How to wash a sheepskin yourself

Few people know how to wash a sheepskin at home, although every house has at least one item made from this rather delicate material. The skin of a sheep or ram is an affordable and at the same time warm material from which carpets, slippers, children's winter clothes and home decor items are made.

Sheep wool

Every year, the assortment of sheepskin products only increases, but people are still afraid to wash these products, fearing that they will lose their properties after this time-consuming process.

Despite the fact that any sheepskin product has dirt-repellent properties, sooner or later cleaning will be needed anyway: the fur becomes darker and knit over time. In order for the skin to remain warm and bright, you should figure out whether it is possible to wash any type of sheepskin and with what household means it should be done.

Skin Carpet Cleaning

Many people wonder how to wash a sheepskin skin so that it does not lose its beneficial properties. Actually, special equipment and some rare means will not be required for sheep skin. To wash an overall product from sheep wool is real, even at home. Thus, it is possible to wash not only carpets from sheepskin, but also a cloak, mattress cover, blanket and other large-scale elements of bed linen and not only made from sheep's clothing.

Sheep wool rug

Before implementing this process, you should pay attention to such properties of the skin of sheep, such as:

  • low heat conductivity;
  • full air conduction;
  • high hygroscopicity;
  • the ability to neutralize toxins.

There is a certain algorithm of actions for washing sheepskin and products made from it. To start, you should lay the carpet on a flat surface. After that, it will not hurt to vacuum the area of ​​contamination and fill it with starch. It is very important to try to rub starch into the fibers of sheep’s wool. This procedure can be performed many times until the blanket or carpet acquires the desired shade. As soon as this happens, the carpet should be thoroughly vacuumed to get rid of starch residues on its surface. After this, the skin can be thoroughly combed so that it becomes fluffy and soft, as before. Such dry washing is carried out as necessary.

Carpet cleaning

If the pollution is serious enough and the starch does not cope with it, it is necessary to wash the product in the washing machine. This process is quite time-consuming, so it’s better not to bring the skin to such a terrible state, so as not to encounter a rather complicated problem later. Naturally, cleaning can be carried out in a washing machine, but not every mechanism can withstand such a heavy weight, so most often it is recommended to wash large sheepskin products by hand.

To do this, you must first draw half of the warm water bath and dilute the detergent in it. This is usually a special gel or powder. A large product, free from dust, must be lowered into the bathroom for at least an hour. A blanket or carpet needs to be turned over from time to time in the bathroom. If there is very little water left, add it and dilute the necessary powder. After the specified time, you need to drain the water and rinse the carpet in a clean. Moreover, this procedure should be performed 5-6 times.

Dry sheep’s products either on a flat surface or in a suspended position. Well, and most importantly - you should remember that for washing wool from sheep, you should choose only a special powder, which is necessary for cleaning just woolen natural products. A common laundry detergent can be fatal to the carpet and even more so will completely ruin the blanket.

Car Sheepskin Cleaning

In winter, many drivers put on special covers made of sheep wool on the seats of their car. These covers perfectly retain heat inside the car. Thanks to them, all passengers travel long distances with comfort even in the winter season. At the end of each winter season should be cleaned. If the seats are not very dirty, then you can carry out a similar procedure with starch. This method, perhaps, can be used to clean any items made of similar material.

The skin can be cleaned and wet. With the help of a special sponge, any product intended for washing wool products is applied to the wool. As a result, foam should appear. After the procedure, the cover is thoroughly dried and vacuum cleaned. You can wash off the foam after this wash, but then vacuuming the skin is not necessary. This method allows you to make covers almost new at home. In addition, washing the covers can successfully take place in the washing machine, but still this process will take more time and effort.

Are blankets and other children's items made of wool of wool to be washed

Can I wash a sheep’s warm blanket? Since ancient times, sheep’s wool has been used to make baby clothes and bedding for babies. In any children's store there is a blanket made of sheep’s wool, a pillow with sheep’s stuffing, winter envelopes for babies, as well as slippers, so the question often arises whether a sheep’s blanket and other items can be washed. Children's things usually get dirty very quickly, so washing them is extremely necessary. You can bring such products in order even at home.


If children's things from a sheepskin have kept a label on which to actually read the cleaning method, then you should only follow the instructions from the manufacturer. If there is no such information, then you should first find out what kind of washing is needed in this or that case: manual or in the washing machine. Most often, such small items are washed in a washing machine, but in a delicate mode. For such cleaning, it is necessary to choose exclusively children's products that are suitable for wool. Often, experts advise washing children's things with baby shampoo, but in this case the sheepskin can easily lose its properties.

How to clean a sheepskin sheepskin coat

Not every average family can afford such a large purchase as a fox fur coat, chinchilla, etc., so you often have to look for an alternative. In this case, a sheepskin coat made of natural sheep’s wool is an excellent option. It is best to wash your new sheepskin coat in dry cleaning, as a home procedure can lead to a loss of an attractive appearance, which is also important.

If for some reason it is not possible to use dry cleaning, you should carry out the procedure at home. Usually, a special rubber brush is used for this. Unfortunately, this method is effective only in light soiling, so it is very important to know how to wash sheep’s skin on a sheepskin coat so that it does not lose its appeal. You can forget about machine wash in this case. Only wet cleaning can provide a positive result, as is the case with machine covers. In extreme cases, you can use starch.

Now you know whether sheepskin products can be washed and what can happen if you do not follow all the rules.


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