Methods for treating diarrhea in pigeons

Domesticated birds are susceptible to various diseases that can develop into an epidemic, and one of the symptoms is diarrhea. Why do pigeons vilify? Diarrhea in pigeons is found in young and adult birds, and therefore it is important to pay special attention to it.

Diarrhea in pigeons

Pigeons carry after eating poor-quality food or the manifestation of diseases of the stomach. How to deal with dangerous symptoms in pigeons?

Domestic pigeons and their maintenance

If even one pigeon began to vilify, you should not wait for miraculous healing. Pigeons rarely suffer from diarrhea alone, most often negative environmental factors or poisoning are manifested in the whole flock. Breeding pigeons is always an interesting activity, coupled with a number of difficulties. Freedom-loving pigeons keep together and do not break away from the group. Other domesticated birds may suffer from diarrhea, but unlike pigeons, geese or ducks carry various infectious diseases more easily without pronounced consequences.

Breeding pigeons is easy if you find a special approach to the bird. Unpretentious birds huddle in cages in the winter and like to spend time outdoors in the summer. It is only necessary to treat the flock when the whole poultry suffers from epidemics. The flock is provided with high-quality, healthy, nutritious food and clean water. Diarrhea occurs when one of the basic conditions for keeping pigeons is violated.

In the warm season, pigeons drink a lot and cool their own body in cool water. Treating a bird when diarrhea is the first symptom begins with a thorough diagnosis. Weakened and healthy birds are examined, food and drinker contents are checked. Every farmer needs to be careful with water. Treatment without diagnosis can end in disrepair for the entire economy. During the period of massive diarrhea, when literally every poultry suffers with diarrhea, an examination of all animals is carried out.

The reason for pigeon diarrhea

The cause of pigeon diarrhea, when pigeons refuse to eat or drink, should be established in a short time. It depends on how quickly the bird becomes ill and how quickly it infects other pigeons. There is no single reason for the occurrence of diarrhea. The causes of pigeon diarrhea (adult pigeons and young animals), which are often found in a domestic flock, are as follows:

  • improperly prepared feed or damaged feed;
  • unbalanced diet;
  • downed regimen of food and feed;
  • diseases associated with the multiplication of a virus or bacterial infection;
  • parasitic diseases;
  • esophagus disease;
  • diseases caused by hypothermia or severe overheating;
  • contaminated water and unwashed drinking bowl.

Each cause is dangerous and poses a potential threat to the health of a new brood, young or adult pigeon. You can get rid of diarrhea only after determining the cause of the disease. Treating the symptoms will not lead to anything good. The necessary approach, which guarantees the safety of every pigeon and attention to negative changes, is taking care of the pet long before the onset of symptoms.

The pigeon’s diarrhea looks like droppings of a watery consistency with light shades of yellow and white.

Sometimes green stains appear in loose stools, which help establish the correct diagnosis. The appearance of diarrhea in the blood is an alarming sign for the farmer. For a disease that is accompanied by such symptoms, special treatment is necessary. Each case is atypical and needs to be considered separately. Just in case, all poultry that could be in contact with the infected pigeon is checked.

Adverse external factors

When doves have diarrhea? Negative factors contributing to the onset of diarrhea are temporary and permanent. The consequences of diarrhea in pigeons in a chronic neglected form are a digestive system dysfunction and a systematic weakening of the body's defense mechanisms. If the cause of diarrhea in pigeons (all pigeons are ill) is clarified, then a veterinarian is prescribed treatment. Thanks to the primary factor leading to pigeon diarrhea, a plan for future prevention can be drawn up.

It is important for the bird to receive all the nutrients and mineral supplements with food. Feeding is important not only for the feathered, but also for the person who plans to consume pigeon meat. Why is a fractional balanced diet needed? Drawing up a diet is a paramount task for a person. By organizing his own farm, the farmer ensured safety for himself and his own family. Pure water will help the bird to escape from the heat, and food will survive the harsh winter.

Vitamin deficiency is often found in representatives of the pigeon flock, especially in the cold season. Lack of vitamins of groups A, B and E leads to a rapid deterioration in the well-being of birds and the appearance of liquid droppings. Due to an unbalanced diet, the work of the esophagus is disrupted, and as a result, the first diarrhea appears. Disorders caused by lack of vitamin E:

  • digestive upset;
  • violation of the nervous system;
  • esophagus dysfunction.

Delaying with treatment is dangerous, because every day of procrastination can cost a person a whole brood. Lack of other vitamins, such as K, leads to impaired plasma coagulability and constant diarrhea. The set of pronounced symptoms allows you to clarify the diagnosis. How to treat vitamin deficiency in birds?

Goiter inflammation

Feathered goiter is the organ of the bird's esophagus, in which the consumed food is collected and slowly processed. Some enzymes secreted from the stomach of a pigeon help break down food. Failures in the esophagus occur for certain reasons:

  • the use of low-quality foods and spoiled feed;
  • penetration of toxic substances into food and water of a bird;
  • eating only crops and lack of wet food;
  • inflammatory process in goiter;
  • digestive disorders due to malnutrition.

Infectious diarrhea can be treated with antibiotics. Strong drugs contribute to the disruption of microflora. By themselves, antibiotics for various diseases cause loose stools and pain in the peritoneum. After discontinuation of the drug, the symptoms disappear on their own.

The farmer’s first step will be to review the diet of the birds. In feeders and drinking bowls there should be only high-quality and healthy products with a high content of calcium, vitamins and nutrients. Launched forms are treated with the help of special medicines.

Infectious disease treatment

Fluid stools in birds are permanent or temporary. Infectious diseases are dangerous for a long incubation period. The massive nature of diseases can lead to the death of the entire flock. Ignore loose stools is not worth it.

The following types of infection are distinguished, which are characterized by the manifestation of diarrhea:

  • bacterial;
  • fungal;
  • viral;
  • parasitic.

Watery stools have a greenish tinge with impurities of mucus and an unpleasant smell of rot. Such fecal matter should alert the farmer. Infectious diseases spread not only to animals, but also to humans. Healing a pigeon pack in the interest of the farmer. For digestive disorders, pathologies of the internal organs of adult birds and young animals occur.

Parasitic diseases develop against the background of infection with parasites of various types. It is difficult to cure this type of infectious disease, especially in the early stages. It is impossible to prevent infection of all individuals, and it will not be possible to carry out prophylaxis without changing the feed and water. Therapy for worms includes the use of special anthelmintic drugs intended for animals.

Treatment of pigeons at home

Only an experienced farmer can cure a pigeon without the help of a veterinarian. If the fever was struck by a parasite, then acute symptoms will reveal the cause. Prevention of helminthiasis will help get rid of the danger of infection of the entire brood. For the first time faced with an infectious disease or poisoning in a bird, a person should not lose control of the situation. Timely response will avoid dangerous consequences. How to cure a pigeon pack? Assigning a course of treatment yourself is dangerous and risky.

Medicines are used only in especially neglected forms, when the pigeon becomes weak and exhausted. Together with nutritious and useful complementary foods, vitamin complexes are added. Only a comprehensive impact on the problem will help cure the bird. After diagnosis, if an infection has been detected, the bird is isolated in a separate cell. The course of treatment for helminthiasis or bacterial disease is from 5 to 14 days. Strong antibiotics are not used. Anthelmintic for people will help get rid of parasites in the body of a bird. A plentiful drink and succulent food will help the bird to get into shape quickly with food poisoned.


Manifestations of the disease in adult birds or young animals should receive a response from a person. Timely diagnosis and complex therapy help get rid of diarrhea even in the weakest pigeons.


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