Moon in the twins

Gemini is a sign of Air. Its main qualities are dryness and low productivity. Therefore, this period is not suitable for sowing seeds or planting seedlings. Growing, such plants maximize the development of the root system, but to the detriment of all other parts. As a result, they have a very weak stem that needs support. In the future, the taste of the crop also suffers, and the aroma, if any, is very weak.

Because of all of the above, it is extremely undesirable to plant or transplant plants into this lunar phase. Careful care of weakened specimens will require a lot of effort, but will not live up to expectations. When the moon is in Gemini, watering should be avoided. Despite this, a number of garden works during the specified period can and should be performed.

What to do in the growing phase

Planting or replanting of ornamental shrubs, flower seedlings, as well as sowing flower seeds, will go well. You can plant and climbing plants. Recommended transplant strawberries, wild strawberries (propagated by a mustache). This is the right time to collect medicinal herbs, mowing.

What to do in the decreasing phase

This is a very good time for loosening the soil, applying mulch, hilling potatoes, weeding, removing weeds and weak ovaries. You can do the formation of the crown of trees and shrubs, pruning shoots. Digging of carrots, beets and other root crops is carried out. They extract the roots of medicinal plants, collect ripe fruits.

What is allowed to do to the moon in Gemini

  • Planting plants with creeping (rooted mustache) or creeping (not rooted) stems, as well as curly and ampelous (drooping).
  • Plant melons and legumes, garden and forest strawberries.
  • Remove the mustache from the strawberries, thin out the beds.
  • Loosen the soil directly at the root, spud, pick weeds (do not water!).
  • Break off stepsons, do vaccinations, pinch the kidneys.
  • Mowing lawn and meadow grass, harvesting brushwood and firewood.
  • Cut flowers for sale (keep fresh for a long time).
  • Dig root vegetables and onions for storage in the winter.
  • Collect medicinal herbs and crops, as well as seeds, bulbs, tubers of vegetable and ornamental plants intended for planting.


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