Juniper Spartan - a persistent and unpretentious plant

Breeders around the world have bred more than 70 species of junipers. One of the most popular among gardeners are Chinese varieties of conifers. They began to breed in China, Japan, Manchuria and North Korea. Variety Spartan (Spartan) was obtained in the nursery Monrovia (1960).

Juniper Spartan - a persistent and unpretentious plant

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  • Group : conifers.
  • Height : up to 3 m.
  • Crown diameter : up to 2.5 m.
  • Crown shape : pyramidal.
  • Needles : scaly, bluish-green.
  • Fruits : cones.
  • Location : photophilous.
  • Reproduction methods : seed, vegetative.
  • Soil : undemanding to fertility.
  • Application : single and group landings

Growing regions

The plant is frost-resistant, feels great in frosts up to - 30 °. However, he does not like low humidity.

It grows best in the Crimea and the Caucasus. You can plant and throughout the forest zone, forest-steppe and steppe strips.

Plant description

Chinese Juniper Spartan is a fast-growing plant. Under the right conditions, by the age of 10 he grows to 3 m.

The maximum height of the tree is 5 m. The crown reaches 2.5 m in width. The annual increase in growth is up to 10 cm, and much less in width - up to 5 cm.

The crown is vertical, has a pyramidal or fusiform shape. The main branches are raised. Young shoots are also vertical.

The needles are scaly. The color is bluish green. The needles are soft to the touch, in appearance they resemble a roller.

Cones grow on a tree. They contain seeds that ripen in 2 years.


Juniper Spartan is a photophilous culture. Ideal places to land would be sunny areas or light partial shade. Dimming plant tolerates poorly and may die.

There are no special requirements for soils. However, nutritious and drained soil is the key to more intensive growth and decorativeness of a furry handsome.

Seedling Selection

When choosing planting material, you need to pay attention to some important details.

  • Juniper seedling must be 3 years old.
  • The plant is best taken with a closed root system. In good nurseries, they are sold in special containers that contain fertilizers of prolonged action. This makes it possible not to damage the roots during planting and to achieve 100% survival.

Site preparation

For planting, choose healthy seedlings

When buying seedlings with a closed root system, they can be planted almost year-round. But the optimal time for this procedure is the beginning of the vegetative period.

Despite the fact that Spartan, like all conifers, is not picky, a little attention needs to be paid to the place of its future growth.

Nutrient soil has not harmed more than one plant. It is recommended to use turf, sand and peat in a ratio of 2: 1: 1. It is advisable to add 200 g nitroammofoski.

Landing technology

It is important that the depth of the dug hole is 2 times greater than the earthen lump.

Put drainage at the bottom of the prepared hole. This will protect the seedling from groundwater and excessive waterlogging. The earthen lump should be just above the soil level. Tamp and pour the surface.

Important! Needles of a young seedling need to be sprayed periodically.

When planting several copies at once, remember the size of adult plants, because the crown reaches 2.5 m in width. Excessive thickening gives a lag in growth and loss of decorativeness.


Spartan is an unpretentious plant. But to pay a little attention and care to the prickly handsome one still needs to. All actions are pretty standard.


Young seedlings require good watering, since the root system of the plant is still poorly developed and cannot independently produce moisture from the soil.

2-3 year old trees are watered approximately once a week. On the bush is a bucket of water. In drought, the frequency of procedures needs to be increased.

Top dressing

In the spring, the conifer is fed with a solution of nitroammofoski. The duration of the procedure is April-early May (30 g of fertilizer per 1 sq. Meter).

In autumn, potassium supplements are required to maintain plant health. The ideal time to submit them is October.

Mulching and loosening the soil

Loosening during the growing season is one of the most important procedures. This manipulation enriches the upper soil layers with oxygen and provides an additional incentive for plant growth.

To preserve moisture, the soil around the bush can be mulched. Use peat, compost or bark.


You can create bizarre shapes from the crown

The high density of the Spartan crown and the annual growth not exceeding 15 cm allow Chinese junipers to be given the most bizarre shapes.

In the spring, dried branches are removed and sanitary cutting is done. This procedure is best done before the sap flow begins. It should be remembered that no more than 1/3 of the branch can be cut.

As tools used secateurs, garden or electric scissors. Tools should be sharp. This will avoid creases.

Winter preparations

Spartan is a plant that is not afraid of frost. Therefore, for the winter it is not necessary to cover it. Just tie the branches together with a strong rope to avoid deformation and breakage from the heaviness of snow.

Before sending to the winter for the conifers, it is possible to do preventive treatment against diseases and pests.


Like all conifers, Spartan is propagated by seed or vegetatively. The seed method is labor-intensive. When propagated by cuttings, you can get the number of seedlings you need.

Cuttings must be torn off, and not cut off with a pruner or other tool. The branch of the future plant should be at least 7 cm and have 2 internodes.

In order for the stalk to take root, it is important that there is a “leg” on its lower part - part of the bark from the mother bush.

The soil for planting must first be well dug up to the depth of the bayonet of the shovel and fertilizer.

Diseases and Pests

To prevent the occurrence of fungal diseases before the period of vegetative growth, it is necessary to treat the conifers with Bordeaux liquid.

  • When invading caterpillars and aphids, Confidor is used. Processing is carried out twice, with a weekly interval.
  • When infected with rust, they are treated with fungicides.

Use in landscape design

In landscape design, Chinese Spartan Juniper is used to decorate park areas, public spaces and in private gardens.

It can play the role of a lonely, dominant plant, and to create green hedges.

It gets along well with other shrubs, their compatibility is a matter of taste and the designer mood of the gardener.

Gardeners reviews

In the line of conifers, juniper variety Spartan takes pride of place. Many grow it, while praising and recommending it to others.

Year-round attractiveness, winter hardiness, livability, unpretentious disposition and ease of care - all these qualities are especially appreciated by lovers of evergreens.


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