The moon in Aries and its influence on personality

The cold moon in Aries collides with the element of fire. Out of this interaction extraordinary personalities are born. The planet-patron of the fire sign of the Zodiac is Mars, it always pushes the ward to fight, so you will not have to miss next to such people, no matter what sun sign they are.

The moon in Aries and its influence on personality

Character Features

The moon in Aries greatly affects the personality in any situation. It creates a fork, which causes a person to go to extremes, quickly change position, jump from one business to another. This bright sign also gives its owner leadership qualities, energy, an active lifestyle. They are drawn to such people, they are admired. They like to be original in everything, from cutting hair and clothes to ideas and worldviews, do not reckon with authorities.

Such a horoscope is often held by famous artists, scientists, as well as rebels and villains.

Positive character traits

Lunar Aries has many positive character traits. Among them:

  • energy;
  • determination;
  • optimism;
  • enterprise;
  • courage;
  • cheerful disposition;
  • leadership skills;
  • emotionality;
  • romanticism;
  • idealism;
  • love of change.

Lunar Aries have an original mind, are able to make innovative decisions. They quickly embrace new ideas, inspire others, and lead. Optimism, cheerful disposition, sociability attract to them. Such individuals are not able to remain in the shade, they are always in the spotlight. They have a kind, bold heart that encourages the weak to go to the rescue.

In love, the moon Aries are frantic and insatiable, they burn with passion. This sign is an incorrigible romantic, it is popular with the opposite sex. At work, he is valued for his energy and efficiency, leadership qualities. He prefers to relax actively, in a noisy company, at parties, likes to travel. He quickly learns and knows how to put knowledge into practice.

Negative character traits

The combination of the cold Moon and warlike Mars makes Aries nature contradictory and unpredictable. The following negative features are inherent in it:

  • impulsiveness;
  • aggressiveness;
  • authority
  • jealousy;
  • rampant;
  • inconstancy;
  • rudeness;
  • infantilism;
  • excessive straightforwardness;
  • unhealthy excitement;
  • lack of patience;
  • vanity.

These people rarely ponder the consequences of their actions. They commit an act under the influence of an impulse, a momentary desire. They quickly catch up with new ideas, but also quickly forget about them. Often they do not know how to bring things to the end, they throw them halfway. It’s easier for Aries to organize people around him, to give them instructions, and to run to new heights and achievements himself. To achieve goals, he does not hesitate to weave intrigues, to deceive, in order to get the result today.

In a relationship, it’s unstable, at the same time makes intrigues with several partners. At the same time, he is jealous and does not admit that he, too, can be changed. He rarely listens to other people's opinions, painfully experiences failures and is not able to extract useful experience from them. When problems arise, it becomes irritable, often causing scandals. It does not spare the feelings of loved ones, pours on them all the accumulated negativity. It is moody and infantile.

Aries moon in women

Aries moon makes woman more emotional

The moon in Aries in a woman makes her impulsive and emotional. Such behavior may not always please men, although fiery ladies attract their eyes. If a girl falls in love, she will give herself all to a new feeling. She hates as passionately as she loves. In relations, prefers equality, does not tolerate restrictions on freedom.

A fiery woman originally looks and dresses, she never follows the generally accepted fashion and standards. Makes unusual haircuts for hair, piercings, tattoos, wears bright things. He chooses professions related to risk, leadership, does not divide them into male and female. Able to conduct business independently, is building a dizzying career. But such a development of life is possible only with a successful set of circumstances or a powerful influence of the solar sign on the lunar one.

Aries woman will never turn into a housewife. In her apartment there is a perfect order or complete rout, depending on the mood. She always combines home, work and hobbies, in four walls a fire sign is boring. If the stars rose badly, Aries does not cost anything to make a scandal. She does not choose words and painfully injures loved ones.

He educates the child impulsively, she lacks patience and methodicality. But children love such mothers, because the moon Aries is cheerful, energetic and does not let anyone get bored. Outbursts of anger are easy to survive: they pass quickly.

Women do not know how to plan a budget. If there is no sane partner nearby, they will spend all the money and quickly go bankrupt.

Aries moon in men

The moon in Aries in men makes him extremely loving. He jumps from one bed to another, while all his feelings are sincere. At the sight of a pretty woman, he is ready that evening to declare his love, bring a heap of gifts and offer a journey to the ends of the Earth. But after 2-3 months, his enthusiasm cools, and the man sets off in search of new adventures.

Next to him, Aries likes to see strong partners who are ready to share his passion for adventure. Moreover, he does not concede leadership, does not bend under the opinions of others, often behaves like an egoist. He creates a family late when he “walks up” or wants to survive a new and unusual adventure.

In marriage, she cheats, while she is jealous of her spouse and considers her as her property. The fathers of these men are interesting. Children are drawn to dad, he is never bored. He is often not at home, and communication turns into a holiday.

At the work of men, Aries are valued for their energy, optimism, and leadership qualities. Out of them come good bosses, but useless performers. Often they start their own business, because they are completely unable to obey. The project will be successful if the solar sign of the lunar Aries balances its impulsiveness and inconstancy, or there is a more stable partner nearby.

Aries cannot save money. This negatively affects their affairs and family budget. But energy and activity allow us to find new opportunities, therefore, representatives of this sign are not poor. There are always many friends around them, ready to turn their shoulders and come in difficult times.

Interaction with the solar horoscope

The moon and the sun, which pass through different signs of the zodiac, have a great influence on each other. Hindu astrology jyotish attaches particular importance to this ratio in the natal chart. Selena is responsible for the emotional and sensual sphere, which affects the character of a person. Indeed, the majority controls the mind better than the senses.


The Moon and the Sun in the sign of Aries exacerbate both positive and negative character traits. The owner of such a combination has a sharp mind, high intelligence, pronounced leadership qualities and a lot of energy. He is distinguished by an unusual appearance: he creates original haircuts and hair coloring, wears bright clothes.

Impulsive behavior, periods of fun alternate with aggression. Getting along with him is not easy, but people are fascinated by the charisma of such a person and never leave him alone.


If there is a moon Aries in the sunny Taurus, he will experience unprecedented success. After all, their patrons, Venus and Mars, according to one version, were husband and wife. Energy, multiplied by consistency and hard work, bring good results. From the side it seems that the sign has expressive behavior, it is too emotional. But under the mask of frivolity lies a solid person.

The moon in some situations adversely affects Taurus. His authority increases, he often turns into a dictator. The earthly sign is also characterized by impulsiveness, but the destructive force of its aggression in many ways exceeds the fiery one. This is especially true for those whose birthday falls on May.


Moon induces Gemini to action

Under the influence of the moon, energy awakens in the Gemini. They are moving from mental battles and philosophizing to action. Unfortunately, the results are not always positive, because both signs are not able to consistently achieve the goal, they lack the patience to finish the job. This does not prevent us from always staying in the spotlight and infecting people with ideas.

In Gemini and Aries, a young child lives up to old age, capable of perceiving the world as a fairy tale, and always discovering something new in it. Only they have no attachments, their inner child is selfish and freedom-loving, does not tolerate restrictions. Such traits are characteristic of those born from May 20-21 to May 27.


Under the influence of the lunar fire sign, Crayfish get rid of excessive anxiety, isolation. They crawl out of the sink, realize their old dream of traveling, break with tired traditions. Their fear of bankruptcy disappears, such people do not become spenders, but they also stop denying themselves pleasure.

Crayfish have developed intuition, and the Moon adds flexibility to their minds. Energy helps to conquer new heights, achieve success in any business. Optimism saves from black melancholy, which every day lies in wait for Cancer, spoils his sleep and life.

a lion

The king of beasts has good compatibility with his moon sign. In Leo, leadership qualities are doubled, while nobility and a sense of responsibility are preserved. He learns to look at things easier, not pay attention to gossip, criticism, gaining a more democratic outlook on the world.

In unfavorable circumstances, in such a combination dictators or losers are born who believe that the world did not understand them and was unworthy of their greatness.


This combination is contradictory, the horoscope has its pros and cons. Virgo lacks a holistic vision of the world, she pays too much attention to detail. Lunar Aries is able to correct such a mistake. But he strengthens Virgo's ambitions: for the sake of achieving goals, she betrays her principles, then she suffers for a long time because of this. Emotionally, the sign remains cold, real feelings rarely flash in it. Often these people live alone, although they also make a forecast of a happy life.


Astrological combination affects Libra ambiguously. They acquire under the influence of the moon shocking, eccentricity and activity. They often shine in society, attract friends and acquaintances. But in the soul, this sign does not want to be in the spotlight. He prefers to communicate with loved ones or loneliness, likes to study and train intelligence.

Over time, in Libra, detachment develops, they hide real feelings. The way out of this situation is to change the situation and the circle of contacts, and search for individual work.


A person who, according to the calendar, has the Sun in Scorpio and the Moon in Aries, is distinguished by realism and a practical mind. He does not concentrate on philosophy; he prefers concrete actions to reflection. Moral concepts and categories are blurred for him; he considers everything that brings him personal benefit to be correct.

Ambition awakens in Scorpio, he seeks to achieve a high position in society. Often it succeeds. The intellect and vigor of the solar sign are enhanced by the intuition and insight of the aquatic.


Sagittarius needs to curb his wild temper

According to the calendar, Sagittarius with the lunar Aries has an inexhaustible supply of energy. They are pioneers and enthusiasts who are able to lead entire nations. Ambition and vanity are inherent in such people, but they skillfully hide their own goals from others. By agreeing publicly with the opinions of others, they create the appearance of a compromise. In reality, only a small part of the interests of the interlocutor is taken into account, promoting their own ideas.

A rebel and a destroyer always lives in Sagittarius, it will become dangerous for others if it does not manage to curb its violent temper.


Aries has a positive effect on Capricorn; they have good compatibility. The lunar part of the horoscope enhances intelligence, adds energy and teaches you to look at the world more optimistically. The owner of such a combination is able to work day by day, realizing his plans and ambitions. He does not spend money in vain, but at the same time he does not turn into a miser, boldly makes purchases. In Capricorn, the desire for pleasure awakens, he wants to get everything out of life.

The emotional sphere remains untouched, Capricorn remains cold and callous. Outwardly, he seems sensual, sociable, but this is only a mask.


Outwardly, the influence of the moon is almost imperceptible on Aquarius. It seems that this is a transit planet for him. But this is a misleading impression. In this combination, the sign strengthens intelligence and a tendency to analytical thinking, increase ambition, and pride appear. In Aquarius, desires and aspirations unknown to him wake up, he applies all his instincts and energy to achieve power. He does not need recognition, he knows his worth. But the thought of influencing people does not give rest until it is realized. A rational and practical mind that is not obscured by unnecessary emotions helps to achieve the goal.


In Pisces, under the influence of Aries, latent energy awakens. Their sagacious mind and developed intuition make it possible to achieve success in life. They achieve great results in analytics, creative professions, and science. Moreover, the influence of the moon does not awaken in Pisces excessive ambitions or the desire to be in the spotlight. Their life remains hidden from prying eyes, they prefer a narrow circle of communication, they work for their pleasure.


The moon in the sign of Aries activates in many people conflicting character traits. Success and position in society depends on how much a person is able to take advantage of the combination and level its disadvantages. You can’t expect simple luck, because every day brings surprises. Today the strip is white, and tomorrow it is replaced by black. Neither the birth calendar, nor the horoscope give a final definition of fate, it is in our hands.


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