Polar musk ox

Musk ox is a large, thick-coated animal that lives in the northern regions of America and Eurasia. Represents the genus of musk oxen and the family of bovids. For a long time there was debate about its taxonomic affiliation. Previously, the animal was attributed to the bull subfamily, now scientists define it in the goat subfamily

Treating cones on the body of a cow

For the full breeding of cattle, it is required to understand the specifics of many diseases. Sometimes it happens that cones appear on the body of a cow, in connection with which farmers are very interested in the question of where they came from. The most common disease is nodular dermatitis, or tubercle

Why the calf cannot stand up

Many who have been involved in cattle divorce know that this is a complex process that does not always live up to expectations. In most cases, young individuals die within the first month. That is why the breeding of such animals is considered very difficult and unprofitable in small volumes occupation

Ayrshire breed of cows

The Ayrshire breed of cows attracts many cattle breeders around the world, distinguished by their milk production, receiving extremely positive feedback from livestock producers. Ayrshire breed of cows The uniqueness of ayrshir Ayrshire dairy breed of cows was formed as an independent branch of cattle by 1814, having appeared for the first time in the Scottish county of Ayr

What are the diseases in cows and bulls?

When breeding cattle, farmers may experience some difficulties. The most common question among all breeders is what kind of disease can be in cows and bulls? Indeed, a lot of different problems can be observed in animals, most often arising from improper care and breeding. Diseases and treatment of cows should not be ignored, since any ailment in animals requires the intervention of a veterinarian

Hereford Cow Breed

Hereford breed is famous for its bull-calves, which are world producers of cattle in livestock. Hereford meat is famous for its excellent taste. Hereford breed Hereford breed According to the classification existing in animal husbandry, the Hereford breed of cows belongs to the meat industry, therefore, among the main indicators that breeders are often interested in, one can note: rapid weight gain; the possibility of breeding in conditions of both private farming and on an industrial scale; unpretentiousness in the use of feed; flexible character of the gobies; excellent quality reproduction;

Treatment of sores on the udder of a cow

When breeding cattle, many farmers have difficulty identifying and treating diseases. The most common problem is sores on the udder of a cow. This part of the body of the cows is extremely vulnerable, in this regard, first of all, special attention should be paid to dairy cows. If any disease of the udder in cows is detected, a veterinarian should be invited to further examine the animal

Dairy Holstein breed of cows

The Holstein breed of cows, or Holstein-Friesian, was bred in the USA in the 19th century on the basis of Dutch black-motley heifers and bulls. It is considered the most productive dairy breed of cattle in the world, it is used to improve the milk production of other cows. It is widespread in many countries, its productivity may vary depending on the conditions of detention, and milk is highly affected by diet

Causes of milk with blood in cows

Milk with blood in cows means that the animal has inflammation of the mammary glands. Often this is a consequence of delayed afterbirth or mastitis. If the cow has blood in milk, it is necessary to start its treatment as soon as possible. Breast diseases can occur after calving and can cause significant damage to the body

What calf diseases exist

Diseases of calves can be a real headache for a farmer, especially a beginner. If you decide to breed this type of cattle, you should be informed about the animal’s health problems, because only a healthy individual can generate income from milk, meat or selling offspring. If you provide pets with proper care, balanced nutrition and veterinary services, it is likely to avoid problems with livestock health.

Buffalo and its varieties

The buffalo is a ruminant from the family of bovids, a subfamily of bulls, and a cloven-hoofed detachment. Previously, all buffalo were attributed to the genus Bubalus. Now only Asian is attributed to him, the rest are identified in the genus Anoa and Syncerus. The closest relatives of the buffalo are baten, gaura, cupri, as well as the American bison, yak and bison living in the temperate zone

Krasnogorbatovskaya breed of cow

The Krasnogorbatovskaya breed of cows is considered one of the best native Russian burenki. The ladybug was able to take a leading position due to its high productivity and good health. Krasnogorbatovskaya breed of cows About the breed Krasnogorbatovsk cows belong to the meat and dairy direction. They are bred everywhere in Ukraine, in Mordovia, Chuvashia and in most regions of Russia

How to treat a cow's hoof and how to identify a disease

How to treat a cow's hoof? What are the symptoms of such diseases and what are their causes? Such questions often arise among farmers, especially with little experience in breeding cattle. A veterinarian or livestock specialist can give a detailed answer, but everyone who holds a cow is aware of the basic rules of care, signs of pathologies and treatment principles

How to treat salmonella in calves

Salmonellosis of calves mainly affects young animals aged 10 days to 2 months. Salmonellosis is an infectious disease that is caused by Salmonella bacteria. Such an ailment can attack young animals at any time of the year, but salmonellosis in calves is most common in winter. Mostly calves that live in unsanitary conditions are infected

Characteristics of Bestuzhev breed of cows

The birthplace of this breed is considered to be the Simbirsk province, where many experiments were carried out in order to breed a cow that could easily adapt to local climatic conditions. The Bestuzhev breed of cows belongs to the category of breeding and was bred in the XVIII century on the basis of local and German cattle

Who is called the heifer

Netel - what is it? This is the name of the heifer, which has never brought offspring. A heifer is called a cow until calving. Care and rearing of heifers is an extremely important moment in the prosperity of the farm. It is necessary to take care of the proper development of the organs responsible for lactation, milk formation, muscles, skeleton, as well as normal metabolism

Features of a Teddy Cow

Cows are mainly divided into two types: meat and dairy. But there is a variety that does not apply to any of them because of its decorative effect. A plush cow is the most amazing representative whose appearance can amaze anyone who looks at the photo. Plush cow A bit of history Cows with dense vegetation on the body have been bred for a long time

Causes of ketosis in cows

Ketosis in cows is one of the most common ailments in highly productive individuals. The disease accompanies a metabolic disorder, which leads to an overabundance of ketone compounds in the animal's body. Often affected individuals of the age category 5-8 years. Delayed treatment leads to the transformation of the disease into a protracted one

Black-motley breed of cows

The relatively young black-motley breed of cows has found its fans and has established itself in domestic animal husbandry. Black-motley breed of cows About black and motley cows The Russian black-motley breed of cows appeared after the 30s of the last century as a result of domestic breeding work in which cattle from Russian regions were crossed with representatives of the Dutch cattle

Charolais breed of cows

The Charolais cattle breed, brought up during long-term breeding work, is raised by farmers in order to obtain excellent meat quality from it and for use in crossbreeding with other cattle when producing hybrid lines. Charolais breed of cows About Sharolez cattle The French began to engage in Sharolez breed of cattle in the XVII century, taking as a basis the breed of local animals, which differed in productivity and appearance

African buffalo

African buffalo is considered the largest not only among all buffaloes, but also among wild bulls. He is dangerous and vulnerable at the same time, has a memorable appearance, a specific disposition and it will be interesting to learn more about him. African buffalo Description African buffaloes, they are also black buffalo or Syncerus caffer in Latin, are members of the family of bovids and are relatives of yaks, bison, bison, etc

Jersey breed of cows

The Jersey breed of cows is known for its cost-effective livelihoods that bring good profit to farmers. From the representatives of this breed, breeders achieve consistently high productivity indicators. Jersey breed of cows About the breed from the island of Jersey The Jersey cows, belonging to one of the oldest representatives of cattle, got their name from the Jersey island located in the English Channel, which is located in the middle between France and England

How to treat joints of cows and calves

When breeding cattle, many farmers are faced with the problem of how and with what to treat the joints of calves. In fact, this is a rather serious problem, and with inexperienced breeding, many animals get injured, bruised or get joint diseases. To deal with this, you need to know what joint diseases in calves are and how to diagnose them

Known methods for inseminating cows, their advantages and disadvantages

Many farmers are thinking about how to improve livestock productivity without acquiring an additional number of individuals. There is a solution - insemination of cows, which makes it easy to vary the number of livestock. What methods of fertilization exist? What is their fundamental difference from each other

What is endometritis in cows?

Cows endometritis is an inflammatory disease that affects the mucous membranes, as well as various layers of the uterine body. It most often develops after calving, as the cow spends a lot of strength and vitality during pregnancy. Cows Endometritis Poor gynecological management of pregnancy or birth trauma, which subsequently become a source of infection, can also contribute to the development of endometritis

What is paresis in a cow

Paresis in a cow after calving is a frequent occurrence. Representatives of cattle acquire such a pathology for several reasons. The main one is metabolic disturbance. Postpartum paresis is characterized by a large number of symptoms that occur in an acute form. The appearance of such a pathology requires urgent intervention from the owner of the animal, as well as veterinarians

Description of the dwarf buffalo

At the word "buffalo" we immediately imagine a large animal that lives in the mountains, forests or grazes on the field. In fact, not all representatives of this animal family are enormous. A vivid example demonstrating this can be a dwarf buffalo, which is a mini prototype of a bull. Dwarf forest buffalo African mini buffalo Forest dwarf buffalo is a prominent representative of artiodactyl mammals

Original Yakut cow

The owner of an interesting appearance and incredible stamina, the Yakut cow has long been interested in both private farms and large farms. For what she fell in love with and why she is so highly regarded, read on. Yakut breed of cows About the breed By its very origin, the Yakut breed of cows differs from other cows

What is cow hunting, how to determine this period

It is difficult for an inexperienced farmer to notice when the cow is on the hunt. One of the most important processes in the puberty of an animal - the hunting of cows - requires special attention on the part of man. What to do if the cow does not come to the hunt? The proximity of cattle allows you to organize the work of the entire farm

What is a calf thorn

The cornea of ​​the eyes of cows and calves, as well as other representatives of cattle (cattle) is an important element of their organ of vision. Occupying about 20% of the total area of ​​the eyeball, this shell performs an important function of vision for protection against external stimuli. In add

How to treat constipation in a calf

When raising cattle, problems sometimes arise with the digestion of animals. This is especially true for young animals. The fact is that the calf’s nutritional system is not yet as developed as that of adult individuals; hence, disorders can be observed. Many farmers are interested in the question of what to do if a calf has constipated.

What does the term “cow of cow” mean: description and causes of the phenomenon

The cow is a female cattle that does not benefit the owner. What are the causes of this phenomenon, what methods of control can be applied and what does prevention give? The cow Purchasing your own cattle is a crucial moment, as the owner must take care of the pet in order to get a large amount of milk, but also each owner understands that if the heifer does not give milk and offspring at certain times, this is a big upset and loss

What vitamins are used to enhance growth and increase milk volumes in cattle

Vitamins for cows are essential for animal growth. Inexperienced cattle breeders may consider that good living conditions and comprehensive nutrition (or grazing) are sufficient for cattle to develop, grow quickly and produce sufficient volumes of milk. But how surprised they are when such a utopia does not occur, and farming over time suffers more and more losses

What is leukemia in cows, its symptoms and signs

Leukemia in cattle causes a special kind of virus. The activity of the pathogen leads to an excessive increase in the size of the cells of the blood. Cows leukemia is common. Leukemia in cows Today, the disease cannot be treated, and the only measure of control is a regular examination of livestock. Do vaccinated cows get leukemia

Why a cow can't cover itself

Most farmers often face a problem when their cow is not covered. The main reason for this is that the animal is in a large stream, where mating occurs randomly. If we are talking about a courtyard where two individuals live, there should not be such problems. The cow is not covered In search of answers to the question why my cow is not covered, it is worth considering whether the animal is sick, because infection is a common reason that the cow can’t get covered.

Zebu Cow

Zebu refers to wild bulls, being one of their subspecies. He holds a special position among the representatives of cattle. Zebu Cow About zebu bulls Wild zebu bulls are not derived from the artiodactyl tour, which is the progenitor of many representatives of modern cattle, compared to the usual European cow

Types of wild bulls

Homemade cows are familiar to everyone, they are affectionate, obedient, give milk, etc. But a wild bull or a cow is a more exotic phenomenon, but meanwhile they are relatives of a domesticated cattle. It is about such wild species that will be discussed later. Wild bulls and cows Progenitor tour Let's start with the strongest representative of the bulls, which, unfortunately, is no longer on our planet

Cow care after calving

After calving, the cow will need special care and feeding immediately after it gives birth to a calf. The owner should as responsibly approach the issues of care, feeding, as well as the first divorce. You will have to spend a lot of time on this, but all the costs will soon be justified, as the cow will make a profit

Features of the Kholmogorsk breed of cows

The Kholmogorsk breed of cows is one of the cold-resistant representatives of the horned family. It is believed that it first appeared in the XVII century, it was then, thanks to breeding and genetic experiments, this tribe was formed. As a result, cows of this family became more resilient, they increased resistance to cold, milk production and the percentage of fat content of products

Hoof rot in cattle: causes and methods of treating an ailment

Cows on large farms and households often suffer from hoof rot. Cow hoof rot is a disease of an infectious nature, caused by bacteria. The skin around the hoof becomes inflamed, in severe cases, the decomposition of the horn tissue begins with the release of pus. The general health of the animal is deteriorating