Moon in Aquarius

This lunar period is unfavorable for garden work. The sign of Aquarius is an infertile sign. For sowing seeds and planting, time is considered unprofitable - the plants will lack taste and a characteristic smell.

The following procedures should be discarded:

  • from sowing seeds;
  • transplanting seedlings;
  • planting fruit trees and berry bushes.

Sown seeds will give few shoots, seedlings do not grow well, get sick a lot, and bring a low yield. Planting flowering crops these days leads to a small number of inflorescences, besides lacking beauty and smell, with underdeveloped stems.

On this day, energy is unstable due to the intermediate stage between the phases of the moon. Therefore, do not plant and replant trees and garden bushes. Under the influence of the sign of Aquarius, seedlings develop poorly, give few fruits, often get sick and spoiled by pests.

In this location of the moon, it is recommended to do preventive maintenance on the site:

  • carry out sanitary pruning;
  • to treat the garden from pests;
  • clean weed grass, last year's tops;
  • harvest;
  • water the greenhouse seedlings;
  • make organic and mineral fertilizers under the trees;
  • cultivate the soil.

It is also important on this day to engage in regiments, hilling, loosening the soil, spraying trees and bushes, and you can also put the crop in storage - it will be well preserved.


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