Mushrooms in the Schelkovo district

The approach of autumn marks the beginning of the mushroom season. At this time, mushroom pickers are trying to make the necessary reserves for the winter. Mushrooms are popular in the Schelkovo district.

Mushrooms in the Schelkovo district

general information

The Moscow region is a territory that is famous for its mushrooms. At the end of the summer period, mushrooms, mushrooms, mushrooms, mushrooms, boletus, white throats, boletus mushrooms, etc. grow in the forests. Going on a “quiet hunt” will turn out in all directions from the capital, where there is a village or station.

Before you do this, you should carefully study the territory, a good helper and help in this will be a map.

To be sure of the success of the mushroom trip, go with a map in your hands to the “intelligence” and walking along the future “mushroom trail”, see what could change from last season and adjust your route if necessary.

Irina Selyutina (Biologist):

As you know, experienced mushroom pickers will never surrender their mushroom places to anyone. Therefore, in order not to return home “empty”, try to remember some “signs” that will help you get to a successful place:

  • if the year is rainy - you need to look for mushrooms on hills, hills, hills;
  • if the year is dry - go closer to the ponds;
  • mushrooms prefer clearings and edges with moist, but not moist soil;
  • in the thicket of forests or dense grass, it makes no sense to look for mushrooms;
  • because many mushrooms form mycorrhiza with tree roots, the older the tree, the more likely it is to find a nearby mycelium (however, remember that young pine trees, for example, prefer oil trees).

It is very important to remember “your” mushroom places - mycelium does not run through the forest, which means that new fruiting bodies will appear in the same place next year. This will help you "map of the mushroom picker", which is convenient to do on the basis of a regular map of the area. And if you “removed” the mushroom correctly without damaging the mycelium, expect new young mushrooms here next season.

Yaroslavl direction

These places are rich in such mushrooms:

  • Mushrooms;
  • White
  • Jaundice;
  • Butterflies;
  • Redheads.

To build your own “mushroom routes”, you need to know what stations are in Schelkovo and the surrounding areas.

  • Sokolovskaya station: There are two ways to get here:
  1. You need to get to the last station by public transport (minibus), which leaves from the Shchelkovskaya metro station. After that they move south.
  2. From the station, take the train in the direction of Monino. At the station they go out and take a bus to Krasnoznamensky, from there the mushroom picker should go north for several kilometers. Porcini mushrooms, boletus, mushrooms, mushrooms are harvested here.
  • Pushkino city: an area that is rich in forests, honey mushrooms, chanterelles and russula are common here.
  • 76 kilometer station: this is the longest route that covers many mushroom spots. The road is located in the direction of Yaroslavl. The mushroom picker can pick up the first few kilometers. Further, the path goes along the shore of Lake Torbeevskoye to the north. This path is located parallel to the Yaroslavl highway. After 6 km, the mushroom picker will approach a small waterfall. Here they collect jaundice, honey mushrooms, butter.
  • Sharapovo village: this place is also called “Rows”. To get to Sharapovo from the station, you need to get to Sergiev Posad. After they change to public transport and go to the village on it. There are places with porcini mushrooms, boletus, honey mushrooms and russula.

Kiev direction

This area is characterized by mixed forests, where different mushrooms are collected, the most common species are white, Polish, boletus, russula, mushrooms and honey mushrooms.

  • Station Ozhigovo: here goes the railway from the Kiev station. Further from the platform it is worth moving south. After 1.5-2 km, the path intersects with the Kiev highway. It is better to take a compass (or navigator) with you so as not to stray from the route. Having reached the Ladyrka River, if you cross it, you will be able to walk to places rich in chernushki, mushrooms and russula.

The area is rich in mushroom places.

  • Dachnaya platform: the mushroom picker will have to move southward from the platform. In 2-2.5 km there will be the Desna River, after which a thicker forest begins. In this area you can collect such mushrooms: honey mushrooms, boletus, mushrooms.

Bashkino platform: from the west side of the road there are forests rich in boletus.

Leningrad direction

This side is rich in mushrooms, boletus, honey mushrooms and porcini mushrooms.

  • Pokrovka village: there are two routes from the station: the southern direction - to the settlements - the villages of Nikulino and Zamyatino; northern - villages Shahmatovo and Koskovo. Places are famous for mushrooms and birch trees.
  • Podrezkovo platform: from the railway it is worth going towards Kostrovoy and Ivanovsky. The path lies through the right bank of the Skhodnya river. Places are rich in Ryzhiks, Podberezoviks and Honey agarics.
  • The route with the most mushroom spots: from the Firsanovka station you should move towards the village of Nazaryevo (to the north-east). You will have to go in the direction of the village of Elino, where there is an intersection with the Leningrad highway. Further, the trail leads into a dense deciduous forest. There are a lot of ceps. Continuing the path, it will turn out to reach the village of Poyarkovo.

Safety regulations

Forests in the Schelkovo region are not as dense as taiga, but here it is possible to get lost. To prevent this from happening, it is better to follow these rules:

  1. Before starting a “silent hunt” warn about your whereabouts and the route of loved ones.
  2. Do not go to forests alone.
  3. Charge the phone (take an extra battery with you), and replenish the balance if necessary.
  4. Prepare some provisions (bread, sandwiches), a knife, matches and a compass, as well as clean drinking water (1.5 liters per person).
  5. Wear bright clothes with reflective elements.
  6. Everyone who uses drugs should have these medicines with them (in quantities for 1-2 days).
  7. Begin the journey in the morning (no later than 5-6 hours).
  8. Pay attention to conspicuous places and other tips that help you navigate the area and remember the route.


Shchelkovo is a rich mushroom area of ​​the Moscow Region, which is gaining popularity among mushroom pickers every year. In order to collect as many mushrooms as possible and not get into an extreme situation, you need to adhere to the chosen route and follow simple safety rules.


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