The most popular varieties of cherry tomatoes

Every day, miniature cherry tomatoes, whose homeland is Israel, are becoming increasingly popular. This is due to the fact that they are conveniently used for conservation. In addition, they have a more delicate taste compared to ordinary tomatoes. It is real to grow small bushes even in an apartment on the windowsill. Let's talk about which varieties of cherry tomatoes are most popular.

The most popular varieties of cherry tomatoes


Cherry tomatoes Negro is an unusual variety that was born in 2015. It attracted the attention of farmers with an unusual chocolate color of pulp for tomatoes. We owe the appearance of this cherry variety to Russian breeders working at the Semko agricultural company.


Tall compact bushes do not grow wide. Accordingly, a fairly large number of plants can be grown on a small bed. The fruit ripens for 85 days. Productivity - 11 kg per 1 square. m

The ripened oval-shaped fruits weigh no more than 35 g, and their diameter does not exceed 3 cm. Up to 15 mini-tomatoes, located on short stalks, are formed in one brush. The thin skin is painted in dark red color, which is more suitable for brown or brown in tone. Stripes of dark green color are visible at the base.

Tomato Negro is appreciated for its spicy taste. Despite the fact that the pulp of ripened fruits is very dense, they are not hard. Tomatoes Negro have a universal purpose. During salting or preservation, their skin does not burst, and the unusual spicy taste of Negro tomatoes will add piquancy to any fresh salad. They can be plucked unripe. They will perfectly reach in a dark room, without losing their taste.

Advantages and disadvantages

Considering the advantages, it is worth noting that this tomato variety is rich in vitamins and contains antioxidants. It is highly productive and resistant to almost all diseases. Still worth noting is a good keeping quality. This property is not inherent in all varieties of cherry.

Negro - not the most cold-resistant tomatoes, which is their disadvantage. It is better to grow them in a greenhouse or seedling method. The plant does not stop growing during the fruiting period, so it must be pinched. In addition, the bush needs to be formed. The maximum yield yield bushes formed in 1 stalk. This is not a big disadvantage, but it will complicate the care of the plant.

Black cherry

This variety was born thanks to breeders from the United States. Its second name is “Black Cherry”. Black Cherry is compared with cherries not only because of the miniature size of the fruits, but also because they have a sweetish flavor.


The growing season of the variety is 115 days. As for productivity, subject to agricultural standards, one tall bush gives up to 5 kg of small tomatoes. A feature of the variety is that the side stems of the bush are much thicker than the main one.

A ripe fruit weighs 18-20 g. In one brush, up to 9 fruits are formed with medium density pulp. The tomato got its name for the cherry flesh and almost black skin color. This color is due to the high presence of anthocyanin.

Tomato is appreciated for its sweet taste. It can not only be salted or canned, but also dried or dried. Also, a tomato with an unusual skin color will be a wonderful decoration for any dish.

Black Cherry needs timely top dressing and a lot of light, so you need to carefully select a place for planting.

Advantages and disadvantages

This is not a hybrid variety. Accordingly, you do not have to buy seeds every year: they can be collected from the previous harvest. Black Cherry is also resistant to cladosporiosis.

As for the shortcomings, this variety needs timely formation and garter. On some fruits, the skin breaks during ripening, but picking the fruit in green, even if the skin has burst, is not recommended. When ripening indoors, the taste of mini-tomatoes decreases.

Blossom F1

Blossom (Blossam) F1 - a hybrid variety, famous for its unpretentiousness. He appeared, thanks to the work of Japanese breeders.


The growing season of the variety Blossom F1 is 110 days. With proper care from 1 sq. about 4 kg of red mini-tomatoes are harvested. Mid-size hybrid cultivar Blossom F1 can be grown both in greenhouses and in open ground.

The weight of the ripened fruit, covered with a strong and delicate glossy skin, varies from 18 to 22 g. 6-8 fruits are formed in one brush. The yield of cherry tomatoes of this variety is 4.2 kg per 1 sq. Km. m. Mini-tomatoes with dense pulp are best suited for preservation and salting.

Advantages and disadvantages

The hybrid Blossom F1 variety is not afraid of Fusarium, nematode and verticellum wilting. It is unpretentious to climatic conditions, which allows it to grow in almost all regions of the country. The only exception is the far north.

Fruits are suitable for salting

The disadvantages include the fragility of the central stem. The bush needs a garter.


If we consider the most high-yielding varieties, then we can not fail to mention the tomatoes Elizabeth, which will become a decoration of the garden.


Elizabeth F1 is an early hybrid variety. Its growing season is 90-95 days. To form a tall bush is best in 1 or 2 stems. It is recommended to grow in greenhouses or under film coatings. Elizabeth is a determinant plant. Accordingly, it does not need to be pinched.

The weight of ripened fruits varies from 25 to 30 g. Up to 22 oblong fruits are formed in one brush. The yield of the Elizabeth variety is 12 kg per 1 sq. Km. m. Miniature tomatoes have a pleasant sweet taste, suitable for cooking fresh salads and for preservation.

Experts recommend forming this determinant plant in 1 stalk.

Advantages and disadvantages

High yield and disease resistance are the main advantages of this variety. As for the shortcomings, we can only note the high price of planting material.

In the morning

This universal tomato, developed by specialists of the agricultural company Gavrish, can be grown in almost all regions of the country.


Variety Pomisolka is suitable for cultivation in open field. It is indeterminate, respectively, needs pinching. If you plant seeds on seedlings a little earlier and provide the plant with proper care during cultivation, it will bear fruit throughout the summer and the first half of autumn. If you pinch the bush too early, you can lose part of the crop. The procedure is recommended to be performed after the formation of the tenth brush. The brush is formed into 1 or 2 stems.

Bright red fruits weigh an average of 20 g. The weight of all fruits in one brush is approximately the same. Fruit brush on average consists of 30 mini-tomatoes. Sometimes in one fruit brush 40 miniature universal tomatoes are formed that are not prone to cracking. It is worth noting the high palatability of sweet and aromatic fruits. From one bush collect up to 2 kg of the crop.

Advantages and disadvantages

As for the merits, it is worth noting that all the fruits ripen at the same time. Tomatoes of the same size are formed on each brush, which do not crack during ripening.

The disadvantages include the need for garter and the formation of a bush.

Beauty long braid

This early ripe variety is suitable for seedling cultivation in open field.


Krasa-long braid is a tall indeterminate tomato that ripens on the 90th day after emergence. Seedlings can be planted in open ground only after the threat of spring frost disappears. Like all indeterminate plants, this tomato needs a pick.

The weight of the ripened rounded red fruit is, on average, 18 g. Up to 20 sweet tomatoes are formed on one fruit brush. All universal fruits ripen at almost the same time. As for the taste, this is not the sweetest variety, but it perfectly complements the taste of vegetable salads.

Advantages and disadvantages

It is easy to look after the Long-Long scythe, which is the advantage of a high-yielding variety.

As for the disadvantages, the variety needs fertile soil, and the application of mineral fertilizers makes the process of growing a vegetable crop more costly.


This variety does not need pinching

Cherry tomatoes of this variety are ultra-early, for which many farmers fell in love. They can be grown at home on the balcony or windowsill, using ordinary pots for pots and a substrate designed for growing vegetables.


Cerrinano is a stunted variety that does not need pinching. The height of the bush does not exceed 35 cm.

Cerriano's growing season is 83 days. It is difficult to find earlier ripe varieties of cherry tomatoes.

Ripened round fruits weigh no more than 20 g, up to 8 tomatoes are formed on one brush. About 800 g of crop is harvested from one bush. The dense pulp is covered with a strong skin that does not crack during ripening. Despite the versatility of Ceriano's appointment, he is most suitable for conservation. During heat treatment, the tomatoes retain their integrity.

Sweet red fruit has a caramel flavor.

Growing this vegetable crop at home, you need to provide it with the necessary conditions. The plant needs a lot of light and an influx of fresh air, so it’s best when growing a vegetable crop in the apartment to place pots with neat bushes on the balcony or loggia.

Advantages and disadvantages

Cerriano has a lot of advantages, which include:

  • precocity;
  • high taste;
  • resistance of fruits to mechanical damage;
  • resistance to late blight and powdery mildew.

Among the shortcomings are average yields.


Thumbelina cherry tomatoes are grown directly on the window.


This tall bush is not intended for outdoor cultivation. On average, the height of the bush is 1.5 m, but Thumbelina is an indeterminate plant, so caring for it is somewhat more complicated. The stems of the plant are weak, so the bush should be tied up.

Rounded fruits ripen in 3 months. In one brush, up to 15 tomatoes are formed. With 1 sq. m collect up to 5 kg of fruit, the weight of each varies between 15-20 g. Miniature tomatoes have a sweet flesh. They are great for making Greek salad.

Advantages and disadvantages

Advantages include disease resistance. As for the shortcomings, when grown in open ground, the vegetable yield is significantly reduced.

Geranium kiss

This is a truly unique undersized variety of American selection, which will become an adornment of any homestead


A geranium kiss ripens in 90 days. The weight of red oval fruits, a feature of which is the presence of a nose, varies between 20-40 g. It is difficult to say how many fruits are formed on the hand. This figure varies from 80 to 100. The brush has the shape of a twig with 3-4 branches. Fruits are located close to each other, ripen unevenly.

Taste is mediocre. Most often, these tomatoes are used to make a variety of sauces.

Advantages and disadvantages

The advantages include the possibility of sowing seeds in open ground, but this applies only to regions with a warm climate. In other regions, culture should be planted in seedlings. A geranium kiss is resistant to all diseases affecting nightshade crops.

The disadvantages include the unevenness of the ripening of the fruits, but you can harvest by brush, because the tomatoes ripen perfectly in the cellar.

Magic cascade

The plant should not be allowed to grow above 2 m

Another early ripe hybrid.


The magic cascade is an indeterminate tomato. He, like all indeterminate plants, is tall. The average height of the bush is 2-2.5 m. Experts recommend pinching the plant after its height reaches 2 m. On higher bushes, the fruits develop worse. At least 8 fruit brushes are formed on a stem 2 m high.

Ripe red fruits weigh no more than 20 g. They have excellent taste. On one fruit brush, up to 40 tomatoes are formed. Productivity is 14 kg per 1 sq. Km. m

Advantages and disadvantages

The main advantage is high yielding capacity. The disadvantages include the difficulty of care associated with the need to tie a bush.

Black beach cherry

In our region, Black Beach Cherry gives a good harvest.


The plant is indeterminate, needs a garter, pinching and formation, which complicates the care of a vegetable crop. The bush reaches a height of up to 2 m. The maximum yield is obtained from bushes formed in 3 or 4 stems. Vegetable culture is intended for cultivation in open ground, but the cold Siberian climate is detrimental to it, therefore, in regions with a cold spring and late summer, it is advisable to build temporary shelters for beds.

Black beach cherry ripens 100 days after the appearance of the first shoots. The ripened fruit, painted in dark purple, weighs about 20 g. On one brush no more than 12 juicy fruits are formed, covered with a thick and durable skin. Productivity is about 2 kg per bush.

As for the taste, the black beach cherry has sourness. It is especially good for making cheese snacks.

Advantages and disadvantages

The advantage of the plant is its unpretentiousness to climatic conditions and resistance to disease. Of the shortcomings, only the need for shaping and garter can be noted.

Green grapes

This unusual tall tomato is suitable for outdoor cultivation.


The unusual yellow-green color of fruits attracts attention. The plant is medium-sized, needs a garter. It is formed in 2 stems. Green grapes ripen in 110 days. Up to 20 fragrant fruits weighing 20-25 g are formed on one brush. Up to 2.5 kg of tomatoes are collected from one bush. Planting seeds at home is carried out 2 months before planting in open ground.

Advantages and disadvantages

Advantages include high yields and disease resistance. The disadvantages of this variety, in addition to the need for tying, no.

Yellow and black varieties

Black and yellow varieties are sweeter than red or pink. Lisa, Ildi, on whose brush up to 100 fruits are formed, and Kira are the best yellow high-yielding cherry tomatoes. They look like sea buckthorn berries. Kumato is a carpal black variety bred either in Morocco or Belgium. Note that yellow tomatoes look like a ray of sun in a canned assortment. A black cherry will add exotic appearance to the salad.

Yellow and black tomatoes are more healthy and contain fewer calories than red ones. The calorie content of yellow vegetables averages 25 kcal per 100 g. Black miniature cherries contain no more than 23 kcal, but this is an average calorie content.


We settled on the characteristic of the most popular varieties in our country. Defining a favorite is not possible.

If we consider the description of other varieties, the high-yielding varieties Verige, Tiger, Maksik, Valentinka, Red Cherry, Trebus and Sweet Million deserve attention. From medium-yielding - Malvina, Pink Monisto and Minx, which grow even with scanty care.

Decorate a bed of varieties B 355, Elf and Honey Drop. In the first, more than 60 fruits are formed on the branch. The second after flowering is formed into fruits of a cylindrical shape. The honey drop has an unusual shape of the fruit, and the word "honey" in the title reflects the taste of tomatoes. Tie the stalks of ampelous tomatoes is not necessary.

Hummingbirds, Strawberry F1, Rose, Premium, Barberry, Little Red Riding Hood, Pink Raisins, Lycopa, Myo, 6 Punto 7 f1, Cola, Date Red F1 will not cause trouble. In the apartment you can grow cherry tomatoes Pinocchio and Cherry Falls. These ampelous varieties can be grown as indoor plants in hanging flower pots.


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