How to use phytosporin for processing cucumbers

Phytosporin for cucumbers is a biofungicide for pest control. Environmentally friendly, harmless drug. It does not adversely affect the fruits and the human body.

Use of phytosporin for cucumbers

Used at all stages of plant growth. With its help, planting material is disinfected, diseases are eliminated. According to gardeners, the tool is effective in home and industrial areas.

Description of the drug

The main component in Fitosporin is the soil bacteria of hay bacillus Bacillus Subtilis. The shelf life of the drug is long.

The drug is necessary to combat fungal and bacterial diseases - late blight, scab, root rot, wilting, mold, powdery mildew, brown rust, septoria and others. It is used to process seed material, the root system of cucumbers, their bushes and fruits.


Phytosporin for cucumbers is available in various forms. This is for ease of use.

The main forms of funds:

  1. Powder. The color is light gray, white. Packaged in bags. 1 package contains 10-300 gr. Shelf life is about 4 years. Subject to conservation requirements, does not lose its properties after 5 or more years. The main disadvantage is that you first need to soak in water for at least 2 hours.
  2. Paste. The consistency is thick, the color is dark. Sold in sealed packages with packaging for 10-200 gr. It dissolves easily and quickly in water.
  3. Liquid. Already finished substrate. Not suitable for freezing. Sold in cans or jars of different volumes (maximum 10 l). It is mainly used for indoor cucumbers.

Aqueous solutions and pastes are odorless. But the powder smells like ammonia. This component is added to stabilize living bacteria inside the drug. But when the powder is mixed with water, the smell disappears. Phytosporin for cucumbers, the instructions for use of which states the need to comply with dosages, is effective in any of 3 types.


The active substance from living bacteria is resistant to external factors - changes in air temperature, humidity. In extremely unfavorable conditions, they change into spores.

Additionally, Fitosporin includes:

  • "Gumi" - a combination of brown coal, potassium, phosphorus and nitrogen;
  • chalk - as an astringent;
  • others - their quantity is indicated on the package.

The first supplement is suitable for root dressing. Heals and activates its growth. For spraying leaves and fruits is strictly prohibited.

Processing methods

The drug is used for various purposes. Processing is carried out by paste or powder mix. According to the instructions, the funds activate the growth of the vegetable crop. It should be processed in warm, sunny weather. The average duration of the procedure is 2-3 days. Frequency - once every 10 days. After rain after 3 hours, repeat the treatment.

Treatment occurs due to the fact that the dangerous microflora is instantly destroyed. The immunity of cucumbers increases, due to which the level of productivity increases. The effectiveness of the treatment depends on the condition of the cucumber bushes. The need for Fitosporin arises only at the initial stage of the disease.

Fitosporin will help enrich the soil

Another application is watering. Cucumbers grown in open ground are watered once a month. Those that grow in a greenhouse need a two-time watering for a month.

Indoor plants need to be sprayed once every 30-40 days. Cucumbers in the beds can be sprayed once every 2 weeks in dry weather and twice in 14 days in rainy weather.

Another application is disease prevention. Phytosporin is necessary after applying chemical fertilizers. Effective for quick restoration of microflora and enrichment of the soil with nutrients.


Each form of biofungicide has its own dosage. This is due to different physical indicators.

The powder product is used 2 hours before processing and spraying. For seeds, you need 0.5 g of Fitosporin. Dilute in 100 ml of water. To process the root system, you need 10 grams of the drug per 5 liters of water.

Dosage of the powder mixture for preventive purposes:

  • for cucumbers in the open ground - 10 grams per 5 liters of water;
  • for indoor bushes - 1.5 g per 3 l of water;
  • for cucumbers in a greenhouse - 5-7 grams per bucket of water.

The biofungicide in the form of a powder mixture is diluted in a ratio of 1: 2. Subsequently, the gardener receives a means of high concentration. It can be stored for more than 1 month. It is diluted with warm water before use. It is advisable to water the plant immediately after preparation.

To soak the seeds, you need to take 2 drops of the drug in the form of a paste. Dilute them in half a glass of water (about 100 ml). Soaking time before planting according to the instructions is 2 hours.

Spray the leaves with a solution of 3 teaspoons of powder in a bucket of water. Another dosage is 10 drops per 450 ml of water.

Fitosporin for cucumbers instructions is applied from the beginning of the growing season at least 3 times. To do this, take 10 ml of paste and mix with 10 liters of water. This is enough for 1 m2. It will help eliminate diseases and relieve soil pests.

So that the root of the cucumbers was not influenced by parasites, it is treated with a solution of 1.5 g of powder per 1 liter of water. During the growing season, 20 grams per bucket of water is enough. Water the root immediately after preparing the solution. Three times processing is carried out. The interval between each is a maximum of 15 days.

Terms of use

Remember that sprinkling soil with a dry Fitosporine mixture is a bad idea. This will have no effect. To activate the product, it must be in contact with water.

Water requirements:

  • warm, warmed up;
  • boiled;
  • well;
  • rain;
  • thawed.

The main thing - do not use liquid from the tap. It contains harmful bacteria. Subsequently, the solution will be of poor quality and will not give the desired result.

Properly breed pasta 2 days before the appointed watering. If spraying is carried out, add 1 g of liquid soap to the solution. This is necessary for better adhesion of Fitosporine.


Use the drug strictly according to the instructions

Gardeners and gardeners note the high quality and effectiveness of the product. It is unique and allows you to carry out various procedures for the care of a vegetable crop. Select the dosage indicated in the instructions and water, spray, and top up.

Fitosporin performs such important functions:

  • treatment of several diseases at once (especially rot, powdery mildew, pest attacks);
  • protection of leaves from damage by pests;
  • preservation of the root system and its protection from pathogenic organisms from the earth;
  • an active stimulator of the growth of seeds, bushes, fruits;
  • 4 class of safety for the human body;
  • 70-90% success in the fight against fungi, insects, aphids, bacteria;
  • reducing the influence of harmful chemical fertilizers on the bush of cucumbers;
  • used throughout the growing season;
  • yield increase of more than 15%;
  • excellent compatibility with similar tools, etc.

An important advantage of Fitosporin is its affordable price. The average cost of a 100-ml can of the drug is 125 UAH., Powder - 15 UAH. (10 gr), pasty mixture (200 gr) - 35 UAH. Due to this, each gardener can acquire a tool in different forms.

Fitosporin prolongs the storage period of cucumbers.

But live bacteria of hay bacillus instantly die when exposed to direct sunlight. There may also be some difficulties with the dosage, as dispenser is missing.

Precautionary measures

Despite the natural basis of the drug, it can have a negative effect on the human body. It is expressed with direct contact of the gardener with biofungicide. When eating cucumbers, there are no health risks.

To avoid negative consequences, follow these precautions:

  • always wear rubber gloves with quality material before work;
  • in the process of spraying, there should be a respirator or gauze bandage on the face, safety glasses on the eyes;
  • while watering the planting of cucumbers, it is forbidden to eat and drink (do this before processing);
  • if a few drops of the product get on the mucous membrane or skin, rinse them immediately with running water;
  • if the solution gets into the eyes, they should be washed open;
  • if a person accidentally swallows Fitosporin, quickly rinse the stomach and drink activated charcoal;
  • the drug is bred in a separate bowl, cutlery for food is strictly prohibited;
  • After completing all the necessary procedures, it is necessary to thoroughly wash your hands and exposed areas of the body, and wash used clothing immediately.

Spray and water the cucumbers should be in special clothing. It can be purchased at a specialty store. The main requirement is that it should not be worn in everyday life.

Storage conditions

The instructions indicate that the drug is stored in a dry and pasty form at a temperature of -50 ° C to 40 ° C. But experts advise narrowing this range. Then the minimum temperature will be -2 ° C, the maximum - 30 ° C. Remember that storage should not be accessible to children and animals.

For liquid solutions, the main storage condition is a darkened room with room temperature. You can’t put food, feed, medicine near him.


Fitosporin is an effective tool for processing, watering, spraying plants. It is used for seeds, roots, leaves of cucumbers during the entire process of vegetation. It can be in pure form or with chemical additives. One of the advantages is harmlessness to the human body.

They come in the form of powder, paste and liquid solution. The dosage depends on the type of drug and the purpose for which it is used. The drug protects the planting of cucumbers from pests, rot, aphids, insects.


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