The moon in Cancer and its impact on people

The moon in Cancer is at home, therefore does not enter into confrontation with this sign. The owners of this combination are harmonious personalities. Although the zodiac sign leaves its mark, people are not without negative character traits. Affect the horoscope and other astrological aspects.

The moon in Cancer and its impact on people

How Cancer Moon Affects Character

The moon is the patron saint of Cancer, which accompanies this zodiac sign all his life. She is also the first firdar to manage people born during the day in the first 9 years of life. The moon is the first chronocrator in children under 4 years old, responsible for growth and nutrition. The planet endows the ward with intuition, a subtle sensual soul, affection. All these character traits are characteristic of Cancer, because the planet and the zodiac sign are so harmoniously interconnected.

Positive character traits

The positive traits endowed by the moon in the constellation Cancer:

  • emotional sensitivity;
  • softness;
  • sensitivity;
  • caring;
  • patience;
  • ability to empathize;
  • fidelity.

Personalities with the moon in Cancer are typical introverts. They are emotional, but self-contained, rarely show feelings in people. Ready to make concessions, do not like scandals and confrontations. They know how to achieve goals with perseverance, which other signs will envy. Cancers have developed intuition, they are well versed in people, they are able to show sensitivity and care. They value family traditions, take care of children, and for a long time do not want to let them go.

People with the Moon in Cancer are patient. They are ready to perform monotonous and tedious work, immersed in their own thoughts. Such an activity is a way for them to be alone with themselves and restore strength.

In their youth, Crayfish are windy, looking for sexual adventures to satisfy sensuality. After the wedding, loyal to partners. They change extremely rarely and for a significant reason, if the family does not find understanding and sympathy.

Negative character traits

The sign is not without negative characteristics. Its negative traits:

  • passivity and laziness;
  • weak will;
  • moodiness;
  • fear;
  • infantilism;
  • grouchiness;
  • frivolity;
  • a tendency to fantasize;
  • inconstancy;
  • depression.

These people have a sensitive soul, because they often become depressed, become isolated. Cancers are touchy, but rarely enter into open quarrels. They lock themselves in and wait until the partner himself guesses what the problem is. They love to be capricious and grumble, waiting for sympathy. They want to be treated at some moments in their lives as if they were little children. At a young age, their love is short-lived, although they often marry for life.

Lunar Crayfish do not like to work, they prefer that success float in their hands. Only a strong desire makes them stubbornly move toward their cherished dream.

The tendency to fantasize does not make such people deceitful. Rather, they plunge into the invented world, renouncing reality. They are afraid to change something around them, they dream of traveling, but for this they do nothing, they do not overcome the fear of leaving a cozy house.

Moon in Cancer in women

Lunar Cancers Become Good Mothers

The moon in Cancer in a woman makes her tender and sensitive. I want to protect such a girl from all adversities, to give her all her love. In bed, ladies are looking for affection, they are a little passive, but at the same time relaxed, ready to satisfy any desires of a partner. Their sexuality wakes up late, although it persists for many years.

Cancers make good spouses. In the house of such a woman there is always cosiness and order, it is decorated with cute trinkets. They like to delve into the garden and garden, but they only dream about traveling. Husbands are looking for a match: they prefer household couch potatoes. It is important for cancer that the partner shares his values, attachment to family, traditions. Women desperately need men's support, a strong shoulder, which is easy to hide behind. They are prone to mysticism. Shopping, haircut, wedding date, home improvement they often agree with the horoscope, feng shui, astrological calendar.

Mothers from Moon Cancers are good. They take care of their children, they want to protect against all adversities. At the same time, they are trying to develop harmoniously, focusing on the creative abilities of the child. There is a risk that the mother will too much begin to protect her children from the vicissitudes of the outside world. Then they will grow up infantile and non-independent. It is important that the father in such a family gives the child more freedom and accustoms to independence.

When the Moon is in Cancer in a woman, she also has a negative effect on her character. Such a lady is too weak, passive, she often closes in herself, falls into depression. If you are not happy with something, you can cut your husband for weeks. She doesn’t show resentment, she waits until the other half understands and pleads guilty. All this is offset by extraordinary tenderness and devotion to the family and children.

Moon in Cancer in men

The moon in Cancer in a man endows him with some female features. Such a representative of the stronger sex is an affectionate and gentle lover. In his youth, he often has a reputation as a womanizer. He is looking for a soul mate, sorting through different options. Feelings require an exit, because a young guy often changes partners. At the same time, he is not satisfied with platonic relations, he always seeks to quickly be in bed. Falls in love quickly, but also quickly switches to another object of adoration.

Over the years, men become more sedate. The ultimate goal of their love relationship is to create a family. They are looking for a quiet and faithful wife who is ready to devote herself to caring for home, children and her beloved husband.

Lunar Cancers work to provide material well-being to loved ones. They don’t like to spend money in vain, they feel calm only in those cases when they have a certain amount for a rainy day.

The feminine Selena makes the Cancer men beautiful fathers. They devote a lot of time to children, play educational games with them, and teach. They try to instill their own values ​​in the offspring: respect for the family and parents, traditions, attachment to the home. If the zodiacal compatibility between father and child is good, he will be devoted to him. With poor compatibility, children often rebel against parental will, especially in adolescence.

The moon in Cancer awakens a man's negative traits. They are infantile and passive, they miss many opportunities because of laziness. They are excessively stingy, they refuse everything to themselves and their relatives. For example, for years they wear bought clothes, rest, travel, pleasure is considered a waste of money. But such men rarely become home tyrants, they succumb to influence, a smart wife will always be able to push her husband to action, to properly distribute family finances.

The influence of the moon in Cancer on solar signs

Both the Moon and the Sun affect the character of a person, depending on their position at the time of birth. Also pay attention to the position of the planets Jupiter, Mars, Saturn, Neptune, Venus, etc. But in this case, the compilation of an individual natal chart is required, which will take into account the influence of all celestial bodies.


Under the influence of the Moon in Cancer, this sign strengthens intuition, creative abilities. He begins to deeply experience feelings, better understand other people, value home and stability. This is especially true for people whose month of birth is April. Active temperament does not disappear, only the phases of the night luminary begin to affect the mood. Aries becomes even more unpredictable, which often prevents him from finding mutual understanding with partners and making a successful career.


Cancer moon makes Taurus too stubborn

In Taurus, especially born in May, sensuality, tenderness, tact are enhanced even more. Above all, he values ​​family, home comfort. Taurus give all their strength to equip their nest, to ensure a stable future for themselves and their families. They can show empathy and help people in difficult times.

There is a risk that Taurus with the moon in Cancer will become too conservative and stubborn, begin to avoid society. This will prevent you from making a successful career and earning.


The intuition of Cancer and the sharp mind of Gemini make the owner of such an astrological combination invincible, especially if he was born in June. The twin quickly analyzes events, recognizes the secret aspirations and thoughts of others. Achieves success in any field: in science, management, politics, creativity. Selena smooths out such features as inconstancy, makes Gemini more attached to the house, close. The negative aspect of this combination is increased sensitivity, excessive secrecy, a tendency to deceive and fantasize, the desire to put things off for tomorrow.


If the Moon and the Sun are in the same sign of the Zodiac, all inherent traits of character are enhanced. Such personalities are distinguished by developed intuition, even extrasensory abilities. They are emotional, although rarely express their feelings. They prefer to lock themselves in their own sink, even relatives do not know them to the end.

The influence of the moon on solar Cancer is not always positive. The owners of this combination are sensitive, passive, they are often attacked by black melancholy. At the same time, double Cancers are faithful to their family, faithful, able to help and sympathize.

a lion

In combination with Cancer, Leo becomes more insightful, learning to spend money and time economically. At the same time, it remains a natural leader attracting people. He knows how to manage and organize processes, to realize not only his own ideas, but also those of others.

This zodiac sign is active, radiates positive, even lunar melancholy is not able to defeat his thirst for life. He is sensual, attached to his family, has a developed protective instinct. Problems arise if a passive, “home” Leo falls into the combination. Then he turns into a grim grumbler, terrorizing everyone around him.


The moon in Cancer helps Virgo better understand people, develops creative abilities. She makes this sign emotional, adds sexuality and sensuality to it. Such traits add attractiveness, contribute to success. But the lunar sign makes Virgo also more withdrawn, unable to accept criticism. These people are touchy and picky, it is difficult to get along with them. Virgo always believes that she is white and fluffy, and the partner is to blame for everything.


In Libra, the ability to read thoughts and guess the desires of other people wakes up. They are flexible, quickly adapt to circumstances, are able to flatter, therefore quickly make a career. Lunar influence develops creative abilities, intuition, which will be useful in any field.

Libra values ​​family and relationships, is faithful to its partners, but they have a weak will, they are easily susceptible to the influence of others, are fond of empty ideas, and do not always make good decisions. If Libra encounters difficulty, they retreat, become depressed for a long time, become lazy and passive.


Scorpions do not forgive insults

Cancer finds a faithful ally in Scorpio, because they have a common element - blue water. In this combination, intuition is enhanced, the ability to read thoughts and foresee the future. The owners of such a horoscope are self-confident, they know what they want from life, they are able to achieve their goals. They are secretive, never show feelings in public. In love, passionate and violent, but jealous, they want to control their partner, devoted to their family and loved ones.

Scorpions become skillful manipulators under the influence of Cancer, in addition, they are vindictive and never forgive insults.


The influence of the night luminary has a positive effect on Sagittarius. His business instinct is aggravating, which in combination with high intellect and the ability to think abstractly brings good results. Sagittarius makes a successful career in any field, because he prefers to realize his dreams today, rather than putting them off for later. He also becomes more sensitive to other people's experiences, becomes attached to family and home, less often changes partners. There is also a negative influence. Sagittarius easily succumb to the influence of others, pass to failure, often weave intrigue.


The ruler of this zodiac sign is the wise Saturn. He makes him pragmatic, prudent, hardworking. The moon in the emotional sign Cancer awakens hidden sensuality and sexuality in Capricorn, teaches to love and enjoy life. This combination opens up new perspectives. Man or woman find partners easier, find happiness in family life. In business relations, the sign becomes perspicacious, his intuition is enhanced. But in combination with Cancer, Capricorn runs the risk of becoming mean, introverted. He is prone to depression and pessimism, if he does not develop his positive qualities.


Selena strengthens creativity in Aquarius, intuition. She makes this sign more sensual, teaches to make strong connections with people, to love for real. A cheerful and sociable Aquarius is always popular in society, evokes sympathy for everyone. Even the phases of the moon, affecting the mood of Cancer, are not able to get the air sign out of themselves. From time to time, he needs a rest, then closes in himself, locks himself at home or goes on a trip. Aquarius has his own opinion on everything, but he is easily keen on solving puzzles, insignificant tasks, and goes into the world of fantasies.


On Pisces, lunar influence affects in a special way. They become mystics and prophets, read people's minds, and often use this for manipulation. Pisces write a play in their head and bring it to life. No one knows their true aspirations and motives. They are creative personalities and achieve success in music, painting, theater. Sometimes their abilities border on genius.

There are dangers in such a combination. Fishes easily go into their inner world, detach from reality, acquire bad habits: drunkenness, alcoholism. In this case, they turn into a loser alone, sink to the very bottom.


The moon in Cancer and the characteristic of its influence on solar signs are more complex. The influence is provided by the ascendant, descent, the degree of correlation with other planets, the calendar of birth (taking into account the day, month, year and time of day), therefore, experts recommend compiling an individual horoscope. Only trends and some influences on personality are shown here. They are not a sentence or an undeniable truth. Much depends on how much everyone is able to work on themselves, change circumstances, and not adapt to them.


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