How to quickly pluck a goose alive or dead at home

Geese and ducks are excellent pets for households in the suburbs and countryside. The stomach welcomes the delicious meat and delicate eggs of these birds. Feathers and fluff go on stuffing blankets, pillows, mattresses. But how to pluck a goose, especially if it is alive and deeply disgusted with such barbarism? Millions of people are doing this at home, and you are worse? It's a simple thing.

How to quickly pinch a goose at home

How to pinch a dead or living goose

You can pluck a goose in a cozy home environment in several ways. For owners of large bird farms and hunters there is nothing simpler than carcass plucking.

Advantage of the method: there will be no objections from the side of the carcass, and then it can be chopped and eaten. Disadvantage: the carcass will no longer be able to supply feather, fluff and eggs.

Pinching a live goose is a little more difficult, it will take some sleight of hand if you are going to do it manually, or a special device with a nozzle, the purchase of which is justified, although it will require additional costs. In one case or another, a person who wants to know how to quickly pluck a goose will receive an answer: "The first pancake can become lumpy." It is difficult to learn this right away without outside help. Video and drawings will to some extent make up for the lack of visual experience.

How to make plucking more delicate

You can quickly pinch a goose, mercilessly handling fluff and feathers, but there are a couple of reasons for a more delicate plucking.

  1. Down is an upscale material for stuffing bedding and winter jackets. Even at home, making yourself a soft pillow does not seem complicated.
  2. Pillows and blankets made from goose feather down have many pleasant qualities: lightness, air exchange, wear resistance. Properly handling bedding, you can use them for 15 years or more. Pillows in which, in addition to fluff, feathers are also added, partially lose their softness, but it’s more useful and comfortable to lie on their heads.
  3. Although plucking feathers from a dead goose is much easier than from a living goose, plucking live geese gives cleaner and better quality feathers. There are several ways of plucking dead geese and there are sparing methods among them that allow you to keep feathers in relatively good shape.

Live bird plucking instruction

How to pluck a goose when he absolutely does not want to? For the first time, it will definitely not be easy, especially without the help of experienced poultry farmers. On average, from young birds it turns out to get up to 300 g of feathers and about 50 g of fluff, from an adult - about 2 times more. The process does not in any way harm the condition and taste of the meat.

  1. Before you start plucking geese, you need to thoroughly wash them from dust and dirt. On the day when you decide to pinch, it is better not to feed the birds, but only to water them.
  2. Many believe that plucking feathers without causing pain is impossible. Some even call the farmers who do this flayer. Under certain conditions, the procedure for geese will not be painful. Plucking growing feathers and down is difficult, as they are firmly attached to the skin. In the summer, plucking feathers is easy and quick, while in winter problems begin. To properly pinch a goose, check how firmly they hold on to the bird. If you go out easily, you need to start work.
  3. Do not pinch the bird on the neck and under the wings: these are traumatic places. How to pluck geese at home, so as not to harm? Pull out a small amount of feathers or down in one go in the direction of growth. Take the feathers with your thumb and forefinger.
  4. How to quickly pluck a live goose so that it does not peck out the eyes of the owner? You need to tie it and put it first with your head to yourself, pressing your neck with your elbow. The wings should be pressed, as the unfortunate bird will try to wave them, knocking down all the work. In this position, plucking feathers is easier than in any other. After collecting the pen, the feathered victim can be released and watch her joy.

After gaining experience without or with help, it is possible to process at least 40 geese in a day, even more, but there are also less difficult ways to pluck. To do this, you need to purchase a special device with a removable nozzle. The machine easily and literally in a few minutes will allow you to "bare" the feathered. At the same time, the cost of the nozzle is sparing for the wallet. On the other hand, a pinch gives the victim more discomfort than if the work was done manually. The main rule of plucking with such a device is not to bring the device close to the skin of a living creature.

Plucking a dead goose

How to pinch a dead goose in domestic penates if the bird is already dead? There are different ways, depending on whether you need a pen or not.

  1. The usual dry method. Used in cases where you do not need to think about the safety of carcass skin. To do this, you need to sit comfortably, put the dead and still warm feathered on your lap, and then start to rip off. Large feathers should be laid separately from small ones. At the end, the carcass can be scorched and gutted. Obviously, you can no longer look for the best ways to litter and dirty the apartment - this is the best, it is not surprising that the hostesses do not use it.
  2. Scalding. Take a large vat and boil water. The method is better than the previous one, because the feathers soften under the influence of water and are easier to remove without the help of friends. The water temperature should be from 75 to 80 ° C. Dip the carcass into the vat, hold for a couple of minutes, pull it out and begin to tweak. They work quickly until the carcass has cooled. Want to save fluff and use it later? So scalding will not work.
  3. Steaming with an iron. One of the most interesting methods is iron processing of the carcass. You will also need a pump, which is usually used to inflate mattresses, a good rope, a piece of gauze, a bucket of cold water. It is advisable to use an iron with steam. First, a pump is placed between the skin and the spine and the bird is inflated, having previously tightened its throat by the carcass. The goose is laid on its back, and soaked gauze is placed on top. Ironed. To remove a feather from such a carcass is a pleasure: it will not scatter throughout the apartment and will remain clean, not bloody.
  4. Pinch machine. The plucker will help protect your hands from unpleasant and difficult work, and also save time. If there is a drill in the house, just buy an inexpensive nozzle. The device quickly and without long conversations will save the carcass of a goose, no matter domestic or wild, from unnecessary fluff. The only difficulty is that the device does not know how to work “cleanly”, so feathers will have to be collected all over the house and disassembled into large-small ones on their own.

How to pinch a goose at home if the bird is large? According to the schemes already described. The size of the bird does not matter: the nozzle, iron and own hands will cope with the living or dead bird of any size.


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