How and how to treat diarrhea in cows

Diarrhea in a cow or goby can indicate many diseases of the gastrointestinal tract, as well as poisoning or infectious diseases. Treatment of the animal will depend on the results of the tests, but when the first signs of diarrhea appear, measures must be taken to prevent dehydration. Diarrhea in a cow Diarrhea is very dangerous for cattle and can lead to the death of animals

Rabbit breed White Giant

A snow-white rabbit The White Giant is contained in many as a source of a snow-white skin and very tender meat, however a considerable number of people give birth to this eared animal and as a pet to an apartment. In fact, this type of furry is more suitable for farming than for decorating the house

Characteristics of the Belgian Flandre rabbit

Rabbit breed Flanders or, as it is also called, Belgian Giant, is one of the most valuable breeds. All because of the special thick and warm coat and really very significant weight for such a beast. The Flandre rabbit with a large elongated body is bred very quickly and is the most common breed in the world, which adds one more plus to these large and awkward pets

How to vaccinate decorative rabbits

Inoculations to decorative rabbits are done to prevent rabies. Unfortunately, today we have to deal with this disease more and more often. In addition to rabies, rabbits are prone to many diseases, against which vaccines must be made so that animals can fully develop and coexist next to humans. Even when the pet is constantly kept at home, it still has a chance of contracting an infectious disease brought from the street on the feet of the owners

How to treat worms in rabbits

Worms in rabbits are not uncommon. Rabbits are gentle and curious animals; danger can lie in wait at every step. Eared men are constantly chewing something, and therefore you need to monitor what happens in their mouth, is this product edible or not. If it became noticeable how the behavior of the pet changed dramatically: he became lazy, succumbed to apathy, he was tormented by thirst and hunger, - he probably had worms

How to properly slaughter and butcher rabbits at home

For many people, feeding and caring for furry animals is not difficult, but as soon as the time comes to slaughter rabbits, they fall into a stupor. You can’t call the procedure enjoyable, but without it it’s absolutely pointless to breed feed rabbits. Breeding rabbits is a favorite pastime for most farmers, because thanks to it, through the slaughter of rabbits, there are always delicious dishes from fresh dietary meat on the dining table. In

Breeds of decorative rabbits

All breeds of decorative rabbits are good in their own way. Making an eared friend's home is a great alternative to familiar dogs and cats. Breeds of decorative rabbits The rabbits began to get along with the owners under one roof not so long ago, but this time was enough for them to win sympathy

Mating rabbits

Mating of rabbits (mating of rabbits) is an essential part of the process of breeding rabbits. The fact is that only with a quality and properly organized mating, the farmer is guaranteed to receive a healthy offspring. Mating rabbits It is worth saying that far from all individuals are allowed to be bred in rabbit breeding, because first you need to go through a selection that takes into account such signs as age, state of health, previous experience, quality of coat, character, and so on

Time for little rabbits to leave the nest

When do rabbits leave the nest? The moment when the young growth begins to lead an independent lifestyle, it is very important to notice in order to be able to protect the eared from the dangers of the world. When the rabbits leave the nest At this time, the farmer introduces a special diet to the young rabbits, which is different from that characteristic of adults, and transfers them to the new regime of the day

How is the pregnancy of rabbits

One of the most important questions among those involved in rabbit breeding is: how does the pregnancy of rabbits proceed? The fact is that how successful it will be depends on whether the number of farms increases and how healthy the offspring are. It is also important to know how you can determine if the rabbit is pregnant, how long the pregnancy lasts, how to take birth and what should be the care of the rabbit after the round-up

Various meat breeds of rabbits

Rabbit meat is a tasty and healthy product that will appeal to many gourmets. And if you look from the point of view of the farmer, it is also a very convenient product for sale, which diverges quickly and at a good price. Therefore, rabbits of meat breeds have become very popular among breeders, as it is convenient and profitable to breed them

Which breeds of rabbits are compatible for breeding?

Immunity of wild animals, their active growth and survival are the result of chaotic mating. This also applies to rabbits. Every experienced farmer knows that crossing rabbits is an occupation that requires special control and knowledge in this area. Crossbreeding rabbits of different breeds Some varieties of this procedure help animals become stronger and more productive

Euphorbia in rabbit food, is it possible or not?

To breed and plant rabbits, you need to understand what kind of food is right for them. Can rabbits be given euphorbia? The answer is ambiguous and controversial. Someone adds euphorbia to the diet, and someone believes that this is not recommended and it is very dangerous for rabbits. Some are confident in the healing properties of this plant and think that it cannot harm the animal

Causes of sneezing in rabbits and treatment methods

A common occurrence in farming is pet disease. Sometimes a rabbit sneezes and weakens sharply. What to do and how to save a pet in this case? These are issues that plague every farmer, both experienced and novice. Rabbit sneezes If the rabbit sneezes, symptoms similar to the common cold can occur in all rabbitry residents

Features of granular feed for rabbits

With a lack of healthy vitamins and minerals, the immunity of the lagomorphs becomes susceptible to various diseases, which is why many breeders recommend buying or making granulated rabbit food with their own hands. Granular feed for rabbits Breeding rabbits is not an easy task. Each breeder needs to know about all the nuances of keeping these animals, care and feeding

Symptoms and treatment of HBV in rabbits

Viral hemorrhagic disease, or HBV in rabbits, is one of the most dangerous diseases affecting the livestock. The rapid development and spread of rabbit HBV is inherent, which as a result leads to fulminant death of animals; it is not possible to treat the disease. HBVC in rabbits About the nature of HBV in rabbits Among other names for rabbit viral hemorrhagic disease, hemorrhagic pneumonia or necrotic hepatitis is often found

How to introduce beets and its tops to the rabbit diet

Before introducing new products to the rabbits menu, you need to make sure of their benefits. Beets are no exception. You should find out whether sugar beets can be given to rabbits and how to do it correctly. Is it possible to give beets and its tops to rabbits The diet of rabbits must be complete and balanced, so that they actively gain muscle mass, and also have a stable immunity to various diseases

The basics of rabbit breeding for beginners

Breeding rabbits is considered a fairly profitable occupation. They are kept both for personal needs and for the further sale of meat, skins and fur. It is recommended to start with several individuals, choosing the most unpretentious breeds (for example, dwarf rabbits), and then gradually increase their numbers

How to choose a name for a rabbit

When choosing fluffy as a pet, you should first of all think about how to name a rabbit, according to what criteria, choose the most suitable name for it. After all, the nickname of a pet determines not only its adaptation, in many respects it reflects its character. What to name a rabbit Man is used to living near animals

Is it possible to introduce bread into the diet of rabbits

Can rabbits be fed bread? You need to understand that if you have decorative rabbits, then bread is unlikely to benefit them, but if you fatten rabbits for another purpose, then this product can be given without a twinge of conscience. However, what benefit can bread products give, how to feed ordinary and decorative rabbit bread

Life span of dwarf rabbits

Rabbits are kind, affectionate creatures. Their maintenance at home brings joy to all family members. In this regard, the question begs: how many dwarf rabbits live? How many dwarf rabbits live If you want to find yourself a reliable friend for a long time in the form of a pet, you should study well the characteristics of individual breeds of these animals

Is it possible to introduce sorrel in the diet of rabbits

Can rabbits have sorrel? Which one to choose, garden or wild (horse)? To correctly introduce sorrel to lure, you need to know some simple rules for its dosage, processing and storage. Can rabbits eat sorrel Experienced farmers argue that the rabbit's diet should consist primarily of green fodder

Rabbit life span

A novice farmer has many questions. One of them is how long rabbits delight the owner with their existence and how to prolong their life through nutrition? How old are rabbits? Breeding pussies at home can be very simple if you handle them properly: provide a balanced diet, protect against diseases and epidemics

Is it possible to introduce horseradish leaves and stems into rabbits ’diet?

Owners of rabbits have repeatedly faced the challenge of providing their pets with a complete and balanced diet. It doesn’t matter if it is a farm animal or a representative of an ornamental breed: the feed should consist of the lion's share of greenery and herbs. In connection with this circumstance, many rabbit breeders are interested in the question of whether it is possible for rabbits to get horseradish.

Vitamins for rabbits: what and why

Vitamins for rabbits are vital groups of low molecular weight organic compounds. Lack of vitamins negatively affects the health of the pet. In summer, minerals and organic matter can be balanced with proper nutrition. During the winter, food is usually hearty, but scarce on the necessary components. Therefore, it is worth paying special attention to the additional source of A-vitamins for rabbits - such as vegetables, fruits or medications

How to make a cage for a decorative rabbit on your own

Keeping rabbits in an apartment or in your own house has its own characteristics. In many ways, they are related to where the pet will live, eat and walk. It is necessary to equip the animal with its own corner, where it will be comfortable to stay awake and relax. For these purposes, you will need a cage for a decorative rabbit

What to do if a rabbit nibbles a wooden cage

Why do rabbits gnaw wooden cages, what to do, how to wean the animal from this activity? Such a question has repeatedly baffled both experienced farmers and owners of ornamental breeds. Why do rabbits bite wooden cages Modern cages and pens for rodents very often contain a lot of wooden parts. The floor, corners, and sometimes the entire rabbit house is made of organic material

Rules for breeding rabbits in the pit

Breeding rabbits in the pit is a good choice for farmers whose pets have become weak and inactive. It is believed that in order to restore the balance of natural forces and the subsequent improvement of animal health, it is possible to place in a pit closest to nature. Moreover, the creation and arrangement of the pit is necessary for the person to do

Lactic acid for rabbits

Recently, rabbit breeding is popular. Moreover, more and more often people began to breed rabbits as pets. In addition to proper nutrition and keeping the cells clean and tidy, rabbits need a number of useful supplements, vitamins and minerals. Few people know that lactic acid for rabbits is a harmless and healthy dietary supplement

Rabbit cell disinfection methods

The disinfection of cells for rabbits in rabbitry helps to avoid the emergence and spread of bacteria and viruses that cause the death of animals on rabbit farms. How to disinfect rabbit cells About the need for disinfection Most viral microorganisms are stable in activity and are able to survive under various conditions, whether at elevated or low temperatures

Pasteurellosis in rabbits and methods of its treatment

In breeding rabbits, livestock farmers often encounter problems such as rabbit pasteurellosis. This viral disease is causing enormous damage to livestock farms and private households due to the high mortality rate of infected animals. Pasteurellosis in rabbits Under normal conditions, this percentage does not exceed 15-20%, but if rabbits live in inappropriate conditions, receive insufficient amounts of nutrients from food and do not have constant access to clean water, then mortality rises to 80-90%

The use of vaccinations for rabbits from myxomatosis and HBV

Complex vaccinations for rabbits from myxomatosis and HBV are an effective means of preserving the livestock from death. Vaccine for rabbits from myxomatosis and HBV Pharmacology Associated Vaccination Associated vaccine for myxomatosis and rabbit viral hemorrhagic disease is available in one of two possible strains: B82 rabbit myxomatous viral pathogen, B87 viral causative agent of rabbit hemorrhagic infection

What branch food can be given to rabbits

For normal functioning of rabbits, roughage must be included in their diet. What branches can be given to rabbits, every farmer should know. Coarse foods contain the necessary components - fiber and tannin - which improve digestion. What branches can be given to rabbits Also, the regular use of roughage has an antifungal effect, as a result, the digestive tract improves and all other mechanisms work much more intensively

Silver rabbits breed

Silver rabbits became famous for their unusual color of fur and became popular in breeding by private farms thanks to a very valuable skin. Rabbit Silver About the silver breed Silver rabbits were bred by livestock breeders of domestic rabbits in Soviet times in the 50s of the last century in the Poltava region

Okroli rabbits at home

The bunnies were okrolled - a responsible matter, it requires attention from the farmer. Breeding rabbits is a fairly common type of animal husbandry, as these animals have simple content requirements. However, here it is also necessary to possess certain information, in particular, when and how they should take place at home

French ram rabbits

In 1850, as a result of crossing the English lop-eared rabbit and the Flemish giant, the scientists bred a new breed called the French Baran. The English lop-eared rabbit was bred by a natural mutation of the auricle, which then became a characteristic feature of this breed. The Flemish giant, on the contrary, was large, which influenced the results of the crossing of 2 representatives

The main eye diseases in rabbits and their treatment

Eye diseases in rabbits cause a lot of inconvenience in the process of their maintenance and require veterinary intervention, and sometimes surgical. Rabbit Eye Disease Common rabbit eye diseases Rabbit eye disease can be triggered by various factors. All ophthalmic diseases in animals by veterinarians into three main groups: appeared in the process of inflammation, formed during exposure to infectious pathogens, acquired from parents, that is, congenital

Common diseases of ornamental rabbits

Diseases of decorative rabbits are diverse, each of them can pose a threat to the life of a small pet. Diseases can be caused both by the influence of pathogenic microorganisms and by a violation in the regime of care and nutrition. Any deviation from the normal state of the animal should cause concern to its owner

How to choose a toy for rabbits

Of course, in specialized stores you can easily find a wide range of accessories for entertainment for rabbits and other various things that satisfy one or another need of the “inquisitive” mind of a pet, because when you bring a pet rabbit home, whether it’s a dwarf or lop-eared, smooth-haired or Teddy kid, you should remember that this is not an exhibit that can be boasted to neighbors and friends, but a living creature. The

What to feed and what can a decorative rabbit eat

Although many people perceive rabbits solely as a source of meat and skins, some give birth to these animals as pets. But in order to keep them at home, it is necessary to provide animals with suitable conditions. And a considerable influence here is exerted by the quality and quantity of food. Each owner must know how to feed a decorative rabbit, and what food will harm him