How to stimulate the growth of tomato seedlings

The process of growing tomatoes begins with sowing seeds and preparing seedlings. This is not an easy task: if the stems are rare, very elongated or poorly rooted, it will not be possible to harvest a high crop. That's why now more and more people are using growth stimulants for seedlings of tomatoes. Consider how to accelerate the growth of tomato seedlings and the rules for using drugs.

Stimulating the growth of tomato seedlings

general description

Stimulants are drugs that contain biological or chemical substances. They help to accelerate the growth of tomato seedlings and make it resistant to disease.

Biological products are less harmless, since they are of natural origin, so many people prefer them.

How to use the drugs correctly is described in detail on the packaging. Most often, combined treatment is performed: first the seeds are soaked, and then the sprouts are sprayed until the first leaves appear.

Tatyana Orlova (candidate of agricultural sciences):

Growth stimulants are physiologically active substances (FAV). At their core, they play the role of hormones in plants, as well as human hormones. But the plants do not have a hormonal system and endocrine glands and FAs are produced in plants in various organs.

Varieties of drugs

Preparations can be divided into several subspecies:

  • Immunity enhancing tomatoes. These include Novosil, Immunocytophyte.
  • Contributing to the intensive development of the root system. "Kornevin" and "Heteroauxin."
  • Providing resistance to different climatic indicators and impacts. Ambion, Potassium Gutamate or Sodium Gutamate.
  • Providing comprehensive care. "Epin", "Zircon", "Eco-gel".


Helps seedlings to easily take root in the ground under the open sky and adapt after transplanting. 1 g of the drug is diluted in 1 liter of water and poured into 60 ml under each bush.

The drug can also be used to soak seeds before planting, as well as in dry form: sprinkle the roots of plants. The drug is harmless to human health and non-toxic.

“Heteroauxin”, like “Kornevin, ” aims to create a powerful root system of the plant. It is sold in tablets, which must be dissolved in 2-3 liters of water, after which fertilize the plants after planting and again after 15 days. The drug is non-toxic.

Tatyana Orlova (candidate of agricultural sciences):

Heteroauxin tablets are poorly soluble in cold water. The heteroaxin tablet ground into a powder is mixed with 15-20 ml (tablespoon) of hot water, dissolved and then the liquid volume is already adjusted to 1 liter.


Zircon is a complex-action drug. This is an active growth regulator that causes violent root development, abundant flowering, and disease resistance. It soaks tomato seeds before planting and spray the bushes 24 hours before planting in the ground or a day after it. Sold in liquid form, ready for dilution with water and use.

Tatyana Orlova (candidate of agricultural sciences):

Zircon is an anti-stress drug. At different stages of growth and development of plants helps them adapt to external adverse conditions.

Humate sodium

Sodium humate is an excellent growth promoter for tomato seedlings. It is used to soak seeds and spraying planted seedlings.

The concentrate is prepared 10 hours before use: 10 g of the drug is added to 3 l of warm water. To prepare the seeds, 500 ml of the finished concentrate is diluted with another 4.5 liters of water. To spray the planted plants, 25 ml of the solution is mixed with 4 l of water. The drug is very toxic, so when using it, all the necessary protective equipment is used: gloves, mask, special clothing.


Epin will protect seedlings from temperature changes

The main direction of action is to give tomato seedlings resistance to sharp temperature fluctuations during periods of drought or cold. Tomatoes are sprayed immediately after lowering into the ground and when undesirable effects occur (every 7 days).

Tatyana Orlova (candidate of agricultural sciences):

Soaking seeds in an epin solution increases their germination ability, especially if the seeds have been stored for a long time, and also increases the germination energy. Seedlings from seeds treated with epin appear 1-2 days earlier.


Effectively acting components of this product are obtained from the needles of Siberian fir. The drug accelerates the ripening of vegetables, is a strong growth regulator and increases the yield of bushes several times.


It contains special phytohormones that contribute to better seed germination and the rapid formation of seedlings. The drug is sprayed not with plants, but with soil before planting at the rate of 1 liter of solution per 5 square meters. m


  • If the soil for planting has long been depleted and does not feed the plants, growth stimulants will be powerless. Tomatoes will receive few useful substances from clay or sandy soil. In this case, you will have to resort to the use of microbiological preparations and the constant use of home-made top dressing of the earth, which improve the composition of the soil.
  • To accelerate the development and fruiting of the bushes will not work, if you initially use bad seeds, it is wrong to choose the depth of planting. You also need to provide the sprouts with the necessary amount of light, watering, protect against temperature extremes, drafts and plant in the optimal amount of soil.
  • Do not drag out with a pick, otherwise the seedlings will stretch and will not yield enough fruits in the future.
  • When transplanting around the roots, you should preserve the earth as much as possible, trying to arrange them vertically, otherwise the development will slow down for at least a week.
  • If the sprouts are still very elongated, when transplanted, they are buried in the ground to the cotyledons.
  • Do not water the seedlings abundantly, this can lead to the development of diseases even before feeding them;
  • If for some reason the care has led to poor results, use the drug “Athlete”. This fast-acting remedy slows down the development of greenery, but strengthens the root. After a while, the stems thicken, and the leaves become wide and green.


Observing all the above rules for the use of stimulants for the growth of tomato seedlings, you can achieve success in growing vegetables, even if you are new to this business.

It is necessary to carefully read the instructions and carefully observe all dosages so as not to burn the plants, to provide them with reliable protection against pests and adverse factors. The use of stimulants will accelerate the development and formation of peduncles of seedlings, improve the appearance of bushes and help to collect a high crop of tomatoes.


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