Lunar calendar

On the first day of the week, the impact of the moon is paramount on human life. Having the peculiarity of introducing chaos and confusion into all matters, the celestial body can significantly spoil even those designs that, it seemed, would not bring special difficulties in implementation. Astrologers advise against planning global events on Monday, as the hostess of the day can turn everything upside down. If it is not possible to transfer the planned business, then you should listen to your own attitude. Perhaps the moon itself will tell you how to behave in a particular situation.

In the garden and in the garden you can do mediocre things, the implementation of which will certainly not be able to harm the future crop or flowering plants.

It is categorically undesirable to trim trees and shrubs. Such actions can not only not bring the expected fruiting and rapid flowering, but also ruin the green spaces.

On Monday, new seedlings are not planted, and old plants are not transplanted from one place to another. Even the most favorable weather conditions will not help to overcome the influence of the moon, so survival and productivity will be flawed.

It is better to devote this day:

  • care for existing green crops.
  • Harvesting dry foliage
  • fertilizing the soil and controlling plant pests.
  • collecting ripened berries, fruits and vegetables.


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