Life span of dwarf rabbits

Rabbits are kind, affectionate creatures. Their maintenance at home brings joy to all family members. In this regard, the question begs: how many dwarf rabbits live?

How many dwarf rabbits live

If you want to find yourself a reliable friend for a long time in the form of a pet, you should study well the characteristics of individual breeds of these animals.

Long-lived rabbits

Dwarf rabbits by average life expectancy are not long-livers. Today for pets to live 8 years is already a record. Most often, subject to all the rules for the care and feeding of animals, the animal lives no more than 6-7 years. But there are exceptions. Several champions even made it to the Guinness Book of Records. However, the oldest furry was not honored to get there. In Scotland, according to some information, in the usual apartment conditions there was a eared, who died of old age only in 24 years, but nothing is known about his breed.

Among the celebrities of the animal world recorded by representatives of the Book of Records, the most famous are dwarf rabbits Do from the USA (died at 17 years old) and Floppy from England (died at 19 years old). It is very difficult to reach this age without certain genetic characteristics of individual breeds.

Longevity Conditions

A decorative rabbit is a creature with subtle immunity, and few breeders can keep it in good condition. It is the health status of animals that most often affects the fact that pussies leave this world only a few years after birth. To maximize the life of pets, you should:

  • regularly undergo veterinary examinations and get vaccinated;
  • monitor the quality of the animal’s diet;
  • Carefully look after him;
  • neutered males;
  • organize daily walks for the animal.

Also, the life span of domestic animals depends on:

  • breeds;
  • rabbit parental health;
  • the presence or absence of genetic defects;
  • predisposition to disease.

Every experienced breeder knows how to determine if an old rabbit is or not. Dwarf rabbits contained in ordinary home cages lose their sparkle with age. The quality of the coat also deteriorates: it begins to fade and thin. Activity and playfulness seen earlier disappear. Often by old age, the eared ears are fattening and acquire a sagging belly. In addition, these animals are fearful, and this is a serious problem. Due to a serious fright, the rabbit may even die.

Do not feel sorry for the pet, fearing that castration will bring him a lot of pain and inconvenience. According to the results of numerous studies, the operated males and females delight the owners for several months longer than their full-fledged relatives. This difference is determined by reducing the risk of genital tumors that are observed in these animals in at least 20% of cases. In addition, these data were obtained from studies of individuals that previously underwent regular mating. Rabbits contained in home cages are most often deprived of this opportunity. From this, the risk of cancer increases.

Which breeds live longer

According to the results of many years of observations and feedback from the owners of the eared ears, the lop-eared sheep lives the longest.

This breed has a longer life expectancy, even without proper care. In the absence of serious genetic abnormalities, as well as acquired diseases, the individual lives up to 9 years. The Rex breed is considered slightly less tenacious. Each of its representatives lives up to 5-7 years. Colored Dutch rabbits have the same lifespan.

How long does the necessary rabbit live? What should a person who makes every effort to extend the existence of his pet count on? According to experts, pets can easily be kept for another 12-36 months by their average life. Often a good host attitude becomes the main criterion for the longevity of these pets. If an individual dies by 13 or 14 years, all these past years are the merit of the owner.

A wild beast lives much less than a pet. And this is due to several factors. According to scientists, in 90% of cases, small rabbits live longer than their large counterparts. In addition, how long a wild animal will live depends on natural factors, because hare-like ones prefer to spend most of their lives in burrows, which are occasionally flooded with groundwater. In addition to precipitation, there is a high risk of being eaten by a more formidable animal, so the life expectancy of wild rabbits is measured 2-4 years.

Correct content

Dwarf creatures held under normal cellular conditions require regular walking.

Like other animals, they maintain their health by constantly being in motion. Content in a cramped cage quickly leads to metabolic disturbances. The result is obesity and the appearance of signs of various diseases. Moreover, under these conditions, the work of the internal organs of the animal begins to change, and the musculoskeletal system also suffers. Paw problems are one of the most common when keeping dwarf rabbits.

It is equally important to ensure maximum comfort for the rabbits. It concerns not only amenities (bedding, feeders, cages, etc.), but also completely different factors. Dwarf creatures contained in ordinary housing conditions must be protected from:

  • bright light;
  • falls from a height;
  • loud noise;
  • other pets (cats, dogs, rodents, etc.).

The nervous system of these animals is unstable, so you need to try to protect it as much as possible from an external threat. Most often, a crawl is a toy in the hands of a child. This must not be allowed. In such aggressive conditions for the rabbit, excessive timidity, as well as games with children, often lead to premature death of animals.

Those who want to have their own friend in the person of a dwarf rabbit need to provide him with everything necessary. The animal quickly gets used to the person, but even over the years does not cease to be afraid of him. Correcting this situation is very difficult. In addition, the threat from other irritants prevents the rabbit from completely relaxing.

Proper nutrition

How long a rabbit will live in apartment conditions also depends on how a person chooses the right diet for him.

These animals have one drawback: they are prone to obesity. Such a drawback is removed when compiling a daily menu for the animal. The main products that he uses are of vegetable origin. It remains to dose them correctly. Experienced breeders recommend feeding animals 6-7 times a day in small portions.

Animals eagerly eat hay, cereals, herbs and vegetables. In addition, we must not forget about vitamins and minerals. They are found in specialized feeds and supplements. But before giving them to your pet, you should consult a veterinarian. Not all breeds need the standard vitamin complexes available on the shelves of pet stores. The only thing that is beyond doubt is the need to purchase a grindstone for teeth. This item will be a real salvation for the owners of the home, because every rabbit nibbles everything that he comes across in the way.


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