Indostrauses, characteristics and description of the breed

Poultry growing is very popular not only among home breeding, but also among small and medium enterprises and farming. Breeding of broiler breeds or, as they are also called, indostrauses occupies a separate place. The main qualities of these individuals are large sizes, three to four times more than a regular turkey and a high meat growth rate. All this adds benefits to these representatives of the turkey industry.

Description and description of the Indostraus breed

Their breeding is gaining momentum recently, many are moving from the cultivation of chickens, geese, ducks to breeding turkeys. Turkey meat is also of excellent quality meat, which is well digested and recommended by nutritionists and allergists from different countries. In some photos, turkey broilers seem simply huge and look like ostriches.

Description of the Indostraus breed

The domestic turkey has recently changed. Among the classic breeds, artificially bred ones began to appear. The most popular breed was the Indostraus.

Some argue that this is a hybrid breed bred by crossing an ostrich and a turkey, but there is no consensus on this. This name refers to the broiler species “white broad-breasted” turkey and BIG-6.

The photo shows the features - large size, white plumage, wide front of the chest. This variety became widespread due to early maturity and a high percentage of meat yield up to 80% of the total body weight also in comparison with other breeds, females bring more eggs. They do not require special care conditions, but are vulnerable to cold, so it is advisable to grow them in the warm season. An adult turkey can weigh up to 25 kg and a turkey 15 kg. Eggs carry up to 90 pieces per year, which is quite a decent indicator for broiler breeds.

Features of the Indostrauses

They look like ordinary turkeys, only larger. They lead a calm measured rhythm of life, which allows them to quickly gain weight and it is very effective for growing them for commercial purposes. A turkey farm is a good investment project, if the farmer plans to quickly develop and profitable business. This species is distinguished not only by its calm character and large size, but also by a number of other qualities:

  • high meat growth (up to 80 g / day);
  • dietary and hypoallergenic qualities of meat;
  • non-waste production;
  • high survival rate of young animals.

Meat, with low cholesterol, it contains a lot of vitamin and is rich in amino acids. Another advantage is a good memory of heredity, which allows you to get good offspring and engage in breeding. With each subsequent offspring, hereditary traits are not only preserved, but can also be improved, which allows you to keep the breed clean. This bird is also used to improve the quality of other breeds. Indostrauses became the founders of many other breeds with excellent rates and got spread around the world.

The breed is popular all over the world.

But nevertheless, the main feature of such birds is precisely their good weight gain. For the farm, these indicators are of particular importance. So with proper care and the highest quality diet, these birds at the age of three months reach marketable weight and continue intensive growth.

Indostraus characteristics and breeding indicators

The broiler turkey in the first month requires special attention like any chick, they eat a lot, five to seven times a day, and they need warm conditions of -35 degrees.

It is advisable to grow up a matured poultry in May, and hatched to grow up to a month old in warmth and under special supervision, at this age they are especially vulnerable to cold temperatures and diseases. But after a month of age, having gained strength, they quickly begin to gain weight. Given the size of individuals, it is important to have a rather large room for their maintenance and a territory for grazing. With proper nutrition and care, after four to five months, the turkey is ready for slaughter. At the exit, we get up to 18 kg of pure weight meat from turkey and 10 kg from turkey, very good performance in a short time. In addition to meat, we get:

  • eggs
  • down and feathers;
  • sausages and pate.

Many farmers say that raising an indostraus is more profitable than any other poultry, and some even more profitable than a pig. At the same cost of food, weight gaining faster, care less demanding, plus eggs and feathers with feathers, the meat is soft, tasty, dietary benefit for the face.

The disadvantages of the Indostraus breed

But there are also disadvantages to this type of poultry farming, it is the heat loving of individuals. Providing the required temperature all year round requires additional costs or seasonal cultivation in the summer. Also, this species is less mobile, therefore more susceptible to disease.

It should be noted that individuals, having gained maximum weight, cease to gain it and eat it as before, therefore the feed is overused, and breeding becomes not so profitable, therefore it is so important to monitor the weight of these birds.


Breeding and growing indostraus is a profitable and profitable business. The dietary and hypoallergenic properties of meat of this breed increase its competitiveness in the poultry market. Convenience and comparative simplicity of growing make this bird popular among farmers and households, and wastelessness increases the versatility coefficient of turkey business.


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