Instructions for use Virosalma for pigeons

Almost every bird disease has a vaccine. The main thing is to carry out prophylaxis in time. Virosalm for pigeons is a kind of pathogen that builds immunity in the pigeon's body to resist the disease. This vaccine helps to fight with two types of ailment - this is salmonellosis and Newcastle disease.

Virosalm for pigeons

Vaccine characterization

Often Virosalm many pigeon growers use in order to maintain the pigeon's immune system and reduce the chances of contracting not only these diseases, but also a number of others. The vaccine itself contains the necessary vitamins and minerals that produce certain cells in the body that strengthen the immune system.

The main components that help fight against diseases are highlighted in the medicine: these are billions of microcells of microbial origin of the Salmonella typhimurium family, and most importantly - extraembryonic transudate of small chicken embryos that are already infected with Newcastle virus.

This is how to inject an allergen into the body. The body begins to take it and integrate it into its DNA, as a result it turns out to build an “artificial” immunity to a particular allergen. So it is with the disease: you cannot get sick with what is already in the body.

The color of the liquid is yellowish gray. If a sediment is visible at the bottom of the jar, you should not worry: this is normal for such a preparation - you just need to shake the vaccine before the pigeon is introduced, it breaks down perfectly into a homogeneous mixture.

The medicine is available only in glass jars. The package may have a different amount of vaccine: 2, 10, 20 and the largest package - 40 pieces. Each dose is securely packed with a polymer cap, which does not allow air to pass through, but at the same time maintains the desired temperature inside the ampoule. The top of the neck of the ampoule is covered with an aluminum cap.

What should be the testimony

Virosalm for pigeons instructions read:

  • a vaccine is prevention, but not treatment;
  • the medicine is intended for the prevention of any decorative and wild birds against diseases such as salmonellosis and Newcastle disease.

Often, pigeons suffer from such diseases because of poor-quality food, dirty litter and water. Also a large percentage of the fact that the bird can become infected from another carrier of the disease. Often this happens on farms when domestic pigeons come in contact with wild birds. The vaccine needs those pigeons that are at risk:

  • pigeons from 2 to 20 days;
  • birds during mass quarantine: if there were no preventive actions on the immune system right before the threat of infection, it is recommended that such pigeons be put temporarily in another room;
  • pigeons, which in the future should become parents: such a precaution can protect future offspring from diseases;
  • veterinarians especially recommend vaccinating those birds that are supposed to participate in exhibitions or will soon be put up for sale.

How to apply

The medicine is injected into the pectoral muscle. The instruction says that taking the medicine should be divided into 2 times, between the first and second vaccinations there should be a break of 27-29 days. The amount of vaccine depends on the total weight of the pigeon. If, for example, a pigeon weighs up to 4 kg, then the dosage of the vaccine will be 0.5 ml. But the birds that crossed the mark of 4 kg are given a dosage of 1 ml. Before opening the ampoule, it must be shaken very well so that there is no sediment at the bottom of the ampoule.

When using the medicine, special attention must be paid to hygiene and the quality of antiseptic agents. It is best to use disposable or, on the contrary, reusable syringes with only thin and small needles, and even better - buy insulin syringes.

Reusable syringes must be sterilized every 30 minutes. The place where to prick should be disinfected with 70% ethanol. Do not give medicine to birds that are only 1 day old. If you do not comply with the above conditions, the effectiveness of the vaccine will worsen at times. Such malfunctions can occur because the vaccine may not work at all, because the components of the Virosalm medication are very important. The main thing is that all cells take root in the body and line up in DNA to develop a protective system against these diseases. There are few analogues of the medicine, but it is better to use just this, since Virosalm has established itself as an effective remedy.

When introducing the vaccine, it is necessary to monitor the time intervals in order to avoid repeated use. It is best for this purpose to invite a veterinarian so that he correctly calculates the dose, monitors all stages of preparation and prevention. When carrying out the procedure yourself, it is important not to forget about preventive precautions. Gloves and overalls are required, and if the medicine accidentally gets on the skin or in the eyes, rinse them urgently.

After administering the vaccine, it is important to wash your hands immediately using warm water and soap, preferably 3-4 times. If, by chance, the vaccine was administered to humans, it is required to use ethanol or iodine for disinfection, and then consult a doctor immediately.

Who is not recommended to enter

If it is clear that the bird is weak, depleted, vaccination is recommended to be postponed, as there is a chance that the bird may not survive it. It is better to wait until the pigeon gets stronger, and only after that do an injection. It is recommended that the pet hang a ribbon around his neck to know who needs prophylaxis.

Also, experts do not recommend vaccination when it is too hot outside, as birds can not withstand such stress. The molting period also refers to contraindications. And most importantly, you can not mix one drug with another, especially if both improve immunity.

To use the Virosalm vaccine for pigeons, you must follow all safety precautions. Also, do not forget about special protective clothing and medical gloves. If the medicine gets on the skin or in the eyes, immediately rinse the skin with plenty of water. Virosalm is a prevention, not a way to eliminate an existing ailment.


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