - after all, it contains milk.

Ready condensed milk from pears is thick. It can be served as jam (in a vase or in the form of sandwiches). Also, it is suitable as a filling for pies, a layer of cakes. Finally, pancakes can be missed with such condensed milk, pancakes will be delicious with it, and a spoon or two of this puree (plus a leaf of fresh mint) will perfectly complement a portion of ice cream or other white ice cream.


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