Mushrooms in Ryazan

The land of the Ryazan region has long been famous for its abundance of forests. They occupy a huge area here. Mushrooms in Ryazan are diverse. Festivals are held in their honor, legends are composed, and monuments are being erected.

Mushrooms in Ryazan

Map of mushroom places

Mushroom places of the Ryazan region are located in forests where pine, oak, birch prevail, and many other deciduous trees are found. Mushroom pickers make a map of mushroom places, many of which are located in ecologically clean zones of the Ryazan region and are attractive for tourists coming here from different cities of Russia.

Laskovo village

The proximity to the regional center and places rich in harvest attract a large number of tourists. In the early days of autumn, they also gather at the Zeleniy Bor base. The festival "We have mushrooms with eyes in Ryazan" is annually held on its territory. The event has long gone beyond the scope of the region and attracts participants from other cities and even countries. The mushroom picker competition started in 2013 and has since been regularly held every fall. Usually these are the first days of September or the middle of the month.

The festival "We have mushrooms with eyes in Ryazan" usually attracts a lot of guests. Active participants about a hundred people. Allocated only 4 hours to collect mushrooms. Who can collect more is the winner. Prizes are awarded to the mushroom picker who first came to the weigh-in. Competitions are fun, with concert numbers, a fair and a meal.

They say that on weekdays, to find out if edible mushrooms appeared in the forest, you need to look at a small market. It is located at the crossroads at the recreation center Zeleniy Bor. According to the assortment and the number of mushrooms, it is possible to draw conclusions about what awaits the mushroom picker in the forest. And if the hunt fails, you can replenish your basket for a fee.

In the vicinity of the village there are sandy mounds with pine forests, flat moist plains with mixed coniferous-deciduous forests and swampy lowlands. In pine plantations, porcini, Polish mushrooms, black mushrooms grow. In a mixed forest, their choice is much greater, even truffle is found.

The places of accumulation of green moss are rich in chanterelles, in the aspen forests Krasnogolovets flaunt. Sometimes lucky enough to find a rare instance of white boletus. It is listed in the Red Book, so picking such mushrooms is not worth it. There are poisonous specimens, so you need to be careful.

New village

The village is located 22 km from the regional center (Putyatino) and 126 km from the regional (Ryazan). In search of mushroom extraction, villagers go around the nearby forests, where they gather mushrooms for food and for sale.

Village Dubrovichi

The village is located 13 km from Ryazan. Through it passes the main road connecting the village with the city. Therefore, getting here is easy and fast, about half an hour. Each city dweller will be able to visit these places and take away rich forest booty. It is enough to take a passing bus and go to the forest.

The village of Zanino-Pochinok

Forests of Shilov district are rich in mushrooms

An unprecedented mushroom abundance is observed in the forests of the Shilov district. There are mushrooms, boletus, Krasnogolovtsy. Also, forests are rich in mushrooms, chanterelles, nigella and other species.

Kochemar Village

The Kasimov district has long been famous for its mushroom resources. A variety of mushrooms can be purchased from sellers along the highway. Kasimov forests in this respect are the richest in the region. Tourists visiting this destination empty-handed never return.

Other places

  1. The village of Fedotievo is surrounded by birch groves, where not only brown boletus, chanterelles, honey agarics, but also cepes grow. The settlement is located in the Spassky forests.
  2. The village of Kriusha is rich in forests. They have not only a lot of mushrooms, but also berries. Cranberries can grow in abundance on the marshy lowlands of the area.
  3. The village of Ungor is located next to the light forest, where mushroom pickers come every year. Oddly enough, in ordinary forests of this area, forest organisms are few.
  4. The village of Nazarovka is located next to the forest, which most often comes across boletus. The area is located in the Chuchkovsky district.
  5. The village of Tuma is surrounded by forests, in which fruit bodies of various species are found - from whites to breasts and russula. These places are located in Klepikovsky district. It is also worth a visit near Tyukov. In addition to the main noble species, in this area the baskets are filled with chanterelles and moss-mushrooms.
  6. Near the villages of Polyany, Korostovo, Zaokskoye, which are located on the Kasimovsky direction, there are meadows. They collect mushrooms, mushrooms, raincoats. Agro-desert is the most popular place among mushroom pickers.
  7. In the Solotchinsky coniferous forest, in addition to whites and chanterelles, a lot of butter, russula. Moving in the direction of Polkov, they fill up their bast basket with breasts, mushrooms, morels.
  8. In the village of Zaokskoye, they not only bathe and enjoy outdoor recreation, but also collect mushrooms. Usually, they return home from the Lukovsky Forest with a rich harvest. The village is located just 20 minutes from the regional center.

The address of all settlements of Ryazan is constantly updated.

In Ryazan, we have mushrooms with eyes

“And in Ryazan we have mushrooms with eyes, they eat, and they look.” Who first came up with this verse is unknown. Historians attribute his authorship to local residents who, by the knocked-down hats of mushrooms in the forest, learned that recently, enemy combat detachments passed here. That is, the plants were peculiar eyes for the Russian land, which was constantly subjected to raids by the wild horde. Some historians say that Moscow boyars, scornful of the city, tried to belittle its significance. Like, except mushrooms there is nothing worthwhile.

And the Ryazans loved the cheerful and mischievous rhyme so much that they even dedicated a monument to him in the city park. The sculpture "Mushrooms with eyes" was mounted and installed on the day of the city. The monument became an adornment of the city park. His visit today brings pleasure to all guests of the city. The monument includes not only the main characters (mushrooms that look), but also other inhabitants of the forest. Now it is a kind of national brand. Having become popular, it attracts numerous tourists from other regions to the region. They come together in search of unusual forest creatures with eyes and a rich harvest.


As the mushrooms went, the string of tourists stretched along the mushroom places of the Ryazan region. In summer, it attracts a large number of fans of quiet hunting and just wanting to relax.


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