How to use overgrown cucumbers

In summer, vegetables ripen quickly - you should miss a visit to the country, as overgrown cucumbers appear. There are several ways to use such vegetables.

Overgrown cucumbers

Cooking Application

Small, young cucumbers are ideal for preparing snacks, spins, pickles. But with overgrown cucumbers, you can make delicious dishes.

  • Fry or simmer separately or as a stew.
  • Salt in a barrel for the preparation of first dishes in winter (hodgepodge, pickle, etc.).
  • Prepare spin salads for the winter (spicy, sweet, with tomato).
  • Make cucumber caviar. It is similar to zucchini, but has a more delicate, delicate taste.
  • Make sweets from cucumbers: jam, candied fruit.

Overgrown cucumbers are fried in rings, like zucchini. A simple dish with garlic, dill, mayonnaise will decorate any feast.

Another popular dish is stuffed cucumbers. The fillings are different: chicken, mushrooms, cheese. Large fruits are ideal for such a dish. They are fried, stewed, baked. Unusual, refined taste is possessed by rolls, mother-in-law tongues, which are made from cucumbers in Korean.

Another unusual snack using ripe cucumbers is pickled pickles. It is prepared from ripe peeled vegetables with spices: mustard, caraway seeds, dill, pepper, bay leaf, garlic.

Application in cosmetology

Cucumbers have the property of whitening the skin.

Due to the ability to moisturize, cleanse, whiten the skin, cucumbers are widely used for cosmetic procedures:

  • From overripe cucumbers make a mask. Previously they are cleaned of peel, seeds. The tool tones the skin, evens out its color, removes dark circles under the eyes. The pulp is grated and frozen.
  • Ice cubes are made from cucumber juice. They are used to wipe the skin.
  • A cucumber lotion is prepared from a vegetable for skin care at home.

Means based on cucumbers cope with acne, acne, rash. After using the product, the skin is restored, the inflammatory processes go away.

Application in creativity

Ripe cucumbers are useful for creating crafts. For children's autumn morning performances in the garden and school, they are often asked to prepare compositions from vegetables. Unusual figures of animals, birds are made of cucumbers, they create a whole story.

It is possible to turn whole cucumbers dried in the summer into original beads, earrings for a girl. Such decorations decorate any outfit, decorate the interior.

Caskets are made of dried halves of large cucumbers. To do this, seeds and pulp are removed from the vegetable, and then leave it in the sun until completely dry. Blanks are painted with paints, decorated with stones, beads, elements for decoupage. The accessory becomes a wonderful complement to the interior, a creative gift.

Seed use

A yellowish overripe cucumber is suitable for picking seeds for next year. Choose the finest, unspoiled fruits. Overgrown cucumbers for collecting seeds are cut, carefully take out the seeds, for 2-4 days they are placed in a container with water for fermentation. After they are dried and placed in paper bags for storage.


If you failed to remove the vegetables on time, do not despair: overgrown cucumbers may find the right application.


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