Methods and shelf life of honey mushrooms

Conditionally edible mushrooms are widely used in cooking. They are frozen, fried, salted and pickled. Each cooking method has its own period during which storage of honey mushrooms is permissible.

Methods and shelf life of honey mushrooms

How to keep fresh mushrooms

It is permissible to store cut fresh mushrooms after harvesting in the forest until subsequent cooking, for a maximum of 6 hours. A suitable place where you can store fresh mushrooms is a refrigerator or a basement.

It is better to clean and cook the cut mushrooms immediately after harvesting. The fewer fruits lie without treatment, the better. Otherwise, the collected hygroscopic lamellar mushrooms absorb moisture and foreign odors from the environment, mold and lose their elasticity.

How to store frozen honey mushrooms

Freezing fresh honey mushrooms is the easiest way to save them.

Before freezing, they are sorted out, removing debris, the lower edge of the mushroom leg is cut off, in large specimens, the white shell is removed. Honey mushrooms are recommended to be stored without prior washing: during freezing, they will stick together. If pre-washing or soaking are required, they are dried before being put into the freezer.

For freezing, the mushrooms are portioned in plastic bags, if there is free space in the freezer - in food containers.

It is permissible to freeze mushrooms with fresh, previously boiled or fried. Moreover, in the process of heat treatment try not to add salt.

Terms and conditions of storage

Keep honey mushrooms frozen fresh, required at a temperature of -18 ° C-24 ° C. Under these conditions, without additional defrosting and subsequent secondary freezing, the mushrooms can survive for 3 to 6 months without losing their useful and taste qualities, being suitable for eating.

Honey mushrooms frozen after preliminary heat treatment are able to maintain gastronomic characteristics throughout the year.

How to save pickled mushrooms

Honey mushrooms are pickled in glass jars, rolling them up or simply closing them with lids. An acceptable option is to use marinade or pre-fry in oil. In pickled mushrooms with a bite, the longest shelf life is preserved with the preservation of appearance.

Before pickling, the mushrooms are soaked for about an hour in water.

Terms and conditions of storage

In rolled up jars, subject to all preservation conditions, the shelf life of the mushrooms pickled using vinegar is 1 year. Pickled billets in a jar, closed with a polyethylene lid, remain suitable for no more than 6 months. The shelf life of pre-roasted honey agarics, filled with vegetable oil, is 6 months, regardless of the type of packaging. This period suggests that the products are stored in a refrigerator at a temperature not exceeding 5 ° C.

Pickled mushrooms are stored no more than a year

Store pickled mushrooms is also permissible at room indicators. Shelf life is reduced to 3-4 months, regardless of the type of seaming. Room storage does not apply to mushrooms pickled in oil.

How to save salted mushrooms

Preservation of mushrooms allows their preliminary salting. It is possible to salt honey agarics with the hot or cold method.

Terms and conditions of storage

The storage periods of fungi salted in different ways differ:

  • it is permissible to store salted by the hot method in a refrigerator at a temperature not exceeding 5 ° C for 8-12 months,
  • the shelf life of prepared cold food is no more than six months and requires regular checks during storage for the absence of mold and topping brine to a level that covers the mushroom mass.

Suitable conditions are 5 ° C-8 ° C. When the temperature is lowered to 0 ° С, salted billets freeze and lose their gastronomic qualities, when they increase to 10 ° С and higher, they become acidic, moldy and become unusable.

How to keep dried mushrooms

Drying the mushrooms is another way to preserve them. By taste they are not inferior to freshly prepared, and nutritionally better pickled. The only negative of dried mushroom preparations is the loss of an attractive appearance.

Terms and conditions of storage

Vacuum food containers and glass containers tightly closed with a lid are suitable for storing dried mushrooms. It is permissible to keep them in fabric bags, however, it is necessary to ensure the absence of dampness and extraneous odors.

Dried mushroom stocks are checked every 30 days for bugs. If signs of the presence of insects are found, the mushrooms are rinsed under running water and heated in an oven at a temperature of 70 ° C.

The shelf life of honey mushrooms in dried form, provided appropriate conditions, is 1 year.


There are different ways to save honey. Each of them has its own terms, during which the blanks remain usable. These terms are shortened if the conditions in which the mushrooms are stored are violated.


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