The Meaning of Feng Shui Mandarin

In modern society, the eastern teaching of feng shui has become popular. People strive to create an interior according to its laws. An important element of the home environment are plants. Feng Shui tangerine tree is of particular importance.

The Meaning of Feng Shui Mandarin

Where did the tradition come from

In China, the fruits of this fruit tree were considered a delicacy. They were expensive, only wealthy people could afford them. The name of the fruit comes from the name of the official rank.

In ancient China (as far back as 1000 BC), a tradition arose to celebrate the New Year with this citrus. People had a custom: coming to visit, the owner was given a pair of tangerines. In response, he presented guests with these fruits. There are several reasons for this:

  • Eastern people, unlike the Slavs, are not afraid of even numbers. They decided to give an even number of items (except 4, which is consonant with the word "death").
  • "A pair of tangerines" in Chinese is consonant with the word "gold". Giving these fruits to each other symbolized the desire for financial prosperity.
  • On a plate laid out from citrus the number 8, which brings good luck, wealth and prosperity. In addition, the color of the fruit resembles the color of coins.

Fruits and their image are considered talismans for humans. In Japan, where Feng Shui is also common, a tangerine plant has the same meaning as in China, because both the teaching and the fruit were "imported" from China in antiquity.

Tree value

Feng Shui tangerine tree means wealth, prosperity, success.

The tree will help to find happiness in marriage

In China, mandarin has a meaning equivalent to a money tree (because it bears fruit as a symbol of wealth). According to Feng Shui, a citrus plant should be purchased:

  • young girls who want to successfully marry and find happiness in marriage;
  • couples who want to rekindle a lost passion, as well as spouses who want to conceive a child;
  • young couples who wish to strengthen the relationship.

Buying fruit is necessary in an excellent mood. It is also not forbidden to grow a tree yourself, but then you have to wait a long time for the fruits. Flowering plants are also considered a sign of a favorable atmosphere in the house.

Where to place a flowerpot with a tree

In the rules of Feng Shui, an important factor is the placement of furniture and decor. Depending on the location, the strength of the fruit will be directed at different goals:

  • For the health of family members, it is placed in the rooms of the eastern part of the house.
  • To attract wealth to the house, north-eastern rooms are chosen.

The plant must be placed on a stand or bedside table. You can not put it in a corner or on the floor.

A good sign is the careful care of tangerine. It should be looked after with love, protecting from diseases and parasites.

The plant is considered a good gift. With its help, loved ones are bestowed with prosperity, happiness and wealth.

A living tree works well, but if the house does not have conditions suitable for it, it is advised to purchase a figurine in the form of a plant with fruits. If possible, it should be made of natural materials. Fruits should be made from natural stones of orange color. The figurine must be carefully looked after, regularly dusting it.


The tradition to consider mandarin as a money plant originated in ancient China, as is the tradition of citrus fruits for the New Year. The plant blocks the negative flow of qi energy. It brings financial prosperity to the house. In the sphere of relations, mandarin promotes the renewal of passion, strengthening the feelings of love in a pair.

You need to put the plant in the north-eastern or eastern part of the house. It is important to care for the tree so that it bears fruit. It is permissible to replace a living plant with a figurine made of natural stones.


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