Kartofelesazhalka for the Neva motor-block

Planting potatoes in the spring is a laborious process, but with the help of modern agrotechnical equipment it can be simplified: mechanisms for working in large fields differ from summer cottage equipment. The motor-block known to all includes a special nozzle that helps in planting vegetables in small areas. Kartofelesazhalka for the Neva motor-block is one of the most interesting options.

The principle of operation of the potato planter for the Neva walk-behind tractor

Equipment system

By what principle does such a device work? Its main components are a plow forming a furrow and a seeder for laying potatoes. The task of the hiller is to fill the vegetables with earth. All this together makes a sowing trailer, clinging to a walk-behind tractor. It is intended to create favorable conditions for further agronomic operations: weeding, cultivation, hilling, digging.

Landing itself is carried out on pre-treated soil efficiently, quickly, with the depth and pitch set by choice. A quality tool should have good performance, durability, ease of assembly and ease of use. It matters its size and weight, reasonable price.

Varieties of models

What is the fundamental difference between different models among themselves? Firstly, the volume of the bowl may vary. The larger the unit, the higher the bucket capacity. For owners of large gardens, equipment with a bowl holding more than 30 liters is suitable. Then there will be no need to interrupt work often to restart the equipment.

Versatility matters. Expensive devices are combined with almost all walk-behind tractors. To facilitate the work of farmers, a special coupler was invented, which allows connecting walk-behind tractors and potato planting devices. The transportability and power of work depend on the size of the unit. Smaller units are easier to move, but larger units work more efficiently. There are various types of potato planters for the Neva walk-behind tractor.

KSM-1A model

The main objective of this unit, specially created for the Neva, is to plant a seed vegetable on a site together with planting it in the ground and creating a ridge. This narrow focus model has compact dimensions and is easy to operate. KSM-1A is produced in Russia, sold at an average price.

Technical specifications:

  • power - 0.2 ha / hour;
  • the distance between potatoes during planting is 25 cm;
  • weight - 2 kg;
  • length - 76 cm, width - 76 cm, height - 65 cm;
  • hopper displacement - 40 l;
  • track - about 65 cm.

KSM-1 model

This potato planter for the Neva motor-block differs in big dimensions and capacity. It weighs almost 45 kg and has a bowl with a volume of 40 liters. Standard productivity - 0.25 ha / hour. Provides an average row width of 50 cm. The model, in addition to planting potatoes, is able to fertilize the soil. In this way, it becomes possible to dig parallel pits in closed soil. The electronic motor forms single awnings for evenly planting tubers 50 mm deep.

Prices for universal KSM are higher than for previous models. They recommend buying equipment in rural equipment stores or directly from the manufacturer.

Model KS-1

The specifics of the RC-1 model are medium and heavy motor blocks of domestic and foreign production. It weighs 25 kg, has a capacity of 0.2 ha / h. Planting potatoes - 6 pieces per meter. The width of the rows is 50-70 cm.

Model KS-1A

Great equipment

Helps optimize the planting process and save gardener time. The root crop laid out by a funnel in the bunker is laid out piece by piece on the ground. Mounted bogey discs dig in potatoes and level the ground to achieve greater smoothness. You can select the desired planting width using the support wheel system. To regulate the established norm of sowing, a replacement tape is purchased. On light soils apply easy walking mode. The function helps to save the power of the sower. Among other things, using KS-1A, you can aggregate tubers from small tractors.

Kartofelesazhalka for the Neva MB 2 walk-behind tractor of the KS-1 model weighs no more than 35 kg, has a hopper of 35 l. Plant tubers in 60 cm, 5 potatoes per 1 m. Productivity - at the level of 0.22 ha / h. The device is used in cottages and small areas.

Model KST-1T

The specificity of this Neva potato planter variety lies in the simultaneous sowing of tubers and loosening of the soil. Specifications:

  • turn within a radius of 3 m;
  • gauge - 0.7 m;
  • wheels with a diameter of 410 m;
  • weight - 75 kg.

DIY making

For a person who knows the skills of assembling instruments and tools, it will not be difficult to make auxiliary equipment independently at home. This will not only save money, but also show imagination and make the device for yourself.

First of all, you need a steel frame of 8 mm size and 2 cm in height. The bunker is made small (since the equipment is designed for compact sections). Its weight will be 15-20 kg.

Installation of the elevator is carried out inside the hopper, inside are placed bowls with a diameter of 5-10 mm. The whole mechanism is attached to the main wheel using a chain rope. It allows you to automate the process of planting potatoes.

Plate supports are mounted on both sides of the frame. Their task is to hold 2 seed tubes and discs for sealing furrows. Using steel strips, the frame is placed in a stable position. The plywood hopper is attached to the bracket. Top it is usually covered with drying oil, then with varnish. Rubber is placed inside the hopper to protect the fruit from damage. Then wheels are attached to the device.


In order to choose the Neva MB potato planter correctly, you need to be guided by the tasks set, the size of the plot, and your capabilities in terms of price. You should not chase the most advanced innovations: the main selection criterion is your own comfort.


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