Mustard solution from Colorado potato beetle

Mustard from Colorado potato beetle is the safest way to deal with harmful insects. Today, there are many chemicals on sale that can be used against the Colorado potato beetle, but they are not safe for the environment and for people. Acetic acid and ground mustard seeds are an effective method that does not have a toxic effect, and is not inferior to chemicals in its effectiveness and allows you to get rid of insects in a short period of time.

Mustard solution from Colorado potato beetle

Insect characterization

Colorado potato beetle is an insect with an oval body, a convex head and short paws. A characteristic feature of this insect are black strips on the back, which makes it easy to identify it among other harmful insects.

The Colorado potato beetle is characterized by brutal appetite, especially they like young potato leaves, as well as foliage of other nightshade crops. A great threat to potatoes is not so much adult individuals as insect larvae. If you do not take measures to destroy them, then two weeks from the moment the first seedlings appear, they can destroy almost all the planted potatoes.

A feature of the Colorado potato beetle is its adaptation to chemical agents. Pests have a strong immunity to chemicals, so mustard and vinegar against Colorado potato beetles are an actual method of protecting potato bushes. For such components, striped insects from Colorado do not develop immunity.

The principle of the solution

Mustard itself does not act against insects, does not destroy them. The effect of using mustard seed powder is that it is the mustard flavor that the Colorado potato beetle does not like and they will not put on potato bushes that have a mustard flavor. Therefore, mustard for striped insects is a repellent, a plant that allows you to get rid of the pest by a deterrent effect, causing intolerance.

Benefits of using

  • scaring away adult insects and larvae;
  • processed potato leaves become unattractive as food;
  • mustard is combined with any, both components of chemical and plant origin, which are used in agro-technical methods of struggle against the Colorado potato beetle.

Along with mustard powder, vinegar is also used, which is added to the prepared mustard liquid.

The substance has a harsh acidic taste and a specific odor. Using this fluid, you must be very careful and accurate, since contact with the substance can be dangerous to humans.

Precautionary measures

  1. It is forbidden to bring vinegar close to the front and take sharp breaths, because burns of the respiratory tract, nasopharynx and mucous membranes, including the eyes, can occur.
  2. Do not get a bite in undiluted form on the skin, because you can also get a burn. Also dangerous is the ingress of liquid on scratches or wounds on the surface of the skin.

Vinegar acts on insects in a different way, a strong concentration of this agent enters the body of the insect and expels its insides. The concentration of vinegar liquid should be 9-10%, so that there is no damage to potato shoots.

Solution preparation

Correctly breed mustard

How to poison the Colorado potato beetle with mustard and vinegar, how many grams of crushed mustard seeds and vinegar are needed to prepare protective products? Experienced gardeners are advised to use several methods of preparing such fluids. Types of solutions in the fight against a pest can be different, depending on the degree of damage to potato shoots. You can use a bite and crushed mustard seeds in a certain amount, or each component separately, you can also add other agents to them, both of chemical origin and folk.

Cooking methods

  1. Pour three tablespoons of chopped mustard seeds into cold water (1 liter) and leave for several days. Then the mixture should be diluted with a bucket of water and spray the plants.
  2. Pour similar proportions of water and ground mustard seeds with hot water or boiling water. Such a mixture will be prepared much faster, since mustard dissolves much faster in boiling water.
  3. To prepare a suspension, add 4-6 tablespoons of mustard powder to one liter of water, and then, after insisting, dilute with water to prepare a spray liquid.
  4. Mustard liquid will be more effective if you add 50 grams of chopped laundry soap to it.
  5. A tool based on mustard powder will be more effective if you add 100 milliliters of vinegar essence.

To get rid of pests, such protective liquid products can be used both for spraying and for watering.

There are also several options for preparing a solution with vinegar.

The most effective way

  • a bucket of cold water;
  • 100 grams of vinegar and turpentine;
  • 400 silt tinctures from onion peel;
  • a pack of ground mustard seeds;
  • 2 glasses of tincture of wormwood;
  • chopped two heads of garlic.

Mix all components thoroughly. The liquid is ready for spraying potato shoots. Before spraying, the mixture must be filtered.

Other ways to fight

Mustard against the Colorado potato beetle is used not only in the form of solutions, but also in other versions. A good effect is given by such methods:

  1. Sprinkle potato leaves with mustard seed powder, this will allow you to get rid of the striped insect for four days, then this treatment should be repeated.
  2. Sow mustard seeds between potato bushes. Growing mustard is also intolerant to insects, as are protective mixtures, or mustard powder. Gardeners recommend sowing mustard seeds between potato bushes in a diagonal way.

It is worth noting that the planted mustard seeds help to remove, in addition to the striped insect, its larvae. Also, the proximity of potatoes and mustard plants is becoming unattractive for the wireworm.


There are a number of recommendations that need to be considered in the process of preparing protective liquid products from mustard powder and vinegar in the fight against harmful insects. Compliance with such rules will help ensure high efficiency of drug use and preserve potato harvest.


  1. It is necessary to process potato plantations in the evening, when it is not so hot outside. Also, spraying is recommended in warm weather, without wind.
  2. For effective treatment, a lot of protective fluid should be used, do not be afraid to overdo it with its volume, since the more plentiful the plants are processed, the greater the probability of preserving the future crop.
  3. It is very important to control the regularity of spraying and irrigation and to monitor the duration of their action.
  4. Three weeks before the estimated potato harvesting date, processing should be discontinued.
  5. With a solution with the addition of vinegar essence, it is better to process the plants, and not to water them.

With mixtures prepared only on the basis of mustard powder, plants can be either sprayed with potato shoots or watered under bushes.


Sometime in the future, a universal remedy will be developed that will destroy the striped insect from Colorado and will be safe for both cultivated plants and humans. Today, among all preparations of chemical production, such a tool does not exist. Therefore, to remove the pest from the beds, beetroot mustard can be used with the addition of acetic acid.


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