Making a garlic planter with your own hands

Garlic is a natural antibiotic that rescues from all diseases. In addition, it has excellent taste and is indispensable in many dishes. That is why farmers are trying to plant this vegetable on a large scale. To do this, you can make a garlic planter with your own hands.

Making a garlic planter with your own hands

Depending on the availability of funds and the necessary materials, it is recommended to build different devices at home. These designs will help when planting garlic, making labor easier and significantly increasing the planted area

On a walk-behind tractor

The motoblock has recently replaced for the farmer several previously used tools on the farm. This is a kind of mini tractor for Russian gardeners.

Using the device, you can dig and process potatoes, plow the land, use it as a means of transporting goods over rough terrain, if you build a makeshift trailer.

Attaching a planter to the walk-behind tractor is not easy, but it will save a lot of time and effort.

To build a garlic planter on a walk-behind tractor with your own hands you will need:

  • A container for seeds of a triangular shape, so that it is convenient to fall asleep along a wide channel, and the seeds come out from the opposite narrow end in a dosed manner.
  • Wheel.
  • Gears.
  • Chain.
  • Bolts and fasteners.
  • Opener.

These elements must be attached to the walk-behind tractor according to a pre-prepared drawing.

Manual on wheels

The hand seeder has many positive qualities:

  • This technical apparatus is easy to use.
  • It does not need to buy fuel.
  • Mechanical damage is easy to fix.

During sowing, efforts will be required to move the hand-held device around the garden, the remaining actions are performed automatically, as in the case of the construction of a seeder from a walk-behind tractor. Therefore, this option is suitable for gardens less than 10-20 acres, it will be quite difficult to sow a large area.

Despite the presence of a coulter cutting the ground, you need to plant garlic in the plowed chernozem. The soil should be loose enough to ensure optimal planting conditions for the fruit during planting.

Planters make sowing of garlic easier

The following materials will be required:

1. Double-bottom garlic container. With the help of holes in it, the flow of seeds to the outside will be regulated.

2. Brushes attached to the shaft, contributing to the dosed selection of teeth from the tank.

3. One or two wheels. Their exact number depends on which seeder design is selected.

4. The opener, which will determine the depth of planting seeds.

5. Handles, thanks to which the force is distributed throughout the unit.

The development of the details of a manual garlic planter must be approached very carefully, every little thing will affect the quality of the grown products in the future.

Four row

One of the most complicated structures is a planter in which there are four containers at once. To build such a device, you need a drawing.

The advantages of a four-row seeder include:

  • Minimal physical activity. Instead of 4 times you need to go only one.
  • It takes less time to sow a large area.
  • In one pass, you can ensure the landing of an entire garden.

Landing marker

The design resembles a wooden rake with large teeth not triangular in shape. This kind of device is the easiest to do. It is easier for them to distribute garlic in the beds, rather than using furrows. The marker does not allow seeds to enter the ground, but adjusts the depth and distance between the holes, which can be easily controlled. These parameters will affect the yield and quality of the product.

Pros of landing with a marker:

  • The same depth of holes.
  • Perfectly even rows.
  • You can plow the land with such a seeder for faster operation.

It is very easy to make it with your own hands, you will need only a minimal amount of lumber and cuttings.

Useful Tips

In order for a homemade garlic planter to really benefit, it is necessary to calculate several parameters, according to which the planted material will bring a good harvest.

  • The distance between the cloves of garlic should be enough for full ripening, so that when growing, the fruits do not interfere with each other.
  • Seeds must be planted in the ground at a certain depth, at which, after sedimentation, the garlic will not be on the surface and will not slow down its growth from sowing too deep.

To comply with these rules, it will be necessary to correctly calculate the width of the teeth at the marker and the rate of fall of seeds from the seeder.


Homemade hand-planted plants for planting garlic come in handy for sowing onion sets. Using a marker, you can plant other vegetables.

The seeder will serve more than one year and is necessary in the case when garlic and onions are required to fill not one bed, but several hundred hectares of land.

If you properly observe the technology and do the work with love, carefully look after the growing seeds, the harvest will pay for the tens of times spent labor and money.


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