The importance of metronidazole for growing onions

Each gardener who grows a crop on his own beds, without fail, plants onions. But, as you know, not a single garden plant can do without pests that cause serious harm to the health of the vegetable.

Onion metronidazole

Metronidazole for onions is an indispensable substance that allows you to deal with such a parasite as an onion fly. The drug makes it possible to get a chic crop of this plant growing in the garden, so if you happen to encounter a similar problem, metronidazole will become the first assistant.

We use an affordable and simple preparation for processing onions from pests

If you want to process onions on beds from pests, you can purchase metronidazole, which is sold at an affordable price in each pharmacy. In addition, watering the plant with this drug is simple. For onion treatment with metronidazole to be successful, you should correctly approach the stage of its preparation. To prepare a solution of the required concentration, 5 tablets should be diluted in 10 liters of pure water.

At the same time, if you decide to water the onions with the help of such a solution, the process will not take a lot of time, but the result will be felt: the pests will not appear in the garden for a long time. You can use this tool not only for processing onions, but also for processing garlic. The proportions for the preparation of the product will be similar.

Metronidazole is actively used not only for processing onions and other vegetables, but it can also be used in medicine for the treatment of numerous gynecological diseases. This is due to the fact that it has an antibacterial effect.

Properly care with metronidazole for onions in the beds

Metronidazole is a good drug not only for processing onions in the beds, it can also be used for other vegetables, among which are:

  • Tomatoes
  • cucumbers
  • cabbage;
  • potatoes.

This unique tool is used in cases where garden crops infect viral and bacterial diseases. A large group of plants can be treated with such a tool, since it belongs to universal preparations. It is also used both for direct treatment of garden crops, and for prevention.

The process of growing crops is too laborious. If the goal is to get a good crop and avoid plant infection by diseases, the necessary preventive measures should be systematically applied. An important role should be assigned not only to the choice of a place for planting onions, the choice of seed, but also to the selection of a drug with which preventive irrigation will be carried out.

The use of funds in the process of growing onions

Many people know that carrots are an excellent neighbor of onion crops. Since it is often necessary to water the vegetable with preventive means, it is necessary to ensure that they get on the carrots minimally, because she herself is engaged in repelling insects.

If you decide to water the onion with metronidazole as a preventative measure, it is advisable to water it immediately after planting the plant in the ground or after weeding it. This processing method will be more efficient and will give the desired result.

In addition to the fact that garden crops should be treated with substances that help fight diseases, we must not forget to water it with all kinds of organic fertilizers. This can be either ready-made complexes sold in stores, or regular ash, chicken droppings and other fertilizers. If you are too lazy to take preventive or curative measures to eliminate diseases, then the vegetable will be able to kill any onion pest, among which the onion fly occupies a special place. Watering the culture with a substance such as metronidazole will not take much time, but the result will exceed all expectations.

Other drugs similar in action to metronidazole

If you decide to water onions with a prophylactic, it is not necessary to use metronidazole, since there are other drugs. They can be independently prepared by any person, and in action they will not be inferior to the purchased option. To do this, prepare saline liquid for watering the culture:

  • for 9 l of water, you need to take 1/3 of the whole pack of salt and mix the components together: choosing among all the waters, you should stop at a settled one;
  • as soon as the sprouts of this plant, reached a height of about 5-8 mm, it is necessary to pour the prepared liquid onion;
  • after 2 weeks, you need to re-pour the onion with a similar composition, but already with one that contains half a pack of salt;
  • after 3 weeks, you need to process the same liquid, only with 2/3 of the salt pack in the composition.

Naturally, you can abandon this method, but in terms of effectiveness it is not inferior to metronidazole. One tablet of the drug contains such a quantity of therapeutic substances, which will be enough for a one-time treatment of the garden culture with the prepared solution.


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