The lunar calendar of the gardener and gardener

How does the moon in Scorpio affect a person

The moon in Scorpio affects a person, regardless of his solar zodiac sign. Changes are both positive and negative. Determine the lunar sign on a special calendar. Take into account the year and time of birth, the ascendant (ascending or growing moon) and the descent (descending or affected moon). How does the moon in Scorpio affect a person The value of the moon in Scorpio Scorpio is ruled by Pluto, its second patron planet is Mars

The value of the moon in Aquarius

Character traits that determine behavioral reactions to the impact of the world around us largely depend on the position of the moon at the time of birth. The moon in Aquarius gives a person a craving for knowledge of the world. Independent flexible thinking makes a person interesting. The value of the moon in Aquarius Moon influence The determining influence of the planet is Uranus and Saturn

The characteristic features of the moon in Sagittarius

The character of a person and his life largely depend on the exact date of birth. Knowing this indicator, it will be possible to find out in what position the moon was at this moment. The planet gives children at the time of birth special character traits. Their combination is interesting when the Moon is in Sagittarius

The moon in Cancer and its impact on people

The moon in Cancer is at home, therefore does not enter into confrontation with this sign. The owners of this combination are harmonious personalities. Although the zodiac sign leaves its mark, people are not without negative character traits. Affect the horoscope and other astrological aspects. The moon in Cancer and its impact on people How Cancer Moon Affects Character The moon is the patron saint of Cancer, which accompanies this zodiac sign all his life

How does the Moon in Virgo affect people

The moon in Virgo is a harmonious combination. It stabilizes the changeable night luminary and brings emotionality to the life of the earthly sign of the zodiac. The main advantage of people with this combination is a developed mind, a pragmatic outlook on life. Of the negative - pettiness, a tendency to criticize, anxiety

The value of the moon in Pisces

The location of the planets in the sky at the time of the birth of the child determines his entire future life. A special role is played by the moon, which forms the emotional structure of the personality. The moon in Pisces symbolizes the feminine and sensitive nature. The value of the moon in Pisces The influence of the moon and other planets In addition to the moon, 9 planets are actively working in the natal chart

The value of the moon in Leo

The greatest influence on the formation of personality, its reaction to the outside world is played by the location of the moon at the time of birth. In addition to the sun and moon, another 9 planets work in the natal sign: when the moon in Leo works in tandem with Venus, the personality becomes more sociable, and the aggressiveness of the sign is significantly reduced

The value of the moon in Gemini

The Moon in Gemini has a beneficial effect on Man, helping in the search for friendships and romantic relationships, in hobbies and career growth, in relation to life and surrounding people. The astrological chart is compiled on the basis of the jyotish system. The value of the moon in Gemini Sign Characteristic Lunar Gemini is the third representative of the zodiac signs, is under the auspices of Mercury - a planet that carries information and contact information

The moon in Aries and its influence on personality

The cold moon in Aries collides with the element of fire. Out of this interaction extraordinary personalities are born. The planet-patron of the fire sign of the Zodiac is Mars, it always pushes the ward to fight, so you will not have to miss next to such people, no matter what sun sign they are. The moon in Aries and its influence on personality Character Features The moon in Aries greatly affects the personality in any situation

How the Moon in Libra Changes a Man

The moon in Libra has a calming effect on any zodiac sign. It helps to find balance in everything, develops diplomacy and the gift of a peacemaker. Venus and the period of Saturn sade sati have a strong influence in this combination. Therefore, the owners of such a natal chart are wise people with a developed taste

How does the Moon in Taurus affect humans

The moon in Taurus meets the sensual Venus and the powerful elements of the Earth. She stabilizes in this sign, maintaining her emotionality. With this combination, calm pragmatists are born who seek comfort, real affection, and fidelity in life. They are conservatives, they do not like change, they are lazy and difficult to lift

Moon in Virgo

This time is considered to be unfavorable for landings. Despite the fact that Virgo is a zodiac sign related to the elements of the Earth. Planting on this day may not rise, and seedlings and seedlings may dry in the ground. Plant transplants should also be discarded. Harvesting must be postponed, otherwise, you risk getting tasteless and unripe fruits, they will quickly deteriorate

Moon in the twins

Gemini is a sign of Air. Its main qualities are dryness and low productivity. Therefore, this period is not suitable for sowing seeds or planting seedlings. Growing, such plants maximize the development of the root system, but to the detriment of all other parts. As a result, they have a very weak stem that needs support

Moon in Leo

For gardeners and gardeners, the time when the moon is located in the zone of influence of the constellation Leo is considered unfavorable. Plants prefer to gain strength and the growing process almost stops. Nevertheless, there is a list of actions that will positively affect the life of your flora

Moon in Cancer

The period is favorable for work on the ground. Cancer is considered one of the most fertile signs of the Zodiac, but an important detail should be taken into account - if you plant seedlings during his reign, they will develop an excellent root system, but their stems will not be very durable and often will not be able to withstand the weight of a ripened crop that will be succulent, but perishable

Moon in Taurus

The time period when the moon enters the sign of Taurus, experienced gardeners call fertile. It is believed that this time will be very productive and generous in the cultivation of fruits. This period is recommended for planting seeds in the soil, planting and transplanting seedlings. The zodiac sign Taurus is a symbol of fertility, it gives people a tasty and ripe harvest, so this is the time that should be used wisely

Moon in Aries

The period when the Moon is in Aries, knowledgeable gardeners is regarded as a time of drought and stunting of plants. Aries is a sign related to the elements of fire, therefore it symbolizes the hot period in nature. At this time, do not: Plant seedlings in the ground; Sow seeds; Root seedlings; Replant plants; Excessively moisten the soil

Waning Crescent (3 Quarter)

The third quarter of the lunar cycle is an ideal period for planting. During this period, the root part of the plants absorbs all the strength, so the planting of trees, shrubs and flowers will be very successful. The harvested fruit will have excellent taste and abundance. When planting or transplanting, it is important to pay careful attention to the root of the plants

Moon in fish

According to astrologers, Pisces are an important and favorable sign for the entire plant world. The Moon in Pisces helps to ensure good growth and survival of plants, as well as a generous harvest and excellent taste of fruits, vegetables and root crops. Plants that were planted in a given astrological period quickly form a strong root system and easily tolerate any transplant

Waning Crescent (3 Phase)

This period has one very important difference, namely the change in the circulation of nutrient juices in plants. At this time, the juices are directed toward the roots from the top. It is worth noting that plants on the waning moon just slow down growth and activity. That is why from March 3 to 8 it is recommended to carry out manipulations with the aerial part of plants, while not touching the roots

Full moon

The full moon is a period of time when absolutely any actions should be performed, after consulting with your intuition. This time, giving great energy, your task is to understand how to apply it correctly so as not to be wasted. From ancient times, people knew that the full moon is the time of the most active phase of plant growth

The Growing Moon (2 Phase)

The second phase is located between the 1st quarter and the Full Moon. This period is marked by the emergence of violent activity of all living things, greens are filled with powerful energy of the Earth, it takes juices from the soil and directs them upward through the stems, contributing to the future rapid development of leaves and plentiful flowering

The Growing Moon (1 Quarter)

The first quarter of this period is considered the most suitable time for stimulation of organs above the ground, in the vegetative part of the plant. Natural juices and the so-called earth forces in the first quarter are concentrated in it, which allows leaflets and stems to actively develop. It is worth thinking about sowing cereals or planting plants whose fruits ripen inside the soil

The Growing Moon (1 Phase)

The young Moon with its powerful energy has an effect on everything living, including the plant world. On the indicated days of the lunar cycle, terrestrial representatives of the flora grow, bloom, and bear fruit, as the nutrients and liquid contained in them are directed upward. On the growing moon, plants should be planted that use a part above the ground for food and what ripens on it

New moon

The new moon is a time for creation and reflection. During this period, it is not recommended to carry out planting and transplanting, plowing and fertilizing the soil in the garden. Harvesting is also recommended to be postponed until the next favorable phase. During this period, any manipulation of the soil should be postponed

1 lunar day

Not too good time for work with green spaces. They stop growing and become painfully sensitive. This is especially true of the root system of plants. It is extremely undesirable to develop violent activity - the day is unfavorable for both sowing and planting, transplanting seedlings. This applies to both flowers and more powerful trees and shrubs

30 lunar day

This day symbolizes the stage of completion of work. They are suitable for summing up and thinking about new undertakings. Strengthen the watering of plants, especially if the weather has been dry in recent days. The soil needs moisture, abundant watering will give plants strength. Set aside plowing the soil, instead of it you can spend a little loosening of the soil

29 lunar day

On this day, it is best to do cleaning at home and in your garden. Work should not be done in a hurry and quickly. Act slowly, rationally spending your time and energy. On the 29th lunar day, it is good to prune the trees. Systematically cut dried branches to free trees from excess. Engage in procedures such as weeding and spraying

28 lunar day

These days add a touch of harmony to our lives and urge people to only look wisely at what is happening. On that day, do not rush, hurry to make decisions to anything. On this day, you can plant plants, they quickly take root in the garden. However, it is contraindicated to carry out heavy operations with the ground: it is worth digging up the soil a couple of days before planting

27 lunar day

This cycle day is characterized by calm and leisurely. It is recommended to do work in the garden and garden, which do not require decisive action. 27 lunar day is suitable in order to assess the condition of plants and understand what is necessary for their further development and fruiting. During this period, you can engage in the landing of underground plants, since the waning moon affects the lower parts of the landings

25 lunar day

This is a passive time for plants, they grow slowly, without reacting to any actions on the ground part. This day of the lunar cycle is successful in order to produce any garden work that has a beneficial effect on the yield of underground plants: potatoes, onions, beets, carrots and others. This period is great for planting, weeding, harvesting and sorting seeds for the next sowing

24 lunar day

24 days are not inferior in their activity to the previous ones. The forces of the earth at this time wake up, and the soil is replenished with mineral substances by itself. The main forces are still gathered in the roots, so it is better to engage in the processing of plant tops. Now, the landing time does not matter: it can be made at any time

26 lunar day

The waning moon does not contribute to productive activities in the garden plot. All plants in this period seem to freeze, stopping in growth and almost not responding to external influences. On the 26 lunar day, it is best to engage in planning for further work, the acquisition of equipment, seeds and fertilizers

22 lunar day

Astrologers and astronomers are not advised to actively work on the 22 lunar day. Intensive physical activity is not prohibited, but it is better to devote yourself to measured care of the garden or garden. Indeed, on this day, work on the site will be more fruitful than ever. The fact is that on the 22 lunar day the activity of the earth's satellite decreases, so the vegetation of the plants also stops

23 lunar day

On this day, the opposite is true: increased lunar activity stimulates gardeners to work on the site and pruning the aerial parts of the flora, for example, this is a good time for crown formation and pinching of sprouts. You can do vaccination shoots. Do not waste time, the 23 lunar days of the gardener fall on the day when the moon's energy reaches its maximum

21 lunar days

21 days is considered universal: you can both harvest and crop, plant new shoots for adult plants, cultivate the soil and make useful fertilizing in the ground. All nutritious juices are concentrated in the roots of shrubs, trees and small shoots, so caution is required only with loosening, excavating new beds

20 lunar day

During these lunar days, the vital forces of the flora completely go to the roots, which leads to thoughts about working with the vegetative part of the plant. Work with roots is strictly prohibited (if you damage the root system on that day, the risk of complete death of your green friend and his neighbors will increase), but the processing of leaves and stems will increase fertility and vitality

18 lunar day

During this period, the moon is in a waning phase. The vital activity of plants is declining: nutrients mostly accumulate in the roots. Therefore, gardening should be minimized. It is best to devote this day to caring for plants that form root crops. For example, planted or harvested potatoes, onions, Jerusalem artichoke, radishes, carrots

19 lunar day

Work in the garden or in your garden will be effective, although lunar activity gradually decreases. Pay attention to the aerial parts of the plant (regardless of species), because all the juices are collected in sensitive roots. The neat shape of the plants will help to keep trim, the formation of crowns

17 lunar day

The moon is in a waning phase: during this period, the root system of plants is most actively developing. Therefore, a number of garden works will have a very positive effect on the future crop. The waning moon is a great time to plant crops whose fruits are root crops. Harvest promises to be rich, and ripe specimens - large and tasty