The main differences between false oyster mushrooms

When asked if false oyster mushrooms are poisonous, you can definitely answer yes. But they only grow in Australia. In our latitudes there are inedible or conditionally edible varieties. It’s easy to distinguish such mushrooms. The main differences between false oyster mushrooms Oyster mushroom orange Oyster mushroom orange, according to the description, grows in large families mainly in deciduous forests.

What are the features of doubles of the mushroom greenfinch

In common people, the row is called greenfinch or brilliant green because of the shade of its fruiting body. It belongs to the class of Rowing, to the 4th edible category. Sometimes the double of the mushroom, greenfinch, is confused with the original. Mushroom counterparts Zelenushka General description of doubles Almost all noble and edible forest mushrooms have their own poisonous or conditionally edible "brothers

Where to find truffles in Russia

Infrequently encountered expensive truffles are hard to find. You need to look for it under a layer of earth near the roots of trees, while the mushroom is not on all continents. There are several places where truffles grow in Russia. Where to find truffles in Russia Where to look for truffle A rare species prefers countries with a warm climate

What counterparts do porcini mushrooms have

Sometimes poisonous varieties fall into the basket instead of the desired mushrooms, which include the double mushroom double. Double mushroom doubles General description of dangerous doubles Many edible mushrooms have their poisonous or conditionally edible counterparts. The similarity can be strong or superficial

Methods and shelf life of honey mushrooms

Conditionally edible mushrooms are widely used in cooking. They are frozen, fried, salted and pickled. Each cooking method has its own period during which storage of honey mushrooms is permissible. Methods and shelf life of honey mushrooms How to keep fresh mushrooms It is permissible to store cut fresh mushrooms after harvesting in the forest until subsequent cooking, for a maximum of 6 hours

How to dry porcini mushroom

Porcini mushrooms - a popular variety that has good taste and is easy to heat treatment. Many dishes are made on its basis. Also, the product is used as an additive to the side dish. To properly dry ceps, they should be prepared and the cooking technology must be followed. How to dry porcini mushroom Preparation for drying In order for dried porcini mushrooms to be of high quality, only those on which there is no visible damage are cut

Can I eat the mushroom Devil's Fingers

Mushroom Anturus Archer looks like an octopus with four tentacles. Its appearance is disgusting. Can I eat the mushroom Devil's Fingers Mushroom description Anthurus Archer belongs to the Veselkovoye family, the genus Reshetochnik. In the people it is called Fingers of the Devil. It is also called cuttlefish, octopus or the Devil's Hand

Dried chanterelles against parasites

Chanterelles is a variety of mushrooms that has good taste and a lot of useful properties. The main advantage of the variety is its strong impact on pests. Dried chanterelles from parasites are used at all stages of the development of the disease: both in the larval phase and to eliminate adults. Dried chanterelles against parasites Collection of chanterelles In order for dried chanterelle mushrooms to effectively help from worms and other parasites, you need to choose them correctly when harvesting

Blackberry mushroom

Outwardly, the blackberry mushroom looks like chanterelles, but it is also easy to confuse it with the grebe. They do not like to collect hedgehog: it has brittle spikes on the inside of the hat, they easily break off, as a result, all the mushrooms in the basket lose their attractive appearance. This is the reason why hedgehogs must be collected young

Description of different types of breasts

Lust is the most valuable forest mushroom, from which delicious delicacies are obtained. It is salted, marinated, boiled, fried, added to the filling for pies and pies. In folk medicine, these mushrooms occupy an important place, due to the beneficial composition. In the forest they find different types of mushrooms: they are unique, but not all are edible

Description of False Oiler

Many healthy mushrooms have a poisonous or inedible double. A false nipple is one such species. Any person needs to be able to distinguish a double from a real mushroom, especially since false oils are common in local forests. Description of False Oiler Description of species The butterdish got its name for the always wet, oily hat

The benefits and harms of oyster mushroom for the human body

Oyster mushrooms are edible fruits that grow on the bark of trees. The difference between oyster mushrooms and poisonous mushrooms is the color and density of the cap. It is light and smooth to the touch. Fruits appear in late August and early September. The benefits and harms of oyster mushrooms depend on their age

The rules for freezing porcini mushrooms

White mushrooms are frozen in several ways. The product may be fried, boiled or raw. Frozen porcini mushrooms are used to make soups, side dishes, pies and roasts. It is rich in nutrients. There are many recipes for making porcini mushrooms. The rules for freezing porcini mushrooms Preparation for freezing Freezing porcini mushrooms will help preserve all the vitamins and minerals

Types of False Breasts

False breasts are easy to find, but there are mushrooms similar to it. Among them are edible and toxic. Some false breasts are fatal. White has a number of useful substances, with proper preparation it has a pleasant aroma and taste. Types of False Breasts Features of loaders The false breast from the present is determined on the basis of external qualities: round tip with a compressed center up to 20 cm, always wet, mucous; the shape of the apex is funnel-shaped; white, yellowish color; brown spots are present; the plates are white or yellowish

When they start picking mushrooms

Collecting mushrooms brings pleasure to any mushroom picker, as these fungi grow in colonies. When they start picking mushrooms Where to look for honey mushrooms Together with the advent of the wet season while maintaining warm weather, the mushroom grows in the forest at an accelerated pace. A common time to start collecting honey agaric is early autumn

Mushroom freezing for the winter

People in the summer-autumn period do a lot of homework for the winter. Ways to choose for this are very different: salt, sour, pickle. To store vegetables and berries all winter, many began to use freezers. Housewives also practice mushroom freezing. Mushroom freezing for the winter Raw mushrooms Tubular mushrooms can be frozen, but they do not need to be boiled

Features of Bitter Mushroom

The bitter mushroom annually brings rich harvests. It grows throughout Russia from the first days of summer to late autumn, withstands light frosts on the soil, up to -5 ° C. Features of Bitter Mushroom Description Forest bitter mushrooms (lactarius rufus) belong to the family of russula, the genus Miller.

Smut fungus

There are parasitic fungi that are harmful to agriculture. This type includes smut, which is harmful mainly to cereal crops, but sometimes wild plants become infected. Smut fungus Disease characteristics Smut fungi as parasites belong to basidiomycetes. There are about 1000 of their species (40 genera)

Signs of mushroom poisoning

Mushroom poisoning is a common phenomenon. The product is able to poison the whole family. The problem is that many do not understand a wide variety of mushrooms, which leads to disastrous consequences. In the best case, a person will get rid of nausea, vomiting, at worst - he will die. Signs of mushroom poisoning Sources of intoxication There are several reasons why people are poisoned: The most common source of poisoning by poisonous mushrooms is the inexperience of mushroom pickers

Edible and poisonous mushrooms near Moscow

In the temperate continental climate of the Moscow Region, the territory of which is located in the forest-steppe and forest zones, favorable conditions have developed for the growth of mushrooms. The edible and poisonous mushrooms of the Moscow Region are represented by diverse species of all four categories of nutritional value

What do mushrooms mushrooms look like?

Mushrooms mushrooms are among the most recognizable. Studying the features of their growth and distribution helps to harvest and make preparations for the winter. What do mushrooms mushrooms look like? The appearance of the mushroom Ginger got its name due to its color. They range from light orange to blue green

How much time mushrooms grow

Honey mushrooms are unprepossessing unpretentious mushrooms with excellent taste and universal application. They are often grown at home. Growth time is short and depends on organized climatic conditions. How much time mushrooms grow Features of growing mushrooms In nature, honey agarics grow in large groups on fallen trees and stumps

Mushroom Royal honey agaric

There are about 140 varieties of the fungus golden flake. Royal mushrooms are an edible product that is used in medicine and cooking. The extract obtained from them has an immunomodulatory effect. But there are false, dangerous to health species similar to it. Mushroom Royal honey agaric Description of the appearance of the mushroom The royal honey agaric grows one at a time on living trees, stumps of birch, willow or in thickets of nettles

Description of the ram mushroom

Mushroom ram is an edible and rare species. It lives in broadleaf forests, at the base of old oaks, maples, chestnuts and beech trees, and grows and grows rapidly. The collection is carried out in August and September. The mushroom is listed in the Red Book of Russia. Description of the ram mushroom Description of the appearance of the mushroom The ram mushroom looks like a giant representative of the flora, has a large fruiting body, at its base the diameter can reach 50 cm

Mushrooms in September

Mushrooms are special living organisms that contain a huge amount of protein. They are sold in the market or in the store, but it is much more pleasant to pick mushrooms in September yourself. Mushrooms in September Classification and Description Mushrooms grow in September in deciduous, coniferous and mixed forests

Description of poisonous Ryadovka

When picking mushrooms, sometimes doubts arise: is this fruit poisonous or edible? This knowledge plays a particularly important role in the collection of fruits that have dangerous doubles. So ordinary and poisonous Ryadovka differ only in a few external signs. Description of poisonous Ryadovka Appearance Row The description of this inedible subspecies is in many respects similar to that characteristic for ordinary conditionally edible relatives

Features of meadow

The meadow honey agaric grows in open areas, in grass: in glades, lawns, pastures, roadsides, in gardens. You can meet him from late spring to mid-autumn. Its other names are marasmius, meadow negniemica, clove mushroom. It tolerates drought well, bears fruit abundantly. Grows in rows or arcs, forming “witch circles”. Fe

White Truffle Features

One of the representatives at first glance unattractive, but valuable in taste of mushrooms, is the White Truffle. White Truffle Features Description of appearance White truffle belongs to the marsupial breed, the order of Peziziales, the Truffle family. mycelium cultivars are underground. White Truffle Description: fleshy body; potato tuber shape; smooth or wrinkled surface white-yellow color; the shape is wrong; does not have legs and hats height - up to 13 cm; spores in the form of a ball with processes

Description of poplar row

In the autumn, poplar rowan growing actively in the steppe regions. This is a conditionally edible mushroom, which is collected for pickling, pickling and frying. It is also called a clerk, sandstone, topolevka. The people have the names "freezers", "zababuyki". The fungus is not common in all types of forests

Characterization of Polish cep

Polish mushroom is a vivid representative of numerous species of ceps. Characterization of Polish cep Where does the Polish mushroom grow The name Polish mushroom received, thanks to the place of greatest distribution. In Poland, Polish porcini mushroom is the leader in terms of collection. In Russia, it is often called a chestnut moss, pansky or brown

Description mushroom pig thin

Pigs are a family of mushrooms that includes both edible and inedible representatives. Thin fungus is a poisonous subspecies. It is also called the pig, the barn, the straw and the pig. It is often found in coniferous and young deciduous forests. Description mushroom pig thin Description of the appearance of the mushroom There is a pig that is fat and thin

Mushroom Valui

Despite the inconsistent translation from Latin - “stinky russula”, the Valui mushroom is edible. Its use in food is preceded by a long processing, but salted, pickled mushrooms will be a delicious snack on the table. It is also useful for every mushroom picker to know how not to confuse the edible fruit and the poisonous. Mu

What mushrooms are collected in the suburbs in July

Mushrooms differ in taste and appearance. Mushrooms in July in the suburbs impress with variety. Before collecting it is necessary to prepare, find out which ones are useful, and which are poisonous, which are dried, and which are suitable for frying or cooking. What mushrooms are collected in the suburbs in July general characteristics Before collecting, you should decide for what purpose mushrooms will be used

What mushrooms are harvested in July

A separate niche in the realm of biology is occupied by mushrooms. They are tasty and healthy, they are used in medicines. They differ in the collection period. To collect them yourself in the mushroom season, it is important to understand how they are useful or harmful, which mushrooms grow in July and which should be looked for in August or autumn

What mushrooms grow in October

Autumn is an excellent period for mushroom growth. In October, mushrooms delight with variety and productivity. Mushrooms in October Varieties of mushrooms Mushrooms in October grow diverse. Edibles are collected in whole baskets, provided that it rains and there are no frosts. Under the leaves in the forest it is easy to find: oily saffron mushrooms; mosses; russula

What mushrooms grow in June

Although summer is not considered a mushroom season, it is useful to find out which mushrooms grow in June. Many mushroom pickers in a short time can harvest, which is not inferior in variety to the autumn. What mushrooms grow in June Where and when to pick mushrooms June mushrooms are harvested at the beginning or middle of the month

Characteristics of the fungus Sparassis curly

Curly Sparassis is a parasite mushroom. Causes decay and decomposition on wood. It is similar to cauliflower, therefore, it has many other names: hare, mushroom or pine forest. Characteristics of the fungus Sparassis curly Mushroom description Curly sparassis settles on coniferous trees. Sometimes found in deciduous forests

Description of the mushroom

Tasty and beautiful mushroom purple rowing is of concern to many. Mushroom pickers with little experience pass by, considering it poisonous. The people call the Mushroom in different ways: titmouse, lilac rowacea, naked or purple lepista. Description of the mushroom The appearance of the mushroom The mushroom is notable for its unusual color: the hat has a bright purple color, which fades with age

Fat pig

Pigs are a small subgroup of Mushrooms in which there are edible and poisonous representatives. They live in new deciduous or coniferous forests. Fat pig is one of the poisonous representatives of the family, which is also called felt, pig, or barn. Fat pig Description of the appearance of the mushroom Thick pig is a mushroom with a large hat of brown or dark red color, whose diameter is 12-20 cm

May Ryadovka

May rowing refers to spring mushrooms. It is large, resembles mushrooms and has a high taste. The mushroom prefers open places of growth among herbs, edges and woodlands. It grows on roadsides, in gardens, on a flower bed or lawn. Other names: May mushroom, kalotsibe edible May, St. George mushroom. May Ryadovka The appearance of the mushroom Mayan mushroom has a characteristic creamy white color