Outdoor planting of cucumbers

In order for the plants to grow and develop correctly, it is necessary to carry out the herding of cucumbers in the open ground. There are some nuances of its implementation, but if the procedure is carried out correctly, you can significantly increase the amount of yield.

Outdoor planting of cucumbers

What is pinching

2 seeds are put in one hole, if both germinate, then one of them is immediately removed. Those that remain are usually simply tied to a wire or guided in the right direction along the bed.

We can say that a cucumber is a vine, it itself is fixed to a natural or specially established support. In order for the plant to develop correctly and well, they carry out a pinching procedure.

Stepsons are extra shoots that take away useful substances and moisture from a plant.

It is believed that a stepson 25-30 cm long can reduce the amount of yield by 1 kg. Therefore, they resort to the procedure of pinching - removing unnecessary ovaries. There are different ways of carrying it out, they are used both when growing vegetables in a greenhouse, and when growing in open ground.

When cucumbers stepchild

In order for the procedure to well affect the plants, you need to know how to pinch cucumbers in the open ground. You can start when the plant has already reached 5-6 cm in height. Doing this earlier does not make sense. If you are late, you can lose fruit, since the plant will spend resources only on the development of stepsons, not fruits.

We stepson a cucumber on a bed in the open ground in the first week of July. But if you carry out the procedure later, you need to leave a couple of shoots that will bear fruit when the main stem dries out and increases the harvesting time of the vegetable. If the procedure is carried out correctly, the cucumbers will ripen earlier and will bear fruit better.

Varieties with one stem do not need pinching, varieties with many female flowers and species with a large lush bush.

The rules for pinching cucumbers

If the vegetable is grown in the open field, it is necessary to pinch it. In order for the result to be positive, you must observe one of two types of pinching:

  1. Remove excess shoots, leaving one main stem that will bear fruit. This method is effective if the cucumbers are planted close and the branches are arranged vertically. This will simplify harvesting and give the bed a more well-groomed appearance.
  2. The second way is to remove the stepsons to 5-6 sheets. The plant will bear fruit better, and the bush will acquire a well-groomed, lush look. But you need to make pinching of the top in time to form shoots with female flowers.

Method one

Extra processes can simply break off

Before you begin stepsonovka, you need to know that the main stalk forms male flowers, and on the neighboring ones, female flowers grow. Therefore, when a bush is planted, you need to take care of the conditions for the development of side branches.

You can start when the plant has reached a length of 6-7 cm. On young shoots, extra shoots can be removed without special tools.

If the plants grow at a short distance and wrap themselves around a vertical structure, then it is better to remove all shoots, except for one main stem.

Second way

If the vegetable grows horizontally, you need to remove the shoots to the first 5-6 leaves. When 5-6 sheets grow, the procedure is carried out in a different way. On the shoots on the side there is one leaf and one ovary, the main shoot is pinched.

When 8-10 leaves grow, the shoots that are in their sinuses are nipped again, but you need to leave two leaves and two ovaries. When the 11th leaf appears, you need to remove all the processes, leaving only three ovaries and three leaves.

As a rule, when the 11th leaf grows, the plant is already quite high. If it is tied, you need to let the main stela grow another 50 cm, when new fruits are tied, cut off the top.

After this, you need to inspect the plant, if new processes appear, then immediately remove them. You can not spare them, as these are extra shoots that give an additional load on the main stem.

Stepson scheme

One of the common schemes for pinching cucumbers:

  • the main stem is conditionally divided into 4 equal parts;
  • from the first you need to remove the shoots that are in the sinuses of 4 leaves;
  • in the next part you need to leave one ovary and one leaf;
  • in the third part, leave two sheets and two ovaries;
  • on the fourth part it is necessary to leave three ovaries and three leaflets.

When the first fruits begin to appear on the stem, you need to pinch the main growth point and leave only the processes on the side. It is advisable to remove unnecessary shoots earlier, so that the plant receives more nutrients, and its growth is accelerated.

If the vegetable has already grown, special scissors or a knife are needed. They must be well sharpened, and the procedure is carried out very carefully so as not to damage the main stem.

How to extend fruiting

In order for the cucumbers to bear fruit longer, to remove the leaves, which also turned yellow and the stepchildren who bear fruit. But it is also impossible to remove the sheets before the first cucumber. The main stem must be exposed as necessary. Under the first cucumber should be at least 1-2 leaves. To fruiting lasted a long time, you need to form one strong trunk, remove stepsons and do not pinch the top. As the stalk is exposed, curl it in loops. But you need to remember that with this method, the vegetable will bear fruit longer, but the number of cucumbers will be less than usual.


The cucumber herding is an important but painstaking step in growing vegetables. But its correct conduct contributes to good fruiting. Various methods are used, but there are varieties that do not need it.

If you correctly follow the above tips, remove the extra shoots in time, the fruits will ripen earlier, and the harvest will be plentiful.


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