Moon in scorpio

The moment the Moon was in Scorpio falls on a very fertile period.

What kind of work can be done

  • sowing fruit crops with a long shelf life of the crop;
  • planting trees, shrubs;
  • planting plants used as medicines and seasonings;
  • harvesting seed stock for storage;
  • harvesting fruits for long-term storage;
  • soil treatment that does not affect the root system - watering, fertilizing;
  • weed weeding, pest extermination, treatment of diseases.

The crops planted at this time grow well, grow strong, with high resistance to diseases, give a good harvest. The collected fruits have excellent taste, endowed with a large number of useful properties.

What can be done with the crop

The fruits collected during the moon's stay in Scorpio can be used in a variety of ways. Of these, you can:

  • make wine;
  • squeeze the juice;
  • canned by salting;
  • ferment;
  • to extract seeds for future plantings.

The moment is well suited for cutting and drying medicinal and spicy plants.

What actions are undesirable

Contraindicated actions that can adversely affect the state of the root system. During this period, she has an increased sensitivity to damage and wounds.

Also do not do:

  • digging in the zone of root growth;
  • transplanting seedlings;
  • removal of a part of plants that dry, sprouts and shoots infected with diseases;
  • the formation of the crown of shrubs and trees;
  • pruning of the lateral processes;
  • cuttings, separation of roots, rooting.

Loosening the soil, hilling plants is allowed, but this must be done very carefully. If possible, it is advisable to postpone these actions for 2-3 days.


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