Moon in Virgo

This time is considered to be unfavorable for landings. Despite the fact that Virgo is a zodiac sign related to the elements of the Earth. Planting on this day may not rise, and seedlings and seedlings may dry in the ground. Plant transplants should also be discarded.

Harvesting must be postponed, otherwise, you risk getting tasteless and unripe fruits, they will quickly deteriorate. Procurement to do during this period is not worth it.

This day is suitable for planting flowering plants. Flowers planted in the soil during this period will delight you with long flowering and its fragrant aroma.

It is recommended to do the compilation of herbariums of flowers. Such floral arrangements will look unforgettable, once in the right hands.

Planting plants that have a decorative function and do not serve as human food is not prohibited: they will grow quickly and beautifully, pleasing the eyes of the gardener and decorating the site.

Recommended by:

  • fertilize the soil.
  • fertilize the soil during plowing or watering
  • remove weeds and loosen the soil

Also, this period is considered favorable for work on the site for cleaning fallen leaves: it can be burned (if there are pests on the foliage) or sent to a compost heap (if the leaves are completely healthy).


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