Mushrooms in Udmurtia

About 150-200 species of mushrooms grow in the Udmurt Republic. However, mushroom pickers only collect the common 8-10 species. The mushrooms of Udmurtia have long attracted the attention of fans of the “silent hunt”.

Mushrooms in Udmurtia

Map of mushroom places

The mushroom season in Udmurtia lasts until the end of October. Landings along the Kama shores are considered rich, especially if the summer was rainy, and the weather, accordingly, favored the growth of mushrooms. Even areas in which usually there are few mushrooms become at that time treasures of this forest product.

Udmurtia is rich in forests in which different types of mushrooms grow. Scientists of the Department of Botany of Udmurt State University studied mushroom areas and identified the best places for gathering. Map of places for quiet hunting:

  1. Zavyalovsky district (located near Izhevsk): mushrooms grow abundantly in the villages of Vavozh and Zabegalovo. In the Yagul side, Bely and Chanterelles are collected.
  2. Sharkansky district (located further from Izhevsk): here, at a distance of about 86 km from the capital of Udmurtia, mushrooms are found in abundance. Also in the same row with this region are the Karakulinsky, Alnash and Grakhovsky regions.
  3. Malopurginsky district: famous for its abundance of saffron milk cap. They are found around Buranov.
  4. Celtinsky district: chanterelle lovers prefer to visit it. They should go to the village of Vinyashur-Biya, which is well known to inveterate mushroom pickers.
  5. Yakshur-Bodinsky side, village of Chur: located about 48 km from Izhevsk, this village has extremely beautiful places full of oyster mushrooms and chanterelles. With an empty basket, even a beginner will not leave here. Chanterelles along with ceps are also gaining in the Selichki area. In the Old Zattsy find rich glades with boletus, honey agarics, oyster mushrooms.
  6. Votkinsk district: here, somewhere 50 km from Izhevsk, baskets are easily filled with oils and white. Here it is worth looking for boletus, chanterelles, redheads.

According to mushroom pickers, the best areas for gathering are the mentioned areas, and besides them, Igrinsky, Debossky, Balezinsky.

Mushroom Search Features

Forests of Udmurtia will please you with a harvest

It will also be possible to collect a rich harvest, if you focus on mushrooms. Boroviki will always be able to collect in the southern side of Udmurtia. It is easy to collect white mushroom - it grows not only one, but as a whole family. Behind him are sent to the pine forests at Chur Station.

Redheads prefer spruce and pine plantations, where fir and cedar grow. Mushroom pickers especially love to collect them, because fruiting bodies always grow as a whole company. Close to Izhevsk is the village of Selichka, where they often go after them.

Honey agarics love fallen trees, sometimes on one of them so many mushrooms grow that it will be possible to fill a whole basket. They are found in the same places where they were collected a year ago. Areas abound in oil at the Votkinsk tract, near the villages of Venya, Yuski. For the Lads go into the floodplain forests along the Shaberdinsky tract.

Rich mushroom spots

In the absence of experience in picking mushrooms or lack of knowledge of places, trees are chosen as a guideline. Mycelium fungi and tree roots are connected to each other, forming a perennial system - symbiosis. Pine, birch, spruce are most often interconnected with mushrooms. The forests of Udmurtia are rich in precisely these types of trees.

Mushrooms grow everywhere, and even Honey mushrooms more often grow on birch, pine, spruce stumps.

In birch forests there are birch bushes, several species of boletus, porcini mushrooms, two types of mushrooms, russula. Under the Christmas trees there are mushrooms, talkers, rowers, there are sites rich in mushrooms. Pine planting attracts several types of breasts, pink thorn, oils, white, mushrooms, russula. It is advisable to collect any mushrooms away from the road, passing more than one kilometer deep into the forest.


In the dense, dense forests of a large number of mushrooms can not be found. Mushrooms in Udmurtia prefer places in which there is a lot of light. In a mixed forest under maples, near a birch forest, under aspens, it will also be possible to harvest. Do not go around cutting and clearing.

Irina Selyutina (Biologist):

When gathering for mushrooms, remember:

  • An inexperienced mushroom picker is better off not doing this alone. When you go to a company with someone, the probability of losing each other is significantly reduced, but finding a way out is increasing.
  • Entering the forest, be sure to pay attention to where the sun is: if it was behind your back, then you need to go out so that it shines in your eyes.
  • The main guideline may be noise on the road.
  • Butterflies are best found in young pine trees.
  • Porcini mushrooms love mature, spruce or pine forests.
  • Honey mushrooms are found where there are dead trees (mainly hardwood).
  • Redheads just love the young plantings of firs and pines.
  • Obobki prefer light mature forests.
  • It is quite difficult to distinguish between poisonous and edible talkers, so they are mainly collected by experienced mushroom pickers.

In case your friends get lost in the forest, you need to call:

  • If this happened near Izhevsk, call the search and rescue service of Izhevsk by tel. 43-15-26.
  • If this happened outside the Zavyalovsky district, call the PSS of Udmurtia at tel. 48-88-44 or 56-72-42.

During the call you need to tell the signs of the missing person and in which direction he left.


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