Instructions for taking Ditrim

Ditrim is a drug that is used to treat and prevent various bacterial diseases. It is often used by farmers to treat their pets.

How to take Ditrim

If you follow all the rules for the use of this medication, it can cure a number of dangerous diseases, as well as coccidiosis in rabbits. It is important to know all the features of such a drug, as well as read the instructions. This and much more will be discussed in this article.

What is Ditrim?

Ditrim is a drug that has an extensive antibacterial level of action. It is used for treating the respiratory tract, intestinal and other diseases in small rabbits. It contains components such as trimethoprim and sulfadimezin. They are able to effectively and efficiently overcome pathogenic microorganisms.

The drug has several advantages:

  • strong double effect on microbes;
  • lack of harmful substances in the composition;
  • kills all pathogenic microbes.

The action of the drug is able to cover a large number of bacteria, both positive and negative, as well as coccids, streptococci and Klebsiella.

Ditrim is a liquid solution that has a light yellow color. Its use is allowed intramuscularly, as well as by ingestion. Sold in thick glass bottles of 20, 50 and 100 ml. Instructions for use are enclosed in the packaging for each drug.

Pharmacological features

The active elements of the drug are able to destroy the metabolism of acids, which is necessary for the life and work of foreign microorganisms. By such actions, the medicine can provide an antibacterial effect. When Ditrim has already been introduced into the body of rabbits, it passes very quickly into the bloodstream and reaches bad and diseased tissues.

Features of Dietrim

A positive effect is observed several hours after the injection. The drug stays in the body for 18-24 hours. Ditrim leaves the body at the time when the pet went to the toilet, and if it is a female, then simultaneously with milk. A similar drug is prescribed for both large animals and small ones. Ditrim is also prescribed to rabbits during the period of coccidiosis infection.

Mode of application

Ditrim is not administered to rabbits under the skin, but is administered orally. It is used as a liquid aqueous solution.

During treatment, 2 types of administration are allowed:

  • water sick rabbits for 55 days;
  • give the medicine for the first 3 days, then take a break also in 2 days and resume taking, as for the first time.

If the medicine is used correctly, as written in the instructions, then there are no side effects.

There may be slight inflammation and infiltrates, but when treatment is over, such manifestations disappear on their own. If the dosage is increased, the pet will have kidney and gastrointestinal tract dysfunction. After such reactions, treatment with Ditrim is discontinued and treatment with rehabilitation drugs begins.

The bad side of the drug

Like other medical medicines, Ditrim for rabbits has side effects and contraindications. In order to avoid unpleasant surprises, you do not need to arbitrarily increase the dose, it is better to follow the instructions for use. Some pets may have a small red rash at the injection site, but they can go away after a while.

In case of an overdose of the drug, it is generally worthwhile to stop giving it to the pet and start treating with vitamins.

Ditrim should not be taken simultaneously with other medicines, such as:

  • aminobenzoic acid;
  • novocaine;
  • anestezin;
  • procaine;
  • benzocaine.

Also, mixing several drugs in the same syringe is strictly prohibited.

Finally, this medicine is not prescribed for animals that are hypersensitive to sulfonamides, as well as for females during pregnancy and animals with kidney and liver diseases.

Special instructions and rules

When working with this medication, it is worth observing the elementary safety rules. Be sure to wear sterile gloves. If the solution gets into a bare spot on the body, immediately rinse it thoroughly with water.

Also, Ditrim should not be mixed with other drugs, this is indicated in the instructions for use.

Rules for using the medicine

How to store medicine? The drug should be kept away from children in a place where the temperature is from 5 ° C to 25 ° C. If you follow all the rules, then the drug will be suitable for a couple of years. Open packaging should be used within 28 days, not later.

Instructions for use

Among people who breed rabbits, Dietrim has become quite popular. It perfectly treats this kind of animal for coccidiosis.

Instructions with rules for use should be attached to the drug. It is worth observing all the requirements that are written in it. Dietrim's instructions for use are simple, but require strict implementation.

First you need to transplant sick rabbits into separate cells, then carefully review the remaining animals for the presence of the disease. Pets suspected of being jailed for 30 days separately. When there are dead animals, it is advisable to open them to make sure the diagnosis is correct.

You can drink rabbits with the drug:

  • for 5 days without a break;
  • drink the first 3 days, then a 4-5 break, and then again 3 days.

The prepared solution should be used during the day.


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