Methods of dealing with a scabbard on a lemon tree

Whole trees are grown from citrus fruits on the home windowsill. Often, citrus plants infect a pest. A shield on a lemon can kill a tree completely.

Fighting with a scab on lemon

What is this parasite

The full name of the pest is shield aphid. Convex brown spots on the plant speak of its appearance.

Scaffold on a lemon sticks to the leaves and branches, feeds on the juice of the stem. Pests multiply rapidly - they should be combated immediately. Otherwise, the citrus tree is depleted and dies.

The scabbard is also dangerous in that its mucus is a favorable environment for the growth of soot fungus, which also affects other plants.

Signs of the disease

Aphids appear through the soil or from other plants. Sometimes larvae fly with the wind through open windows.

Indoor lemon and scabbard are incompatible. If you look closely at the affected plant, you can see that:

  • brown or brown spots appeared on the plates of the leaf or trunk;
  • the leaves begin to turn yellow and dry out;
  • the tree trunk becomes rough and bumpy;
  • a sweet, sticky liquid is visible on the leaves (sometimes it flows down).

How to cure a citrus tree

Lemon treatment for scabs at home is done with gentle methods. This means that they do not harm the health of the inhabitants of the house.

The fight against scabies on a lemon involves the use of one of 3 methods of treating a plant:

  • mechanical;
  • chemical;
  • folk.


The mechanical method allows you to get rid of adults from a tree. Its minus is the duration and laboriousness. If you skip several pests, you have to start fighting the pest again:

  • You will need a toothbrush (cotton swab) and an alcohol-containing product (or alcohol). Soapy water is sometimes recommended.
  • Pests are lubricated with alcohol or soapy water, removed with a brush from leaves and stems. This is not easy, because they have a strong shell, through which liquids penetrate with difficulty.

Processing is carried out regularly to prevent the emergence of new individuals. Complex treatments are allowed: first by a mechanical method, and then by a chemical one.


Spraying with drugs will eliminate the problem

The chemical method involves the use of special preparations, for example, citrus citrus products from Aktara. So removing the parasite from the plant is much easier. This drug is dangerous not only for adults, but also for larvae.

The fight against scabies on lemon with the help of "Aktara":

  • The leaves and stems of the tree are sprayed with a spray.
  • The plant is watered with poison.

The roots absorb substances that are dangerous for aphids and it, eating poisoned juice, dies.

Fruits from a chemical treated tree should not be eaten temporarily. You should wait for the emergence of new ones.

Folk methods

When it is not possible to use a mechanical or chemical method of pest control, they use folk. It is less effective than using pesticides. Tinctures have gained particular popularity against aphids. They attract with simplicity and safety.

  • Onion tincture. The chopped small onion is insisted for 1 day in 1 liter of water. Filtered infusion wipe the leaves.
  • Garlic tincture. A large amount of garlic (about 5 cloves) is chopped, pour 1 tbsp. water. After infusion for 10 hours, the solution is treated with leaves.
  • Chile tincture. In half a liter of water, 50 g of chili pepper is boiled. They insist 2 hours, after which they process the leaves (this remedy for scrubbing on a lemon is dangerous for the eyes and other mucous membranes, so gloves should be used).

Tinctures are dangerous only for pest larvae, so the tree needs to be processed regularly, every 7-10 days. Also, to get rid of scaffolds on a lemon, preventive measures are taken. These include timely dust removal, soil quality control, and wet leaf cleaning every week. Citrus should not be allowed to come into contact with fresh flowers or infected plants.


There are no 100% effective ways to get rid of parasites on a lemon. All methods require effort and require regularity. Modern manufacturers provide a variety of pesticides to choose from, and for opponents of chemistry, mechanical methods of controlling the parasite or alternative methods are suitable.


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