Reasons why a female rabbit eats her rabbits

Okrol is a joyful event in the activity of a breeder, farmer or ordinary owner of a domestic rabbit. One of the most famous problems associated with the birth of rabbits is considered to be eating and injuring the offspring of their mother. Why is the rabbit eating her rabbits? There can be many reasons

How important is the associated vaccine for rabbits

Today, rabbit breeding is in the first place due to the fact that the rabbit is not only an interesting pet, but also an additional source of income for those people who plan to sell meat. Despite the fact that the breeding of eared ears is fast, and their fur and meat are valuable, these animals are prone to a huge number of various diseases

How to wash a rabbit

Rabbits are cute, beautiful creatures that are often brought up to please little children. However, acquiring a pet is a crucial step, as it involves taking responsibility for the life and health of the new occupant of the house. It is necessary to provide him with the necessary care at all levels. One of the questions that you should ask yourself before letting an eared one into your house is how to wash a rabbit

How to treat ear scabies in rabbits

Often, farmers and breeders, fearing serious illnesses, absolutely forget to prevent other ailments. However, even rabbit ear scabies, it would seem, is one of the most common infections, can seriously harm the body of pets. Ear scabies in rabbits The solution to the problem is simple prevention. If the disease is prevented in time, many problems can be avoided

Causes of Pododermatitis in Rabbits

Those who breed rabbits know that subdermatitis is their most common disease. It represents the formation of ulcers on the limbs of animals. The risk group primarily includes young individuals at the age of 3 months, puffies with excess body weight, as well as old animals. We will understand what pododermatitis is in rabbits and what are the features of its treatment

How and with what to treat mokret in rabbits

Infectious stomatitis, or, as it is also called, “rabbit’ s nose ”, is a disease to which small eared animals are most often affected (from lactation to three months of age). The disease is not affected by either the fluffy breed or its gender. Farm and ornamental breeds are more often prone to stomatitis and die almost always, unlike wild relatives with the same problem. Mokr

What should be the color of urine in a rabbit

Each caring owner always carefully monitors the health of their pets. If there are any changes in the state of the rabbit, this is always alarming and gives reason to think whether everything is in order with the pet. Many rabbit breeders know that the color of urine in a rabbit is a kind of indicator that signals problems in the body

Causes of stomatitis in rabbits and methods of its treatment

Among diseases that affect pets, stomatitis in rabbits is not the least popular. Experienced farmers note that the disease "wet muzzle" has a very negative effect on furry, as ill individuals become living carriers. This disease is difficult not to notice: the rabbit increases salivation and the oral cavity becomes inflamed

Treatment of an ear tick in rabbits

An ear tick in rabbits is a fairly common disease. Rabbits are extremely popular animals for breeding, so farmers need to know how to properly care for them and, if necessary, treat them. Rabbits are bred both for sale and because of well-selling fur. In addition, farmers are attracted to pets by the simplicity of their maintenance

Why does rabbit diarrhea occur?

Everyone involved in rabbit breeding sooner or later encounters such a thing as rabbit diarrhea. Of course, for first-time breeders, the first acquaintance with a similar problem will not be the most pleasant, because they do not know how to help the rabbit, how to relieve it of digestive tract problems, which should be given in order to alleviate the symptoms

Can rabbits be given raw squash

Rabbit is a frequent guest on farms; this is one of the most relevant animals in the household. At the same time, decorative rabbits are one of the most spoiled pets. However, these furry beauties can eat quite a lot during the day, their diet consists of grain feed, hay, fresh vegetables and mineral supplements

Compound feed for rabbits at home

Rabbits are one of the most common types of pets. Of course, in captivity it is much more difficult for them to choose a properly balanced diet with the necessary combination of vitamins and minerals, while in the wild they, following instincts, themselves choose what their body needs for food. Basically, farmers give their own compounded feed for rabbits

Is it possible to add cucumbers to the diet of rabbits

Every breeder, especially a beginner, asks himself how to plan the diet of rabbits so that they receive enough nutrients, vitamins and minerals. The nutrition of farm animals, including rabbits, should be full and high-calorie. In this regard, one can often hear the question: “Is it possible to give cucumbers to rabbits?”

Description of domestic rabbits

The decorative domestic rabbit has long taken a firm position in the list of domestic animals. A man first of all appreciates this animal for its warm fur, tasty meat and low requirements for maintenance. Domestic rabbit Ordinary owners of the soul do not cherish the fluffy favorites, because these rodents are extremely funny and inquisitive

Causes of a rabbit hernia

Being the owner of a pet, you definitely need to know about the conditions of its maintenance, and about possible diseases. If you decide to get a little fluffy, and moreover not just one, but several, then you will have to familiarize yourself with the symptoms of even such a rare disease as a rabbit hernia

Why do rabbits die and what to do?

For the body of domestic rabbits, even the smallest disease can become fatal, especially if it has a viral origin. As a result, animals that felt perfectly well the night before were dying one morning after another, and the owner has no idea why the rabbits die. Why do rabbits die and die To prevent such problems when breeding pussies, constant monitoring of the pets should be carried out, and at the slightest suspicion of malaise, relieve the sick pet from relatives and immediately begin treatment

Care for rabbits during growth and development

Newborn rabbits are in no hurry to leave the nests and are completely dependent on the mother. Caring for the offspring is a paramount task not only of the female, but also of the farmer who breeds rabbits at home. Rabbits Small rodents quickly grow up and master in a common enclosure, if caring for fluffy animals is not satisfactory

What leaves of fruit trees can be added to the diet of rabbits

Balanced feed of domesticated rodents is the primary task of rabbit breeders who breed furry animals. Can rabbits be given tree leaves? Can rabbits be given leaves Green lure is a source of nutrients and vitamins that are necessary for the growth of rodents. Even experienced farmers are afraid to add walnut leaves to young rabbits

Allergy to domestic rabbits in a child

When living with a pet, an allergy sometimes occurs in households. Domestic decorative rabbits, whose fur is quite thick and dense and can lead to an allergic reaction, are no exception. Allergies to rabbits are often manifested in children whose organisms have not yet formed immunity to withstand the effects of protein compounds present in the rabbit body

What rabbits eat at home

What rabbits eat at home should know every farmer. A rabbit is a unique animal, its meat is an ideal dietary product, and fur is used when sewing fur coats, hats, and skins go to gloves. With all the advantages, keeping a rabbit is not so easy. The most important thing is to choose the right diet for the fastidious pet

What do hares eat in nature?

A hare is a herbivorous fur mammal that belongs to the order of the hare-like and lives on almost all continents. These representatives can be met even in the steppes and deserts. And naturally, each species adapts to the conditions in which it exists. How do they survive in the wild? What do hares of different breeds eat at home and in their natural habitat

Dwarf rabbit and its varieties

A dwarf rabbit is a cute decorative animal that has appeared in our country relatively recently. Over the past decade, he managed to gain great popularity, as evidenced by numerous photos on the network. Small animals are bought for beauty, as living toys for children. They differ from ordinary rabbits in size

Care for the lop-eared dwarf rabbit of the ram breed

Dwarf lop-eared rabbits of the breed attract the views of millions. The main feature of these funny animals is lovely drooping ears. Among other things, furry people have a very wayward, but very cheerful character, so many exotic lovers choose them as pets. Lop-eared dwarf rabbit ram Breed appearance Lop-eared rabbits have a very characteristic description of their appearance, which distinguishes them favorably with other relatives: ears, with their shells look inward, and the size of the head cartilage is slightly larger than usual

How to independently feed newborn rabbits without a rabbit mom

There are situations when rabbits die during childbirth or a few days after them. In this case, the question arises of what to do and how to feed rabbits without a rabbit. The problem can be solved with the help of another female who recently gave birth. But there is not always such an opportunity, what to do if there is no other provider

Breeding rabbits as a business at home

Breeding rabbits as a business is considered a very responsible business. But is it worth it for a novice entrepreneur? Is this occupation profitable? Before breeding rabbits, you need to think carefully about what they are needed for: to get meat, skins or valuable fur. Breeding rabbits as a business We need to weigh the pros and cons, calculate whether this is profitable or not, and also think about whether the desire to do this business in 5 or 10 years will continue, whether the forces will cope with such a large economy

The device of nipple drinking bowls for rabbits

To ensure normal conditions for keeping rabbits, it is necessary to take care of the presence of clean drinking water, which animals cannot do without: their digestive system is poorly developed, and any deviation from the correct diet entails problems. Access to drink should be free, for this there are many devices, but one of the best are nipple drinkers for rabbits

The device cages for rabbits according to the method of Zolotukhin

Cages for rabbits according to the Zolotukhin method are a convenient and practical option for self-production. In addition, a similar design, invented several decades ago, allows rabbits to get sick much less and grow faster. Nikolai Ivanovich conceived the cage in such a way that it is able to accommodate several families of rabbits or up to 6 individuals per tier

Why does a rabbit's head turn on its side

Nowadays, more and more people practice raising rabbits. Moreover, often the owners of these cute animals stumble upon such a problem as the distorted head of animals. What to do in this situation and why does a rabbit have a head on its side? These are issues to be dealt with. Why does a rabbit have a head on its side What is the reason for the skew If the rabbit keeps its head on its side, this is a sign of illness

Can rabbits be given dill

The first thing you have to worry about when starting a pet is how to properly care for it and how to feed it. Many beginners wonder if rabbits can have dill and parsley. Feeding rabbits should always be correct and well balanced, they should receive all the vitamins and calcium. Can rabbits be given dill and parsley Dill and parsley - benefit or harm

How to introduce corn into the rabbits ’diet and is it possible to give leaves and ears

Corn is a valuable cereal feed in the diet of rabbits. Breeders actively use it for fattening pets for slaughter, as it is rich in proteins, carbohydrates and has a high calorie content. Is it possible to give corn to rabbits and in what form, the breeder decides, but its benefits are undeniable. Can rabbits be given corn Proper care and good nutrition play an important role in raising rabbits

Description of colic white Pannon breed

Rabbits are beautiful fluffy animals, which are valued among fur-breeders for fur and dietary meat. In a wide variety of breeds there are also especially popular ones. For example, white Pannon rabbits of Hungarian origin conquered specialists with excellent meat qualities and the ability to quickly gain weight

Features of the daily ration for rabbits

Proper nutrition is the main source of energy for any living organism. And rabbits are no exception to this rule. Each farmer has repeatedly faced the problem of calculating the daily feed rate for these eared animals. In the wild, the rodent itself seeks food and is able to make up for the lack of nutrients

How much feed does a rabbit usually eat per day?

Nowadays, one of the most popular pets, breeding of which has been actively involved in recent times, is a rabbit. In order for the rabbit to grow up healthy, it is necessary to take good care of him, including to monitor his daily nutrition. The one who first encounters the rearing of this pet often wonders how much feed the rabbit eats per day

Description of breed Angora rabbit

Perhaps one of the most prominent representatives of the rabbit species is the Angora rabbit. By “Angora” is meant not a specific species of animals, but many breeds that have one distinctive feature: a long fluff and a soft pile. Angora is not only a source of valuable pile from which soft wool is obtained, but also wonderful pets revered among unusual decorative animals. An

Calf gastroenteritis

Many cattle farmers are concerned about the question of what a calf has gastroenteritis and how to deal with it. There may be many reasons for the appearance of an insidious disease, but the most common is the transfer of the baby from mother's milk to another type of food. Most often, gastroenteritis of calves affects pets almost immediately after birth

Dyspepsia in newborn calves

Dyspepsia of calves is a rather insidious disease that occurs most often in young animals. First of all, toxic dyspepsia appears because young animals are weaned early from their mother’s milk and transferred to poor feed. Most often, the disease has a mild and toxic form. In the people themselves, farmers themselves call this ailment enzymatic diarrhea, or diarrhea of ​​newborns. Acco

Features of keeping dairy cows

Dairy cows as a business are a fairly profitable undertaking. The fact is that one-time financial costs will soon pay off, and the animal will bring a net profit in the form of milk. All that is needed is to choose and buy a healthy animal of the breed that will allow you to get the maximum amount of milk yield

Correct and effective treatment of mastitis in a cow

Mastitis in a cow or in cattle is a common disease that occurs mainly in pregnant females or in cows after calving. If you decide to breed cows on your farm, you need to know how to treat at home, what drugs to use and how to protect the animal from such a disease. Mastitis in a cow is a common udder disease in which inflammation occurs

Varieties of meat breeds of bulls and cows

The meat breeds of bulls or cows differ from other representatives of cattle in that they gain weight much better, give in to intensive feeding and are relatively picky in keeping and feeding. Also, meat-producing animals have impressive dimensions and, when slaughtered, give more tasty meat with a high indicator of fat content and energy value

Varieties of dairy cows

For a beginner in livestock farming, it may be news that cows come in different breeds and in different directions. So, there are breeds that are kept exclusively for slaughter, the most valuable thing in them is meat. In the article, we will talk about such a group of cattle as dairy breeds of cows