Organization of turkey farm

Turkey farm is a solution for those who want to do business and love birds. If you want a turkey farm not to bring you only loss, you need to correctly draw up a business plan. Doing everything right, even a turkey from a small farm can bring considerable income. Such a bird as a turkey has delicious dietary meat, which makes them popular among buyers, and heavyweight birds can hatch a hundred eggs, which also favorably affects earnings.

Organization of turkey farm

Already at the age of 5 months, birds reach from 12 kg (females) to 25 kg (males), which allows us to call the cultivation of turkeys a profitable business. Farm products are always valued better than plenty of plenty in stores. After all, the meat grown and mined from the farm is not crammed with chemicals and antibiotics. Before you start organizing your business, you can consult other experienced breeders, see photos and videos, how best to organize the whole process and which breed is best for your home breeding.

The basis of a turkey farm

Turkeys and the farm, as well as the preparation of a business plan, always begin with an explanatory note. It is necessary to indicate the relevance of your activity in it, first conduct an analysis of the demand for manufactured products and turkeys from the farm, and identify possible consumers. In addition, in the explanatory note it is necessary to mention other farms with farmed turkeys located nearby and describe the possible prospects of your business.

During the development of a plan for the work and promotion of a turkey business for 1, 000 birds, it is necessary to work in more detail with the main part of the plan. How much money will be spent by you at the very beginning of the development of your own business depends on a properly designed main part. This part of the turkey raising business plan consists of several points.

Erection turkey

  • The construction of an aviary.
  • Purchase an incubator for turkey products.
  • Purchase females and eggs for incubation.
  • The acquisition of nutrition.

Building a room

To build a room for a turkey, you need to determine the area, which by standards should be at least 500 square meters. m. The site should not be swampy, it is better that it is well-lit and located away from residential buildings. For construction, it is best to use brick or wood, and build a roof using slate or tile. If the cash costs do not allow at this stage to begin the construction of such a large plot and other buildings, then you can try to rent a plot.

If you already have a ready-made site where chickens or geese were previously raised, then it can also be redone for maintenance. The main thing is to completely restore the room and to disinfect it well several times. For livestock in comfortable conditions for them, in winter, turkey poultry must be insulated from all sides. For the flock to breathe fresh air, a ventilation system is needed. And if you need additional lighting, it is recommended to use modern LED lamps, which are known for their efficiency.

Aviary for birds

The birds in the aviary should be comfortable

An aviary for a turkey is a place where individuals can safely walk and graze. For a hassle-free exit to the street, the enclosure must be built close to the house, and in one of the walls to equip the exit, most often use the south side of the house, with which birds can freely enter the territory of the enclosure. The pen is fenced with a net (netting), the height of which is at least 1.5 meters. This is done so that the turkeys do not fly away, since these birds also have wings and some breeds can fly perfectly. Do not forget to take care of the canopy so that the turkeys can calmly go out even in inclement weather. If it is warm in the summer, but precipitation is expected, then the canopy helps the birds to walk in bad weather.

Incubator purchase

This item is indicated in the business plan only if the farmer has enough starting capital. If there is no money to buy an incubator at the beginning of the development of a turkey business, then use a brood hen. An incubator is not a mandatory item that must be bought immediately, it can be purchased after a time when the funds will appear. When purchasing an incubator, it is best to purchase one that has the automatic egg turning function. Otherwise, the farmer will have to turn the eggs on his own around the clock at the appropriate time. Before buying, you can study various forums where breeders also communicate with each other, who can recommend some company to a good incubator.

Purchase turkey poultry and eggs for hatchery

At this point, everything is clear, for a turkey business, you need to buy turkey or eggs to start growing. Eggs should have a smooth surface, not be damaged. If you are buying young animals, then see that the individuals are apparently healthy and active. The chicks should have a clear view. Ask when these turkeys appeared and how they were sick. A responsible and honest seller must provide all the information you are interested in.

Purchasing Nutrition for Turkeys

The farm turkey must eat thoroughly and balanced, only in this case you can count on getting high-quality meat and eggs. Nutrition is what will constantly withdraw funds from your capital. Establishing contact with wholesale food suppliers for your birds is the best option; this option will cost you less and more conveniently. To draw up a plan, to ensure proper nutrition of birds, it is necessary to take into account the fact that the average rate of feed, which is necessary for one turkey per day, is 0.3 kg. If the farm is planning 1000 heads, for 5 months of farm operation, you need 45, 000 kg of feed.


The profitability of the farm for the production of turkey, even mini farms should pay off. Take the average calculation, because the price may differ by the number of goals and the project as a whole, depending on the region of residence. The price also varies from breed and gender to turkeys.

A correctly drawn up business plan necessarily has several points, thanks to which you can approximately determine how long it will take for all the invested funds to be returned, and it will also make it clear how much a turkey business will be economically beneficial for you.

If you will acquire new sites for your project and install expensive equipment, then the price will be higher. It is easier if the novice breeder already has some kind of site and skills, since raising birds requires certain knowledge. Equipment for the first time can be rented until you get a good and stable profit from the turkey farm.

Expected Expenses

Think over all expense items

In this paragraph of the plan, you are required to describe all the costs that are required to grow turkeys and to maintain the farm as a whole. A turkey poultry farm and its price will be calculated in the middle ranges.

Approximate costs in rubles

  • Construction of a turkey poultry with lighting, ventilation system, insulation, equipped with drinking bowls and feeders, nests - 100 000 rubles.
  • Aviary with a canopy - 5, 000 rubles.
  • Turkeys (young) - 1000 goals - 150 000 rubles.
  • Food - for a thousand birds for 5 months - 450, 000.
  • Veterinary manipulations and drugs - 1, 500.
  • The cost of electricity for the entire economy is 35, 000.
  • Transport - 12, 000.
  • The other is 20, 000.

We can summarize and safely say that at the initial stage (1 year) of a turkey business, the average investment amount will be 828, 500 rubles, further, depending on how successful the case is, the waste can decrease by 170, 000 rubles .

Expected income

The plan indicates not only the costs that this business requires, but also indicates the approximate income, taking into account all possible risks and the profitability of the business. To begin with, it is recommended to conduct negotiations with prospective consumers, study the level of production for the number of goals that are ready to permanently purchase products from you, and conclude a cooperation agreement. In addition, you need to determine what proportion of all products produced at your farm will be sold through the market network. You should start by figuring out the possible volume of product that you plan to get through growing turkeys.

Further, using the coefficient of possible mortality, which is 10%, it can be assumed that in 150 days meat and offal of 900 turkeys will be ready for sale. If in each bird there will be 6 kg of pure natural dietary meat, then the total mass of meat ready for sale will be 5400 kg. Now you can calculate the estimated income from the sale of meat (thousand rubles): 200x5400 = 1080. And from the sale of offal you can get 24.5 rubles. Therefore, according to the information on the indicated chick plan, it can be said that after 5 months of operation of a turkey farm with 1000 birds, an income of 1104.5 thousand rubles can be obtained through the sale of meat products.

The profit that goes to you personally is 276, 000 rubles (1104.5 - 828.5 = 276). In the coming years, the amount of income will increase, since the funds that will be given in basic expenses will decrease by approximately 170, 000 rubles, and the amount of net profit may be about 446, 000 rubles. For additional income, you can not only sell turkey meat and offal, but also sell hatching eggs, the price of which is about 100 rubles per piece, and sell daily poultry - about 150 rubles per chick.

Perspectives of Turkey Business

A competent businessman, so that his business is not a failure, describes all the prospects of his business. Also in the turkey business, the farmer is recommended to draw up a plan of prospects for several years, which will allow to deal with problems and shortcomings, as well as to correctly distribute the money, so as not to wane. For this type of business, you need to hire people who will help you, look after and keep an eye on the birds, since even in free grazing turkeys, you need at least 2 people who will monitor the safety of the flock.

After some time, you will need to build a room in which food will be stored, various materials for bedding and more. Also, it is necessary to allocate funds to build an insulator, where sick turkeys, dangerous for their relatives, will live. Also, it is worth considering the fact that the presence on the farm of its own slaughterhouse attracts serious consumers of meat products, which also affects the positive dynamics of your business.


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