Using Blackberry Mushroom

There are many varieties of mushrooms. The blackberry mushroom includes about 15 subspecies that differ in appearance and habitat. Some of them actively bear fruit in a temperate climate. Using Blackberry Mushroom Mushroom Characterization A feature of the species is the appearance of the hymenophore

What do the blueberry mushrooms look like?

One of the interesting natural representatives is the blue foot mushroom, which in the scientific world is called the rank of the lilac-legged for its characteristic leg color. What do the blueberry mushrooms look like? Description of appearance The row of the blue foot, or two-color, is distinguished by its unusual appearance

Edible gray rowing

Mushrooms from the Ryadovkov family are highly regarded by mushroom pickers. Rowing gray has an inconspicuous appearance, but good taste. Inexperienced mushroom pickers often confuse an edible mushroom with a poisonous row. They differ in appearance and smell. Edible gray rowing What does a mushroom look like Ryadovka gray has the name Myshata, Ryadovka streaky, Pozodelnika, Podsosnovik, Serushka

Mushrooms of the Lipetsk region

Every year, mushroom pickers are waiting for the start of the season to go on a quiet hunt. Edible mushrooms of the Lipetsk region are one of the best representatives. Mushrooms of the Lipetsk region Varieties of mushrooms in the Lipetsk region Edible mushrooms in the Lipetsk region: White mushrooms

August mushroom picking

Edible mushrooms are harvested in August when a huge number of their varieties appear from the ground. August mushroom picking Porcini White mushroom belongs to the genus Borovikov. It is most valuable among all species. Even the most cultivated mushroom in the world - champignon - cannot compete with it: white belongs to the first category of nutritional value, and champignon - to the second

Mushroom picking in Vladimir region

Mushrooms of the Vladimir region are diverse and numerous. From the end of May until November in this area you can find a plentiful crop of these plants. Mushroom picking in Vladimir region Alexandrovsky district The Aleksandrovsky district is located in the northwestern part of the Vladimir region and borders on the map with the Shchelkovo district of the Moscow region, Pereslavl district of Yaroslavl, as well as several Vladimir regions

Mushrooms in the Omsk region

Russia is rich in mushroom places, one of which is the Omsk region. Mushrooms in the Omsk region will please with a variety of species. Studying the map of the region will allow mushroom pickers from Omsk to collect a good crop. Mushrooms in the Omsk region Features of the area Omsk region is characterized by such features: fertile soil is rich in humus; deciduous, coniferous forests are located on its territory, but not too dense; the abundance of torrential rains provides constant soil moisture; a lot of sunshine

Mushroom picking in the Saratov region

Mushrooms of the Saratov region come in many different types. From noble whites to camelina and russula. At the same time, there are a lot of mushroom places. Mushroom picking in the Saratov region The area is divided into 2 parts by the Volga River. The focus of forest stands is on the right bank. There are more deciduous trees

What is mushroom mushroom

Mushroom mushroom green or any other species is a close relative of boletus, which grows in deciduous and coniferous forests. Most often it is found in moss, hence the name came from. About 18 species of this fungus are counted, almost all of them are edible, except for some false varieties. What is mushroom mushroom General description of the fungus What does a mushroom mushroom look like and how is it classified

Map of mushroom places in the Tambov region

Not everywhere mushroom pickers will be able to collect the desired crop. Finding out where mushrooms grow in abundance in the Tambov region is easy. Map of mushroom places in the Tambov region Tambov from all sides is surrounded by mixed forests (403 thousand ha). When the mushroom season comes, a large number of tourists go on a “hunt”. Th

Mushroom picking in Belgorod region

Mushrooms of the Belgorod region please with variety and widespread. Here there is a large number of edible species, the use of which is good for health. According to the consulting company In-Con, Belgorod Oblast is considered the leader in the collection and processing of mushrooms. Mushroom picking in Belgorod region Shebekinsky district In the Belgorod Shebekinsky district, located in the eastern part of the region, mixed and deciduous forests are found in their territories with brown boletus, boletus boletus, porcini mushrooms and russula

Oak mushroom

Oak mushroom is a conditionally edible thermophilic mushroom that is found in the Russian Federation only in the Leningrad Region, the Caucasus, the Far East and Siberia. Oak mushroom The appearance of the mushroom The description of the three species of oak tree mushroom is generally similar, with the exception of some differences characteristic only of its varieties

Description of mushroom Serushka

Mushroom Serushka is one of the most popular among gourmets and lovers. It is common in birch groves and in the north, including in Siberia. Due to the caustic milky juice in the composition, the silver ear is considered conditionally edible. Description of mushroom Serushka Description The mushroom has a rich gray color, which is reflected in its name

Characteristics of autumn

Autumn honey agaric is a mushroom that is often found in the forest in all climatic zones, except for areas with severe permafrost. It grows in large clusters on stumps, near old trees, and sometimes near bushes. Characteristics of autumn The appearance of the mushroom After the summer heat, a late mushroom appears at the foot of the trees

Characteristics of the winter mushroom mushroom (flammulin)

Winter mushrooms belong to the family of edible mushrooms Ryadovkov. They begin to grow from the end of summer, they are collected in the winter, even from under the snow. The winter mushroom has several names: velvet-legged flammulin and winter mushroom. Characteristics of the mushroom winter honey agaric Description of the appearance of the mushroom According to the description, the caps have a diameter of 2 to 10 cm

Does the mushroom turn blue

Sometimes in the forests there are mushrooms growing in areas overgrown with moss. These are Mokhoviki belonging to the genus Boletovs. They got the name due to the place of growth. There are species unsuitable for eating. To make sure whether the fungus found is edible, the flywheel turns blue on the cut or not

What mushrooms grow in the Tula region

A walk through the forest brings not only pleasure, but also benefits. To pick mushrooms in the Tula region begin in May and end in late autumn. Mushrooms in the Tula region Edible mushrooms of the Tula region In the forest under last year’s leaves, mushrooms of Tula and the Tula region find edible plants: morels; lines; May; mulberries; field champignons; birch sponges.

June mushroom harvest in the suburbs

The Moscow region has favorable soil for the growth of pecheriki. Mushrooms in June in the suburbs pamper with their variety: brown boletus, boletus, white. As well as other, no less tasty varieties. June mushroom harvest in the suburbs Butter They are distinguished by a convex or round shape, a yellow hue

Map of mushrooms of the Voronezh region

Mushrooms in the Voronezh region are characterized by productivity. Their collection is a popular activity among locals and visitors. Going along a simple route and collecting a basket of delicious fruits will work out if you know where and what to look for. Map of mushrooms of the Voronezh region Features of the Voronezh region The region is located in the southeast of the country

What mushrooms are harvested in the Stavropol Territory

Mushrooms of the Stavropol Territory are harvested throughout the season. Mushrooms of the Stavropol Territory Description of mushrooms Mushroom pickers begin picking spring mushrooms in May and finish in late October, under favorable weather conditions, in November. Before going to the forest, it is important for a beginner to take time to study the description of the characteristics and types of forest plants

Summer mushrooms: description, dangerous doubles

Honey mushrooms are appreciated for their taste and versatility. The problem is that they have dangerous doubles. The most poisonous is a false summer honey agaric. Insidious false eyelids are similar to their edible counterparts, so cases of poisoning are not uncommon. To prevent this from happening, it is imperative to study the types of poisonous doubles

Mushrooms in the Tver region

Gather mushrooms in the Tver region after the first rains. Forest delicacies of these places are distinguished by excellent taste and variety. Before gathering, beginners need to prepare - find out where the mushroom places in Tver are, how to distinguish edible mushrooms from poisonous ones, which are suitable for drying and which are suitable for hot dishes

Features of the Assumption mushrooms

In the forests of Russia, lovers of quiet hunting gladly collect rich harvests of mushrooms, including the Assumption mushrooms. They are found in whole placers on mossy stumps and fallen trees, from September to frost. Tasty and healthy, they are a great addition to the basic diet. Features of the Assumption mushrooms View description On the territory of Russia, honey agaric grows in all regions and is considered the most popular

Field champignon

Field champignon is a member of the agaric mushroom family. It has synonymous names: common champignon and paving. In translation from English it is called “horse mushroom”, because it often grows near stables on fertilized manure soil. Field champignon Botanical characteristic The first description of Agaricus arvensis was carried out in 1762 by the German mycologist Jacob Schaeffer. In

Varieties of false russula

False russula is a poisonous double, with which edible mushrooms are often confused. It has several varieties, both conditionally edible and poisonous. Varieties of false russula Caustic Russula Caustic Russula refers to inedible representatives. Her hat has a red or purple color, in diameter from 5 to 10 cm

Dark mushrooms

Dark honey agaric is the largest edible mushroom, which is located in a semicircle near the stumps. Dark mushrooms have such a name, due to their location, since the Latin word translates as “bracelet”. Dark mushrooms The appearance of the mushroom Dark honey agaric has a long brown-yellow leg with a smooth surface. Au

Mushrooms Mushrooms

Mlecnik mushrooms are divided into edible, food and conditionally food. They belong to the genus lamellar, the family of russula. Translated mushroom Miller means "giving milk." In Russia and the CIS countries there are more than 50 varieties. Mushrooms Mushrooms Characteristics Mushroom Description: the average size of the hat is 8 cm; the edges of the young specimen are tightly pressed to the leg, with time it disconnects and takes on a flat-concave and funnel-shaped shape; the edges are even, sometimes with a fuzzy wave; the color palette is diverse: from white to dark olive, almos

Mushroom Cobweb Purple

Mushrooms are special forest organisms that do not belong to either the plant or animal world. They are distinguished by special qualities. One of them - the cobweb purple - is listed in the Red Book of Russia. Mushroom Cobweb Purple Appearance A beautiful, little-known and edible cobweb violet (lat

Description of the fungus cobweb yellow

The fungus called Cobweb yellow is also called the triumphal or golden bog. It is eaten as a medicine. Description of the fungus cobweb yellow Mushroom description Regardless of the stage of growth, the mushroom always looks the same. His description: the hat is painted in a dark shade of yellow, has a hemispherical shape, diameter - 1 cm; the flesh of the cap has a mushroom smell and a bitter taste; inside the mushroom without veins, the color corresponds to the cap; the plates located at the bottom of the cap are dark, capable of staining the skin of the hands when touched; the leg of the mus

Autumn honey mushrooms

Mushrooms in the forests of Russia amaze with their variety. They grow in all its regions. Fans of quiet hunting enjoy spending time in cool thickets, where autumn mushrooms grow with whole families on stumps and fallen trees in one place. They are good because different processing methods are suitable for them: drying, frying, freezing, etc

Mushrooms in Ryazan

The land of the Ryazan region has long been famous for its abundance of forests. They occupy a huge area here. Mushrooms in Ryazan are diverse. Festivals are held in their honor, legends are composed, and monuments are being erected. Mushrooms in Ryazan Map of mushroom places Mushroom places of the Ryazan region are located in forests where pine, oak, birch prevail, and many other deciduous trees are found

Champignon cultivation in the open ground in the country

In the summer, summer residents practice mushroom cultivation in the country in the open ground. The landing and care technology does not require special knowledge and is accessible even to beginners. Champignon cultivation in the open ground in the country Preparing the mycelium for planting At the initial stage of mushroom cultivation in the country, it is required to prepare planting material - mycelium

Home grown champignons

Mushroom farming is the fastest growing field of agriculture. The most attention is attracted by the cultivation of mushrooms, because this product is in higher demand in the market compared to other mushrooms. It is also important that the culture is breeding at home. Home grown champignons Description of champignons Champignons belong to the genus lamellar

Mushrooms in the Kirov region

Mushrooms in the Kirov region are growing, depending on the area and weather conditions. Having studied the features of the area, mushroom pickers are nominated to harvest. Mushrooms in the Kirov region What species grow in the area Redheads are considered a symbol of Kirov and the entire region. In addition to mushrooms, mushroom places of the region are rich in such species: oily; White mushrooms; boletus; white load; lump waves chanterelles

Growing oyster mushrooms in the country

Unpretentious oyster mushrooms do not require careful care and do not lead to large financial costs, because even inexperienced summer residents use oyster mushrooms in the country. Growing oyster mushrooms in the country Suitable room To grow oyster mushrooms in a summer cottage, you need a suitable room: it is problematic to grow them in a heated living room or in a summer cottage loggia

Description of the mushroom

Peppermint is a member of the family of lamellar mushrooms from the family of russula of the genus Milkweed class of agaricomycetes. It is conditionally edible. Description of the mushroom Botanical characteristic According to the description. a mushroom cap has a mushroom cap with a diameter of 6 to 30 cm

Characterization and use of raincoat mushroom

The raincoat mushroom grows in city parks, gardens and fields. White mushroom with a spherical cap attracts the attention of children. If you kick him or hit him with a stick, a red cloud flies out from the inside. This type is not only remarkable for its amusing, but also useful properties and excellent taste

Mushroom spruce spruce

Wet spruce is among the mushrooms from the homphidian family. It has other names - sticky and slug. The generic name received from Greek, translated means “peg”. Translated from Latin - “sticky”. Mushroom spruce spruce Botanical characteristic Mokruha has a spruce mushroom cap from 4 to 13 cm in diameter. The st

Growing and picking Caesar mushroom

Amanita is a poisonous mushroom, but there are exceptions. For example, the edible Caesar mushroom is a natural miracle with many beneficial properties. Mankind has found application for it in various areas related to nutrition and health, but cooking is the main one. Growing and picking Caesar mushroom The appearance of the mushroom This fungus belongs to the Amanita family - Amanita caesarea

Common garlic

The garlic mushroom is a member of the genus Garlica from the family of non-nutaceous agaric order. It has a characteristic strong smell of the same name seasoning, therefore it is used in cooking for cooking spicy and spicy dishes. Common garlic Botanical characteristic According to the description, the fruiting body of the garlic fungus has a collibioid hat-cutaneous type